Lucifer: Dark God Of Sitra Ahra

Lucifer: Dark God of Sitra Ahra

  • profile-picture-for-social-networkConservation:¬†Museum-quality archival paper
  • secured-lockProtection:¬†Shatter-proof plexiglass
  • pen-feather-black-diagonal-shape-of-a-bird-wingAesthetic: Black grain Alder wood frame
  • hammerAccessory: Wall-hang hardware included
  • airplane-around-earthShipping: Receive in 2 weeks or less globally

In Qliphothic Qabalah, Lucifer is the Lord of Sitra Ahra, the Other Side, presiding over the whole Tree of Qliphoth from his throne in the heart of darkness. This portrait shows him as the Lord of Thaumiel and one of the primal Draconian deities.

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