• profile-picture-for-social-networkConservation:¬†Museum-quality archival paper
  • secured-lockProtection:¬†Shatter-proof plexiglass
  • pen-feather-black-diagonal-shape-of-a-bird-wingAesthetic: Black grain Alder wood frame
  • hammerAccessory: Wall-hang hardware included
  • airplane-around-earthShipping: Receive in 2 weeks or less globally

In Luciferian Tradition, Mephistopheles is the initiator of pacts with the Devil and assistant in rites of magic. As a spirit related to Lucifer, he embodies the concept of the Adversary in the myth of Faust. In Western Esoteric Tradition, he is the spirit of eternal progress and movement, acting against cosmic order and inspiring the desire of transcendence in the heart of man.

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