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The Magick Key To Energizing Your Chakras

The Magick Key To Energizing Your Chakras

By E.A. Koetting

Most systems of spirituality maintain that, as humans, we have an energetic or spiritual body which exists cooperatively with our physical body.

Although most religions will argue about what this energetic body actually is (a soul, spirit, aura, chi, astral body of light, etc.), in actuality, the only thing that is different about them is a use of different terminology.

In other words, all of the religions and spiritual paths out there are saying the same thing, but they’re just using a different vocabulary.

What I’ve done in my decades of study and application of these secret spiritual disciplines, is I’ve found the common denominators in all of these paths, and have used them to develop a workable and repeatable system that anyone can employ right away to get verifiable results.

Getting Things Straight…

One thing that we have to do in order to get on the same page, though, is we have to make sure that we’re using similar vocabularies, so we’re basically speaking the same language.

In Hinduism, and specifically in the yogic disciplines, the “energetic body” has areas in it that are more powerful than others. These are called “Chakras,” which literally means, “Wheels,” as they appear in the form of wheels of light floating slightly off of the physical body.

The chakras can be likened to the organs of the physical body.

Only, these are like spiritual or energetic “organs.”

I’ll go through these really quickly, so that we can establish a common vocabulary.

1. The first chakra is the Muladhara chakra, located at the base of the spine. It manifests as a red wheel of light between the genitals and anus.

2. The second chakra is the Swadhistana chakra, manifesting itself as an orange wheel of light in the area between the genitals and the navel.

When you activate your chakras, you active your Godlike Power. You gain the power to make MASSIVE CHANGE inside your reality.

3. The third chakra is the Manipura chakra, manifesting as a bright yellow wheel of light in the abdominal area.

4. The fourth chakra is the Anahata chakra, manifesting as a bright, deep green wheel of light directly over the heart, in the center of the chest.

5. The fifth chakra is the Vishuddha chakra, manifesting as a light blue wheel of light over the throat.

6. The sixth chakra is the Ajna chakra, manifesting as an indigo wheel of light over the brow, in the center of the forehead.

7. The seventh chakra is the Sahasrara charka, manifesting as thousand violet lotus petals on the crown of the head.

Each chakra is associated with different powers, abilities, and functions of the spiritual self.

When they are activated, these Godlike Powers become activated, allowing you to use them to make intense changes in yourself and in your world!

1) Bring your brainwave frequencies into the Theta state. Hold that for long enough that you start to trigger ultra-high Gamma frequencies. In my e-book, Become a Living God, I give detailed methods on how you can consciously and willfully trigger the various brainwaves states IMMEDIATELY!

2) Focus your attention on your Sahasrara chakra. Feel it coming to life, glowing with light and power.

3) Move your attention to each chakra, progressing downwards, from the top of your body to the bottom, enlivening each chakra with light and power as you go.

4) Once you have awakened the Muladhara Chakra in this manner, all of your chakras are ready to be fully opened and activated.

The Magick Key To Energizing Your Chakras

5) Focusing on your Muladhara chakra, vibrate the mantra “LAM.”

6) Then, to your Swadisthana chakra, vibrate “VAM.”

7) To your Manipura chakra, vibrate “RAM.”

8) To your Anahata chakra, vibrate “YAM.”

9) To your Vishuddha chakra, vibrate “HAM.”

10) To your Ajna Chakra, vibrate “RAM” once again.

11) And, finally, to your Sahasrara chakra, vibrate, “AUM.”

12) Repeat “AUM” a few more times, feeling all of your chakras activated and ready to spill their power into YOUR world!

I know that a lot of these basic instructions require you to be able to properly use mantra, to connect with your energetic body, and basically do things that people cannot normally do.

What can you do once your chakras are open?

In my e-book, Become a Living God, I teach you, step-by-step, EASY methods to not only becoming aware of your spiritual reality in a solid way, but also to being able to fully use this awareness to alter your world in dramatic ways!

The e-book is risk free, and backed by a solid guarantee. If it doesn’t help you, then you don’t pay! Go here for more info now: Becoming A Living God Free Trial

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