How To Perform Ritual Evocation Of The Demonic Kings & Queens Of Sitra Ahra… Become A High-Powered Qliphothic Magician And Forge Your Infernal Path Upon The Tree Of Qliphoth

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  • statue-of-libertyLilith & Samael Statue: The Harlot & Prince of Darkness
  • pen-feather-black-diagonal-shape-of-a-bird-wingAuthor & Illustrator: Asenath Mason
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Asenath Mason

Qliphothic Invocations & Evocations

  • Full evocation rituals for the Demonic Kings & Queens of Sitra Ahra
  • Complete personality profiles for the Spirits
  • Portraits of demons as witnessed in ritual
  • Formulae for magic tools & scrying mirrors
  • Etymology, history & mythology of demons
  • Sage counsel that maximizes your Ascent with the Dark Gods & Goddesses
  • 100% authentic experiences free of dogma

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Qliphothic Invocations & Evocations

Peer Reviews

  • Bill Duvendack - Qliphothic Meditations - Asenath Mason

    Asenath Mason provides the serious occult student with a chthonic tome of gnosis and wisdom that continues her work of Qliphothic exploration and revelation. Pushing the boundaries of revelations, she delectably delivers the wisdom of the night to those that dare to walk the path of flames. Secrets that are contained herein have already caused ripples through the consensual paradigm we all share, and may its dark light continue to grow and infest.

    Bill Duvendack, author
  • Edgar Kerval

    Qliphothic Meditations is a deep journey through the zones of power of Qliphothic sorcery. Its praxis, gnosis and primal maps are gathered into a powerful grimoire that opens consciousness for the energies of the Dark Tree. This grimoire is an initiatory map into the womb of Qliphothic mysteries so that we may finally manifest our seeds of immortality through the dark tunnels and primal atavisms that can be accessed through this book.

    Edgar Kerval, author
  • M. King - Qliphothic Meditations - Asenath Mason

    She’s done it!! Asenath has managed to journey into the depths of the night-side to create a kick-ass guide of self-initiation through the Tree of Death. I had no doubt that my sister could tackle the task of condensing such an elusive subject into a manageable system that any practicing magician could work with. There’s no doubt in my mind that this will go down in history as one of the greatest tomes ever written.

    M. King, author

Dear Magician,

This book is the much larger, more intensive, final volume to the two-part series of workbooks for the modern practitioner focused on the Tree of Qliphoth, the dark side of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. While the first volume, Qliphothic Meditations, discussed the Qliphoth in general, presenting the Dark Tree as a map of self-initiation, here you will learn how to work with the gods and goddesses of these realms in precise ritual.

This grimoire is 100 pages longer, more extensive, and more dangerous than my previous book, because it takes you farther and deeper into realms of the Dark Tree than ever before.

In previous centuries books of magic, grimoires, and occult texts tried to obscure and hide secrets of power rather than reveal them—hence the name occult. In particular, the Tree of Qliphoth had been avoided and rejected by Qabalists as it was believed that the only possible way to salvation was through elevation of the soul and union with Divine Light while the path of the Qliphoth was a way to damnation.

In present times, however, we are witnessing a radical change in the attitude to darker forms of magic. Rituals that were shunned are now being revealed as tools of power and personal evolution. No stone is left unturned, and no veil remains between the known and the unknown.

The focus of this tome is on the demonic rulers of the Qliphoth—the dark gods and goddesses of the Nightside. In the traditional Qabalah these beings are viewed as demons or archdemons and the supreme spirits of evil and negation. In ancient times, however, most of them were gods and goddesses that had their cults and their worshippers, and although their nature was sometimes viewed as ambivalent, they were not seen as agents of evil until they became demonized by the Abrahamic religions. Here, on the Dark Tree, these forces can be stripped from all these misconceptions and worked with in their primal, undistorted forms., and this is what you will find in Qliphothic Invocations & Evocations.

