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How To DOMINATE A Crisis Like A Black Magician… Let Four Of The World’s Top Ritualists Hijack The Virus Frequency To Fuel Your Spiritual Ascent… Stay Home And Perform Magick With Us April 12

  •   Group Ritual: To hijack the chaos frequency for empowerment
  •   Video Proof: Watch recordings of the group ritual performance
  •   Confidentiality: We never share your private data
  •   Limited Availability: This ritual closes at 9 PM-ET April 12
  •   Ritualists: J.S. Garrett, Barbie Garrett, Orlee Stewart & J.D. Temple
  •   Artists: Sigil by Ryan Stirner

Virus Frequency Hijacking ritual at 9 PM-ET, April 12

1. Bulletproof Protection: Impregnable shield against baneful energy

2. High-Powered Propulsion: Harness chaos & panic to ignite spiritual ascent

3. Deification Mastery: Tap into your highest divinity & anchor your god-self

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Virus Frequency Hijacking - Group Ritual

Peer Reviews

  • 1/31/19 – Hi Jesse, a quick follow up on a few astonishing results in January after the ritual on December, 9th… (1) I won the executive of the month award and annual bonus. (2) I got offered a better a higher paid position in [redacted]. (3) THIS IS AMAZING!!! I got called from the leader of the new [redacted] Party in [redacted] and invited to attend the Congress of [redacted] in 3 weeks. The leader of the party will provide everything for me and has invited me to attend even the private dinner with him, the heads of the party, the former leader of the [redacted], the former [redacted] and a few members of the [redacted]. I will be in charge with getting them featured on the international press.

    POWER & EMPIRE! Thank you Jesse. Be great!

    “There is a how for every impossible.”

    4/31/19 – Just to update you on a few issues. After the ritual on December, 9th (1) I was featured on the New Zealand Herald (the main newspaper in New Zealand) in January; (2) I did consulting to Members of the Italian Parliament and spent the entire permanence with them (including lunch and dinner) in February; (3) Last weekend I was asked to write an article on the second major newspaper in Italy; and (4) last night I found an investor that, as a consequence of this article, is pledging to invest 5k per month in my business for the next few months and available to raise the investment if some amazing results are shown. We still need to discuss the shares but there shouldn’t be any problem. Rock ‘n Roll!!!!! “There is a how for every impossible”

  • Hails! The effects of the rite have been amazing so far, and it seems to keep getting better. I knew without a doubt it worked the day after the ritual because I was awake for over 19 hours and still felt full of energy. It felt like the feeling of being at the peak of my energy for the day, which usually only lasted a few hours before the rite, but the feeling was constant now. Watching the video last night seemed to make it even more intense. It seems to have made me a lot more attractive to women also. Thank you again for everything and for showing me more power than I ever knew was possible. I will now command the powers of magick with more confidence than ever. I look forward to learning from you more in the future. I don’t want this feeling and power to ever to end, so I have to learn this rite. And I think the video is really cool. It’s very inspiring, motivating and empowering.

    Miguel H.
  • I felt her presence so strongly that it literally took my breath away. The energy was the most erotic I have ever felt, and extremely satisfying. That first night was so hardcore that I thought my bed frame might crash to the ground! I know that sounds impossible, but I do not know any other way to describe it, lol. I will continue to keep you updated on the progress. So far so good! It has been more than I could have ever anticipated and I am so very grateful for the amazing work that JD has done for me.


Disclaimer: These ritualists are not medical doctors. Do not consider this page medical advice, nor this ritual a substitute for medical testing or treatment of COVID-19. If you or a person you know suffers symptoms related to COVID-19, please see the official guidelines provided by your national health department, and contact your healthcare provider immediately. By reading this page and placing an order, you have acknowledged this disclaimer.


