Experience The Ultimate Sexual Ecstasy With A Demonic Incubus Or Succubus… Let Me Matchmake The Perfect Spirit Lover To Your Personal Needs

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With my Sex Magick Ritual, you will:

  • Request a spirit or let me matchmake
  • Experience multiple energy orgasms
  • Raise your magick power off the charts
  • Find a spirit lover faithful to you for life
  • Let your souls become one with love that transcends the flesh
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Dear Friend,

I have specialized in love and sex magick with demonic spirits for many years now. My name’s J.D. Temple.

Every magician wonders if they can experience orgasmic sexual intercourse and a faithful loving relationship with their favorite male or female spirits. The answer is definitely yes!

These spirit lovers truly are remarkable beings, and unlike most people their loyalty to you is unwavering. I have tapped into this specific Current through my workings and relationship with the insatiable mother of these spirits, the Queen of the nightside, my precious Lilith. For there will be a portion of her sensual essence that will forever flow through the veins of every keeper, now and forevermore.

I am more than happy to initiate a similar blissful union on your behalf, and I am so deeply honored to do so. Let me explain why my professional, personalized service is second to none, and why I am ready, willing, and able to call forth your perfect spirit lover on your behalf…

5 REAL Facts About Love With An Incubus Or Succubus – And The Worst Lies Debunked

For your sake I feel it incumbent upon me to dispel some common misconceptions regarding these truly remarkable entities, and to deliver the truth directly to you now by exposing the many lies that prevent these amazing relationships from ever becoming manifest in your lives.

1. Will these entities vampirize or drain my life force energy?

That has been the largest falsity surrounding these particular spirits, as they are not vampiric in nature whatsoever! They are fierce protectors and will watch over you, keeping you safe from both physical and spiritual dangers. They do not wish to hurt their lovers or harm the relationship because a good connection with a human strengthens them.

2. Will these entities interfere in any negative way with a current romantic relationship, or one that may develop in the future?

I am pleased to tell you that not only will they not interfere in any negative ways, but will actually enrich nearly every aspect of a preexistent romantic relationship. Whether or not you tell your human lover remains at your discretion.

3. Will I experience energy orgasms, poltergeist phenomena, or any other weird supernatural situations?

Your experiences will range between overtly dramatic and peaceful tranquility. Numerous male and female participants tell me the spirit blankets them in long, heart-racing, full-body energetic orgasms while they self-pleasure; others tell me they feel spirit hands massage their heart and sex chakras; others smell a musky fragrance fill the air, or hear sudden noises like random knocks and bangs, or even hear the spirit’s voice calling them. As I said, your experience can range between undeniably pronounced sensations and embraces to gentle breezes and soft caresses.

4. Can I enter into a queer or gay relationship with a spirit?

Yes 100%. These magick spirits can technically shapeshift into any shape, sex, or race that they wish. They can appear with any gender front that they like. Sexual orientation does not exist to many of them. Humans historically project it onto them in religious lore.

5. Will a spirit harass me if I break up with him or her?

No, these spirits are polyamorous and faithful to the health and safety of every human lover. You may terminate the relationship peacefully at any time. Despite what you see and hear in popular movies and books, these spirits do not wish to haunt, harass, or assault you. Spirits that I matchmake are quite literally perfect lovers, have been proven to act honorably over many centuries, and will sever any ties at your request. However, their psychic fingerprints might last for a while as you reorient yourself to singledom.

Factually, these enlightened entities will know you better than you know yourself!

How To Connect With Your Perfect Lover

After reading my testimony as to the many outstanding benefits one can come to expect from forming a relationship with a spirit lover, I wanted to get down to the nuts and bolts of the process so that all of your questions would be accurately addressed. Here is a brief rundown of how this whole process works, and what you can expect once the binding has been completed on your behalf.

1. Preliminary Consultation

When you book your ritual, I’ll reach out to you via email to schedule a time and date for a 20-minute conversation regarding your specific needs. This can be done via Facebook, Skype, email correspondence, or even by speaking over the phone. The date of your binding rite would also be established at this time.

