The Path of the Moon

The Path of the Moon

  • profile-picture-for-social-networkConservation:¬†Museum-quality archival paper
  • secured-lockProtection:¬†Shatter-proof plexiglass
  • pen-feather-black-diagonal-shape-of-a-bird-wingAesthetic: Black grain Alder wood frame
  • hammerAccessory: Wall-hang hardware included
  • airplane-around-earthShipping: Receive in 2 weeks or less globally

Lilith is here depicted as a guide on the Path of the Night. She stands naked, showing that to enter the Other Side the adept has to leave the whole world behind, and she holds the dagger which the initiate uses as a tool of sacrifice and separation. She is accompanied by an owl, the bird of the night, and she walks through the waters and mists of the astral plane to guide the travelers to her lunar kingdom.

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