Dear Friend,

Has the global pandemic scared you to a point of feeling helpless and powerless? As a magician or witch, would you like to transform the baneful energy from the crisis into a fuel for spiritual ascent? Let us introduce you to the Virus Frequency Hijacking ritual — a highly advanced empowerment and protection ritual to dominate the chaos and panic, and harness them to fuel your spiritual ascent on the Christian high holy day Easter, April 12.

Why would four of the world’s top black magicians — J.S. Garrett, Barbie Garrett, Orlee Stewart & J.D. Temple — perform a group black magick ritual to invert Easter into an unholy day? Find out below…

How To Alchemically Transform A Baneful Energy Crisis Into A “Once In A Lifetime” Magick Opportunity

J.S. GARRETT: The four of us are going to perform a group ritual that is geared towards safety, protection, and hijacking the energy of the panic and chaos being caused by this virus. We are using it for something positive as well as providing protection and empowerment for people. Every one of us is bringing our own unique skills to the table, and it’s also going to be very affordable during these harsh times.

ORLEE STEWART: Absolutely. J.S. and Barbie will be doing their part of the ritual and J.D. and I will also record our own part so the ritual is actually two rituals in one. I think what was really important to us too, when we were discussing planning this, was to try to make it as affordable as possible. Something that people can really get on board with because we really do sincerely want to help people. We also are going to put out a video where people are going to be able to do this ritual for themselves if they wish.

The Clairvoyant Sigil & Ritual Ingredients That Hijack The Energy Of A Global Pandemic

J.S.: I had been planning to sit down and attempt to divine a sigil for this virus, an energetic signature for the consciousness of the virus that people could use to immunize themselves and align with it. A few hours before that time, my good friend Austin Phillips sent me a picture of the sigil that he had just divined for this very virus. So, I am going to use that sigil and put that information out to show people a very simple ritual that they can do on their own to align with this energy and protect themselves from it.

The way that works is you’re going be offering blood upon the sigil and feeding it to that virus in exchange for aligning with it. What this also does is energetically exposes you to that baneful energy, which helps immunize you from that astral energy. If anyone’s not comfortable with doing such a rite like that on their own, then they are more than welcome to sign up to have the four of us do it for them.

J.D. TEMPLE: I went out and I got a massive cauldron and we are going to be in our outdoor temple space. We are going to be concocting a wicked, wicked brew here on our end to hijack the frequency of the virus itself.

ORLEE: We’re going to combine blood, many sacred herbs and elements into the boiling cauldron. Each name is going to be offered into this brew, and then, as the vapor transcends into the sky, everyone who’s part of this rite is going to become part of the intense, crazy, powerful energy that this mass event is catalyzing in the world. Instead of being passive to these forces, these forces will now be used to empower you in your prosperity, in your transcendence, in your ascent into your own personal power.

So, essentially, we’re going to be taking all these things that could be a force of chaos, but instead of allowing it to be totally random, we are grabbing all that power, and we are using it for a spell in order to enrich the lives of everyone that we combine into the cauldron with us to hijack the virus. We’re taking that energy and we’re using it for our empowerment, instead of it being something that can control us in any way.

The REAL Reason Why A Traditional Curse Or Protection Rite Will Not Help You — And The Truth About Why Only Black Magick Will

J.S.: I’ve seen a lot of stuff online where witches and magicians will use white magic spells to curse the virus, to combat the virus with traditional spells and hexes, and all this other stuff, and I really think that’s not the right answer here. I think what we are talking about doing, hijacking the virus itself, hijacking the energy and chaos and panic and fear, and using that to propel people in a positive direction and align with it instead of fighting it head-on, is a much better way to go.

What Barbie and I have been discussing is the rite that we’re going to do on our end. It is very similar to what shamans did a long time ago. Whenever ancient people had a sickness, a plague, that was attacking people or killing their crops, their animals, things like that, they recognized that there was the consciousness behind these viruses or these spirits. It’s a spirit of that virus. It’s the energy and the consciousness that is causing the physical manifestation of that virus or pandemic here on this physical plane.

