Rise King And Take Your Sword… Rise Queen And Wear Your Crown… Become An Apprentice Of Demonic Gatekeeper Azazel To Undergo The Highest Initiation And Receive His Weapon

  •   The Sword of Azazel: Group blood pact by E.A. Koetting & J.S. Garrett
  •   Full Breakdown: Receive a full breakdown of our experiences
  •   Video Proof: Watch film recording of our live rituals
  •   Magick Formula: Perform the ritual yourself too

The Sword of Azazel by E.A. Koetting & J.S. Garrett

  • Full performance of The Sword of Azazel ritual on the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse of Jan 21
  • Double-certified blood pact by top sorcerers
  • Filmed video proofs of Azazelian Moon ritual
  • Complete breakdown of experience in eBook
  • Magick formulae to perform by yourself

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The Sword Of Azazel

Peer Reviews

  • thumbnail-js-garrett

    I am truly honored to participate in this working with so many excellent authors of the Occult field. This Compendium is a compilation of genuine accounts and detailed encounters from real magickians who have actually done the necessary work in order to know this entity on a personal level. They have come together to share these firsthand experiences for the sake of those who would seek a deeper understanding of the force that is Azazel. And though he may appear in a slightly different light to some than others it is abundantly clear that he is heavily invested in the evolution of our species and that he is willing to help guide those who would dare to reach for personal power and liberation in their quest to achieve Godhood.

    J.S. Garrett, the Metaphysical Madman
  • thumbnail-orlee-stewart-compressor

    The Compendium of Azazel was a transformative experience into the heart of the adversary enriched my practice as both a writer and a magician. Through the collecting my observations and insights from the Demonic Gatekeeper, I was reached a new level of understanding into the darkest parts of myself and how that can enrich our spiritual process. The Compendium allowed me to reflect upon his revelations and process them into a formulae that other magicians could use to gain power too. I am honored to share these reflections with other magicians that I greatly admire and provide a place to convey the messages that Azazel generously gifted unto us.

    Orlee Stewart, Mistress of Witchcraft
  • thumbnail-frank-white-compressor

    Azazel is a key entity in my personal journey of overcoming the deep spiritual transformation that needs to take place within you if you want to truly walk between the worlds. He showed me how to enter the gates to he netherworld and how to attain influence with the gods and magick forces. As the opportunity to participate in this Compendium of Azazel arose I immediately jumped on board, because Azazel is one of the few entities that absolutely will transform you. By performing the rituals and reading about the experiences in this work, they will transform your being, and you will never be the same again. In fact, you will be closer to your highest potential than ever before.

    Frank White, the Pharaoh

E.A. Koetting And J.S. Garrett Will Perform A Double-Certified Blood Pact With Azazel On The Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse Of January 21… They Are Looking For 33 Magicians To Fulfill His Prophecy

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The Sword of Azazel is the highest initiation possible in the Azazelian current. As a courtesy, he allows you to become his ally. As the Scapegoat, Azazel knows how powerful you can become through transgression and sin.

“Metaphysics calls it the Astral Body of Light, but there is a Body of Darkness. And my Sword is now in your Left Hand of Darkness.” — Azazel, p.54

The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers are preparing humanity for an unprecedented shift in human evolution, and it requires The Sword of Azazel as a Weapon of Darkness in this cosmic war against human devolution and enslavement. Humanity stands at a fork in the road as an evolutionary bifurcation occurs: the so-called “junk DNA” of humans awaken as black magicians ignite their Godhood while muggles remain left behind.

You too can undergo this supreme initiation and become a Weapon of Azazel. Rise and take your Sword. Rise and wear your crown. On the Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse of January 21, a group of 33 sorcerers will fulfill Azazel’s ancient mission.

Stargazers, astronomers, and magicians will be treated fourfold to a Full Moon, Wolf Moon, Super Moon and a full Lunar Eclipse on January 21. This rare lunar spectacle combines to give the night sky a red hue.

  1. Super Moon – The Lunar Goddess enters her closest point of orbit with Earth whereby demonic magick becomes most powerful
  2. Lunar Eclipse – The Lunar Goddess fully aligns herself behind Earth
  3. Blood Moon – This eclipse illuminates the Goddess in blood red magick
  4. Wolf Moon – Ancient priests identified seasons through lunar cycles and saw wolves howling at this blood red moon as an omen

Azazel Teaches The Secrets Of EARTHLY POWER… He Teaches The Forbidden Arts Of Sorcery, Warfare & Glamor… Here’s What To Expect With The Sword Of Azazel Rite

We have already dedicated weeks arranging our ritual areas and will return there on the day of our rituals. The Sword of Azazel is Azazel’s pact with you. Some of the things that he promises to deliver are:

  • Magick Mentorship – Become an Apprentice of Azazel & Ant’harratu to receive their priceless counsel, magick procedures, and experiences
  • Dreamwalking – Azazel & Ant’harratu forcibly manifest in your dreams, or use your dream state to summon you to their throne rooms to counsel your magick ascent.
  • Astral Journeys – Azazel & Ant’harratu help you to astral project, and take you on extensive tours of rare and obscure areas of The Infernal Empire.
  • Physical Possession – At your welcome, Azazel & Ant’harratu possess you psychically, corporally, and energetically. They can also possess others at your command!
  • Sexual & Glamor Powers – Azazel & Ant’harratu can teach you how to seduce others, how to cast powerful sexual attraction spells, and how to use sexual energy for spellcasting
  • Magnified Spellcasting – Azazel & Ant’harratu multiply the power of your spells and rites and increases results.
  • Domination – Azazel & Ant’harratu can clear your path of all obstacles, spiritual or mundane, and can destroy those who stand in your way
  • Spiritual Autonomy – Azazel & Ant’harratu teaches you how to become a spiritually autonomous being, a law unto yourself!

What Azazel & Ant’harratu Expect From YOU

  1. Weapon of Darkness – Receive the Sword of Azazel and become his Sword. This is done in the ritual that he has instructed me to perform in your behalf
  2. Azazelian Gnosis – Watch the ritual video that I’ll send you after the ritual is complete, and follow the instructions that I will provide for your part of the ritual to call Azazel & Ant’harratu into your life.
  3. Seek after Azazel – “Seek after Azazel” means that you’ll need to study the Compendium of Azazel, perform the meditations, rituals, and magickal practices to the best of your ability, essentially becoming Azazel’s personal apprentice!

As you keep your end of The Sword of Azazel, you can rest assured that Azazel & Ant’harratu will keep their promises to you!

You Will Not ONLY Receive The Sword Of Azazel… You Will Become HIS Weapon Of Darkness

As a final word of warning: This ritual is not for people who are simply curious, and it is not for those who just want to see if it will work. This is a lasting and binding Initiation between you and possibly the most powerful Demonic Gatekeeper on earth.

Once I perform this pact ritual for you, Azazel & Ant’harratu will come to you, they will remain with you, and, in his own words: “You will receive my Sword of Darkness, but you will also become MY Sword of Darkness.”

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