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3 Reasons Why Almost All Grimoires Are Dead Wrong

3 Reasons Why Almost All Grimoires Are Dead Wrong

By E.A. Koetting

As soon as any aspiring magician first decides to take the occult and practical spirituality seriously, his or her attention will immediately move from the “… for beginners” books and “how to” guides and instead will be focused on the grimoires – the “Real Deal” books on magick, evocation, demons, angels, spirits, and power.

Grimoires – which usually contain the names and symbols of spirits and the rituals needed to evoke them – are almost always DEAD WRONG.

Where They Went Wrong…

1. Most grimoires still in use today were written or translated during or after the 15th century in Europe. Until very recently, the Catholic Church held control over nearly every form of media and of public information. Thus, the grimoires written during this period had to withstand the scrutiny of the church.

The way that the authors of these first grimoires were able to have their books printed without being burned at the stake or in any other way persecuted was to write the grimoires from a very Christian-biased perspective.

How could the actual, working methods of evocation and magick be communicated under such restrictions? In reality, very few working methods were included in the grimoires.

Instead, the instructions that would allow the Evocator to summon demons, angels, and spirits to visible appearance were replaced by Catholic prayers to Jesus, to the saints, and to the Virgin Mary.

The whole system of how to get the knowledge of the spirits contained in the grimoire to work at all was painted over by threats to the demons in Jesus’ name and orations of confession and pleading to the Christian god.

2. The authors of the grimoires needed to keep secret the initiated knowledge of how to perform evocations, magickal rituals, and occult ceremonies.

They were able to do this by giving only the bare minimum of actual, usable information, and then basically fabricating the rest, to either fall in line with the church’s standards for such books, or to tease the readers with sensational accounts of rites of blasphemy, child sacrifice, bestiality, and the like.

Grimoires were NEVER intended to be instructional manuals of magick for beginners in the first place!

Woven into the pseudo-instructions, the authors of the classical grimoires would also create blinds. Blinds are instructions that are not only false, but will often cause the opposite effect of that which is desired… or will nullify the effectiveness of the entire Operation.

Many occult authors insist that no such blinds exist in grimoires, but they still can’t explain why the rituals, performed to the letter of the grimoires’ instructions, still DON’T WORK!

They don’t work because they’re not supposed to work!

3. Grimoires were never intended as instructional books in the first place.

Instead, grimoires serve as an information storage space for the names, attributes, and symbols of the spirits. The rest of the instructions and admonitions in grimoires are either fabricated, or are DEAD WRONG.

What You Can do About It!

So, looking at all of that, it’s pretty clear that grimoires can’t teach you how to summon spirits to visible materialization, or how to perform rituals that will empower your life and fulfill your every desire.

What the ancient authors of these books on magick knew was that without an education in the secrets of the occult arts, you will never be successful in ritual, and you will fail to attract the wealth, love, sex, recognition, or status.

One of the reasons that I've put so much time, research, effort, experimentation, and dedication into figuring out this area of life and experience is because I really want to be able to explain it better than anyone has yet. I really want to lift the veil of secrecy that has kept the keys of power away from the masses.

3 Reasons Why Almost All Grimoires Are Dead Wrong

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