The Ancient Rites, Spells & Demons of Persia
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  • open-book-top-viewBlack Magick of Ahriman: The Ancient Rites, Spells & Demons of Persia
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Kurtis Joseph

In Black Magick of Ahriman, you will learn:

  • Complete infernal grimoire of Arezura
  • Secret sorcery hidden behind Kunda Yoga
  • How to perform reverse possession & envocation, i.e., adverse evocation
  • Blueprint for the Temple of Blackened Fire
  • Vampyric teachings of Goddess Az-Jahi
  • Magick herbs, rancid oils & lamps of fate
  • Formulae for Circle & Talismans of Counter-Creation

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Black Magick Of Ahriman: The Rites, Spells & Demons of Persia

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Kurtis Joseph