E.A. Koetting: Divination Tips For Attaining Omniscience

What does it take to BE CLAIRVOYANT and see through your “third eye”? The secret to psychic perception has nothing to do with genetics, your rank in a magick order, or the color of your candles. Find out what you need in order to attain clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience to become OMNISCIENT...

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How To Gain Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, And Clairsentience

What if you could turn on your psychic perception, like a flashlight? What if you could hear the voices of spirits and feel the emotions of other people? It’s entirely possible when you attain omniscience...

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Why Most Magicians Fail At Divination

Have you ever tried to perform divination - but you saw nothing? And it made you feel FRUSTRATED to the point where you doubted your magickal power? Read this article to find out how to avoid the most common mistakes almost all magicians make.

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3 Tips For Seeing Through Your Third Eye

When you open your third eye, you'll be able to see directly into the astral plane, communicate telepathically with entities, and receive prophetic visions. Follow these 3 tips to save yourself from years of wasted time and frustration...

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An Occult Technique For Charging Your Chakras

All magicians can benefit from a stronger, healthier, more vibrant energy body. By charging your chakras, you're increasing the power of your personal energy, and instantly improving the results you'll get from magick...

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