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Dominate Your Financial Destiny With A GIANT Planetary Ritual Guaranteed To Harness The Forces Of Unlimited Abundance… Turn Poverty Into Prosperity With Jupiter’s Mighty Money Magick

  • HandshakeJupiter’s Mighty Money Ritual: Dominate your destiny
  • icon-chatPersonal Consultation: Preliminary 20-minute discussion
  • Video Proof: Watch recording of live ritual
  • giftMoney Magnet Talisman: Supercharged abundance talisman
  • ShieldConfidentiality: We never share personal information
  • HandshakeLimited Availability: Accepts a limited number of clients

With Jupiter’s Mighty Money Ritual, you will:

  • Dominate your financial destiny
  • Turn poverty into prosperity and security
  • Skyrocket the odds of your good luck
  • Break the chains of the “money masters”
  • Inject abundance of Giant Jupiter into your life

I will contact you within 48 hours by email.

    • 20-minute preliminary consultation
    • Complete ritual performance
    • Video recording of ritual
    • Money magnet talisman
    • Follow-up email consultation
    • 60-minute consultation
    • 100% confidential
    • Available by telephone, Skype & email
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Dear Friend,

What if I told you that…

  • …you DON’T need money to make money?
  • …your poverty and debt is actually NOT your fault?
  • …your level of wealth does NOT equal your level of intelligence?
  • …most rich people have been born into a “lucky sperm” club where they INHERITED wealth, privilege, and connections?
  • …the explanation of economics and money that you received in school is COMPLETELY wrong — and wrong BY DESIGN?

What if I told you that…

Our “Money Masters” Have Architected A Political System That REWARDS The Rich And PUNISHES The Poor

I will spare you crazy conspiracy theories and just summarize it factually. You have been born into debt slavery, will live as a wage slave, and probably die broke with medical bills.

The rich people who own planet earth have architected a political, banking, and corporate oligarchy that guarantees THEIR fortunes increase forever while YOU scrape breadcrumbs together.

This is called systemic poverty. It has been designed to occur like this. And while you cannot demolish it by yourself — you CAN rise above it and use it AGAINST them.

What if I told you that…

Our “Money Masters” Have Performed Occult Sorcery To Become Filthy Rich For Millennia… And Now YOU Can Experience Money Magick For The First Time In History

Monarchs, pharaohs, emperors, presidents — the elite hierarchy of the world historically — have associated in occult fraternities and brotherhoods for millennia. This has become common knowledge to everyone who studies political history.

They very carefully hid their knowledge of magick in these elite occult groups. In fact, the term occult means hidden. These “money masters” have hoarded their knowledge of magick that they used to skyrocket their wealth generation after generation — they pass these riches to their initiated children who carry on with that tradition.

Both wealth and magick have remained a political privilege available to only a very few. The poor, illiterate, working class people — peasants, slaves, indentured servants — could not even read let alone access esoteric grimoires.

A technology revolution has transpired wherefore this “privileged” knowledge has leaked and become universally available, and now anyone on earth can access it and perform this SAME magick to overhaul their economic situation.

We stand now on the brink of a singularity. You too can can receive windfalls of abundance through this ancient, cosmic power.

We Are Going To Harness The GIANT Power Of Jupiter To Inject His Money Magick Into Your Life… The Largest Planet Is Going To Turn The Tide With His Massive Gravity

I marvel at science, physics, and this universe. Here’s a factoid: The planet Jupiter is two and half times larger than all other planets in our solar system combined. He is 1,300 times bigger than Earth itself — remarkable!

Due to his massive size, Jupiter possesses the STRONGEST gravity too!

As the “strongest” planet in our solar system, this Herculean Spirit uses his enormous gravity to wield the magnetic forces of magick in areas of wealth, abundance, and economic prosperity. This Incredible Hulk always goes big or goes home, so if you demand “massive” money, then you have found your God.

I hate to say this to you, but our “money masters” have indoctrinated and enslaved you into chains of poverty. Only you can liberate yourself — let this Incredible Hulk break these chains that bind you.

I bring forth and present to you now True Manifestation in the Raw.

Book Jupiter’s Mighty Money Ritual Right Now And Receive TWO FREE GIFTS: A Personal Consultation And A Supercharged Money Magnet Talisman

I have formulated an ultra-powerful Jupiterian Ritual through years of trial and error. To ignite much-needed change in your life, I tap into his Current under two high-powered astrological alignments:

  1. Lunar Magick: I perform this rite on either a Full Moon or Waxing Moon so the moon’s gravitational force aids in pulling the magick of Jupiter down to earth to ground your manifestation.
  2. Day Magick: I perform this rite on Jupiter’s Day — Thursday — to harness every possible kilowatt of his planetary power.

Furthermore, with this ritual you will also receive two essential FREE GIFTS that maximize and personalize your experience:

FREE GIFT #1: Personal Consultation — When you book your ritual with me, your happiness immediately becomes my new obsession. I genuinely would like to help you with every power available to me. In a 20-minute preliminary consultation, you will share your true needs and life circumstances — 100% confidential of course. This consultation guarantees that my ritual can fulfill your needs exactly.

FREE GIFT #2: Money Magnet Talisman — I send you a hand-crafted Sigil of Primordial Abundance and bottle of Money Drawing oil. When you drip this supercharged oil onto his consecrated sigil in ritual, you renew and sustain your connection to Mighty Jupiter and his planetary abundance. Furthermore, I will personally supercharge a Twin Sigil with Money Drawing oil every day for a month to double-thrust your magick — your shotgun becomes a double-barreled shotgun.

How This Works

I have simplified these logistics for your convenience.

  1. Book this ritual — at your soonest possibility because I take clients on a first come basis.
  2. I contact you by email within 48 hours — to arrange a 20-minute preliminary consultation on Facebook Messenger, Skype, or telephone.
  3. I perform Jupiter’s Mighty Money Ritual — and film it entirely too.
  4. You receive your Money Magnet talisman and ritual video — I send your talisman in priority mail and your ritual video in email within two weeks.

My Personal Guarantee: I would like to personally guarantee your happiness. I will never “wash my hands” of you. I do not “pump and dump” magick rituals. You may reach out to me anytime to share your excitements and concerns as Giant Jupiter injects his massive money magick into your life and your prosperity unfolds over months and years.

It’s Time To DOMINATE Your Destiny And Steal Fire From The Gods… Let The World Become Your Oyster With The Most Potent Money Spell In This Solar System

Since the dawn of time, humans have been undeniably driven to dominate their destiny, forge new pathways to greatness, and above all else: realize true Godhood.

We were not born to toil as slaves on this tumultuous earth until we then find ourselves buried beneath it — we are meant to live our lives to the fullest with joy and abundance in our hearts.

It is time now to smash the chains of despair and poverty that our “money masters” have locked on you. Take the raw power of manifestation and prosperity into your own hands. Embrace your birthright and become limitless. Together we tap into the Current of Mighty Jupiter as the world becomes your oyster.

Please Note: I am not a financial advisor, lawyer, or doctor. I cannot legally guarantee you precise investment returns, exact monetary figures, or corporate profits. I do however guarantee that my Jupiter’s Mighty Money Ritual makes a pact with the Planetary God and floods your life with his abundance. You will need to remain ambitious and allow his prosperity to emerge at full force.

Book your money magick right now and let his massive gravity turn the tides to your advantage.

Godlike Power,


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