When the world around you descends into chaos and it’s beyond your control, the strong embrace chaos. — J.S. Garrett

The shamans would commune and essentially make a pact with this consciousness saying, “Okay, once a year we’re going to sacrifice a boar, or a sheep or something like that and have a huge barbecue and party in your honor.” The sacrifice would be made to the virus or to the spirit of whatever was plaguing the people and then they would all partake of the flesh and honor that consciousness, and in turn, they would no longer suffer from it.

So we will essentially offer blood on people’s behalf, offer a sacrifice on their behalf, in order to help them align with the energy and hopefully provide them some protection from it. It’s not just baneful energy we’re talking about protecting people from here, we also have to worry about other threats that panic and chaos and lack of food will bring with it for other people. So, this is almost like an overall empowerment and protection ritual that we’re rolling out because of the state that the world is in.

BARBIE GARRETT: We are taking the power from the fear and the panic that has been widespread, and we’re going to harness the power as well and become allies with that power. Which, I think, might even be just as important as becoming allies with the actual spirit of the virus. There’s so much energy out there right now to grab ahold of and to throw at whatever we want to, so why not make ourselves better, bigger, stronger.

J.S.: When the world around you descends into chaos and it’s beyond your control, the strong embrace chaos.

Why Performing The Hijacking Ritual On Easter Maximizes The Force Of Magick

ORLEE: We’re taking advantage of the holy day coming up at Easter, April 12, and taking of all of that energy, and as black magicians, seizing that and turning it into an additional source of power for this dark rite, where we are truly hijacking this virus into a tool for our ascent.

J.S.: This is something that was essentially born out of necessity, just because of what’s going on right now. As we stated before, we’re going to put out instructions on this rite that you can do on your own, because we understand that everybody cannot afford to sign up for this.

BARBIE: The different elements are also coming into play. Orlee and J.D., you’re going to be implementing water as well as blood. On our end, I know that we’re doing fire as well as blood. So again, harnessing those elements on top of everything else, this is going to be like an atomic magical bomb. I’m so excited to release this on the world.

J.S.: Well, I think that is an excellent note to end this on. Thank you, everyone and. I want to also mention this disclaimer: this ritual is in no way a substitute for medical testing or treatment.

ORLEE: It’s an honor to do this with you guys and for everyone.

J.D.: Yes, definitely.

J.S.: Absolutely. There’s no other two practitioners that I would want to be working with, especially on something like this.

BARBIE: I’m super excited to see how it turns out, and I am beyond honored to be doing it.

Here’s How This Works

1. Book The Group Ritual Right Now
Sign up right now to reserve your place in this group ritual that we will perform at 9 PM-ET on April 12.

2. Perform The Group Ritual With Us April 12 — Optional
In your members area, you will receive a user-friendly “do it yourself” mini course and Ritual Guide eBook to performing this Virus Frequency Hijacking Ritual along with us at 9 PM-ET April 12.

3. Watch The Group Ritual April 15
On April 15, you will receive live recordings of our group ritual performances. These videos will become available to stream online in the members area

If you place your order right now, you will receive these two bonuses…

BONUS 1: 60-Minute Personal Consultation With Orlee Stewart

Let a mistress of black witchcraft illuminate you on the demonic “dirty work” behind magick. Seek counsel with a lifelong sorceress to receive priceless aid on your occult journey. This bonus entails an hour-long, uncensored video chat or telephone call with the black witch Orlee Stewart. Take advantage of her “ask me anything” policy with her confidentiality guarantee.

BONUS 2: The Rite of Deification Mastery Course By J.S. Garrett

Learn to perform the highest-powered ritual and reach the pinnacle of ascent with lifetime online access to J.S. Garrett’s all-new Deification Mastery course, streaming in high-definition right now.

Stay Home And Perform Magick With Us

In a time of crisis, the powerful rise. Let the chaos and panic of the world ignite your ascent to godhood.

For YOUR safety, stay home and perform magick with us!

Godlike Power,


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