How To Summon The Gods & Goddesses To Fulfill YOUR Needs — Not Traditional Dogma

Together with Qliphothic Meditations, this book provides the complete grimoire of the eleven Qliphothic realms and their demonic kings and queens. Also, both books discuss the Dark Tree as a path of self-empowerment and a quest for self-knowledge. You will find here the basics of this work, foundations of theoretical knowledge about the Qliphoth and their demonic rulers, rituals that will adjust your mind to their vibrations and frequencies of their currents, and practical methods to help you absorb their energies and use them for personal growth.

What you will not find here, however, is a dogmatic system of magic to follow “as it is.” I don’t believe in efficacy of such systems, and in my experience, all magic works best if it is adjusted to the individual needs of the practitioner. Therefore, I have written these books to give you enough information to start working with this fascinating gnosis and inspire you to your own research and practice. Both can be used separately and together, and the information provided in each book is enough in itself to help you with the first steps on the path, as well as assist you on its advanced levels.

I do not believe in dogmatic systems of magic. This grimoire works better because it will adjust to your personal needs.

This book is specifically centered on spirit conjuring and you will find here information about the dark gods and goddesses of the Tree of Qliphoth, their sigils, methods to invoke their energies and commune with them on the subconscious level, and techniques to interact with them by evocation and scrying. It also includes illustrations of all Qliphothic rulers, which themselves can serve as tools of interaction with the god-forms of the Dark Tree and gateways to their realms and temples.

You’ll find completely new material, written and compiled for the first time. The sigils and rituals are not found in any other books and constitute a completely unique grimoire.

This work is partially derived from my past writings, but most of it is completely new material developed through my personal practice with the forces of the Dark Tree, written and compiled here for the first time. The sigils and rituals presented here are not found in any other books of magic and constitute a completely unique grimoire for the modern practitioner. The gods and goddesses of the Dark Tree are here summoned into your consciousness so that you can absorb their essence, let it transform you from within, and use it for self-empowerment. Each ritual is a lesser or greater initiation in itself, and it opens way to transformation, understanding, and self-knowledge.

Tablet Of Magick

Primer Part 1
Introduction Ch. 1
Methods of Work Ch. 2
Grimoire: Evocation Rituals & Sigils Part 2
Naamah: The Lady of the Gate Ch. 3
Lilith & Samael: The Harlot & the Prince of Darkness Ch. 4
Adrammelech: The Peacock King Ch. 5
Baal & Venus Illegitima: God of War & Dark Goddess of Passion Ch. 6
Tubal Cain: The Maker of Sharp Weapons Ch. 7
Belphegor: The Lord of the Dead Ch. 8
Asmodeus & Nemesis: The Destroying God & the Lady of Retribution Ch. 9
Astaroth: The Foul Angel of the Qliphoth Ch. 10
Belial: The Keeper of the Gate Ch. 11
Choronzon & Shugal: Demon of Dispersion & Howler in the Desert Ch. 12
Lucifuge Rofocale: The Lord of the Night Ch. 13
Beelzebub & Adam Belial: The Lord of the Flies & the Wicked Man Ch. 14
The Lord of Thaumiel: Satan-Moloch-Lucifer Ch. 15
Spirit Portraits Part 3
The Lady of the Gate p. 31
Lilith & Samael p. 51
The Peacock King p. 85
The Temple of Love and War p. 105
The Fire of Tubal Cain p. 131
Sun of the Nightside p. 147
The Flames of Golachab p. 163
Father of Serpents p. 185
The Keeper of the Gate p. 199
Guardians of the Desert of Set p. 213
Lord of the Night p. 235
Beelzebub p. 249
The Throne of Lucifer p. 269

In Qliphothic Invocations & Evocations You Will Learn:

  • Full evocation rituals for the Demonic Kings & Queens of Sitra Ahra
  • Complete personality profiles for the Spirits
  • How to interpret transmitted knowledge
  • Formulae for magic tools & scrying mirrors
  • Sage counsel that maximizes your Ascent with the Dark Gods & Goddesses
  • 100% pure Qliphothic Magic free of dogma

Each chapter includes the historical and mythological background of every demon god and goddess presented in the book. Each one provides sigils and illustrations based on my own visions and encounters with these powerful beings. And all of them are presented with specific methods of calling and information that you will not find anywhere else.

Join me in the exciting conclusion of this Qliphothic Magic series at midnight on Halloween!


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