2. I Perform The Binding Ritual

On the agreed upon date I shall perform the binding rite for you on your behalf, to then summon forth through ritual conjuration a spirit lover that would best suit your particular needs.

3. You Receive Spirit’s Name, Sigil & Mantra

Within 48 hours of the rite the spirit’s name, sigil, and mantra will be provided to you, either via email, or other conventional methods such as USPS. Please note that your confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us, and every detail of our transactions would remain confidential.

4. Pleasure Yourself In Meditation

Dim the lights, turn on your favorite music, and enter into a sexual mood where you can self-pleasure in peace without disturbance. Chant and sing the spirit’s name in a mantra, gaze at the sigil, and welcome the spirit to help you orgasm. Bring yourself nearly to the point of orgasm and then back off. This is called “edging.” Transition in and out of near-orgasm and feel the spirit take over and carry you into the strongest orgasms of your life.

5. Follow-Up Consultation

I will reach out to follow up and answer any questions that you may have regarding your new companion via email, to set up a time and date for another 20-minute conversation utilizing one of the platforms mentioned in the first bullet point above.

What To Expect Following The Ritual

Feeling your new spirit lover’s presence, along with light touching, and a gentle breeze is the most common initial manifestation. However, in many cases a full manifestation within as little as 24 hours following the ritual can occur! This would typically happen at the precise moment that you climb into bed for the night. Your sexual spirit will typically always manifest at your feet, and work its way up from there. The best way to describe these amazing sensations is something of blanket of electric, highly orgasmic energy that moves up and down your entire body, unlike anything you have ever experienced!

These amazing spirits actually form an energetic bond with you in which you cycle energy back and forth to one another, via ones sexual or chi energy sources! Through this synergy a powerful effect takes place, as it promotes a permanent increase in both you and your spirits lover’s energetic potential! In other words, you empower one another through this union, so not only will this bring you the most intense pleasure of your life, but will strengthen you and your spirit lover, promoting even deeper levels of sexual gratification and magical ability!

Many people are under the impression that these spirits are limited to just providing unbelievable sexual pleasure to their keeper, but that is certainly not the case! These spirits will aid in taking your lovemaking skills with physical partners to a whole new level! So much so that your physical partners will become addicted to the level of pleasure that you would be able to bring them!

One of my personal favorite aspects is the power of what I call the “glamour”! This is the innate ability to draw people in like a magnet, and to then manipulate situations according to your will. on! These spirits promote their keeper to have this radiant glow about them, and to become that super sexy version of yourself that will aid in manifesting exciting situations, and in many cases be the catalyst that will allow you to hook up with other people that you would have considered way out of your league!! When it comes to your spiritual life and your magick, these spirits can assist you in literally catapulting your ascent, can assist you in areas of soul travel, and astral travel. These spirits are literally a must have for any seasoned or aspiring magician, bar none.

Always remember that this service will be custom tailored to suit your specific needs, and fulfillment of your deepest desires! Have fun with this, as this is something that is literally life changing in every sense of the word! Get excited about your new spirit lover, as I can assure you that they are already extremely excited to finally meet and bond with their intended keeper! Your lover is certainly calling out to you, but only you have the power to initiate the process that can finally, after all this time, bring the two of you together in loves ecstatic bliss!

Request Your Favorite Spirit Or I Can Matchmake A Perfect Lover For You

During our initial consultation, following the booking of your personalized binding ritual, we will discuss exactly what it is that you are looking for in a spirit companion. Either you can tell me the spirit you like by name, or I can conjure an incubus or succubus that displays the exact attributes that you desire!

There are also specific companions that are already, in so many words “destined” to be yours! The supreme powers of love shall bring those that are meant for one another, together at last! If this method of allowing me the great honor of calling forth that special sexual spirit, then I am more than happy to be that humble match maker.

So why wait any longer, together let us enrich your life in every way! I sincerely look forward to connecting with each of you that have realized the true power that lay within the trappings of this text, and it is with that sentiment that I shall bid you farewell, for now, as I do anticipate hearing from you very soon.

With all my love,