Enter The Crossroads Between Life And Death… Together We’re Going To “Throw The Bones” To Receive Answers From The Spirits In Real Time… Tell Me — What Do You Need To Know?

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In a Bone Oracle Reading, you will:

  • Experience a live osteomancy ritual 
  • Receive counsel from the bone oracles
  • Clarify any life and magick circumstance
  • Learn the true power of necromancy
  • Ask absolutely anything without judgement

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Bone Oracle Readings

Dear Friend,

Welcome to a magical space between worlds, where life and death meet and spirits haunt bone fetishes to provide answers, speak their knowledge, and divine the paths that lay before you!

Hello, I’m Celtic witch, Joey Morris.

You have probably heard the spooky phrase “throw the bones” in regard to when a witch performs divination with magical bones to receive answers from The Spirits. When I first heard that as a child, I always wondered…

What in the world can dead animal bones teach me?

Needless to say, when I finally underwent initiation into magick and discovered the ancient, necromantic power behind bone oracle readings, it immediately became a favorite of mine.

Allow me to introduce you to Osteomancy. This ancient system of “throwing bones” involves clairvoyant reading of animal bones, pelts, teeth, claws, horns, feathers, and other animal remains. It features a collection of organic divination tools that have spanned throughout history and across many different cultures throughout the world. In fact, almost every culture has references to their own version of osteomancy.

A Brief History Of Necromantic Witchcraft, Animal Fetishes & Death Oracles

Oracle bones were used to practice of a form of divination, fortune-telling, known as pyro-osteomancy. Pyro-osteomancy is when seers tell the future based on the cracks in an animal bone or turtle shell either in their natural state or after having been burned. The cracks were then used to determine the future. The earliest pyro-osteomancy in China included the bones of sheep, deer, cattle, and pigs, in addition to turtle plastrons (shells). Pyro-osteomancy is known from prehistoric east and northeast Asia, and from North American and Eurasian ethnographic reports. — Archaeological expert Kris Hirst Thoughtco

The Celtic people were thought to burn and divine fox or sheep shoulder bones, and bones being used in a similar fashion to the Runes was a widespread system across countries, with them being marked and pulled in a similar fashion and interpreted by the oracle reader. In some circumstances Runes were also fashioned from bone, a practice which continues strongly today amongst pagan magicians. The incorporation of other elements has been made popular through traditions such as Hoodoo who use the basket or bowl method.

The Osteomancy method here is an evolution of personal gnosis that stems from a practiced steeped in Celtic Witchcraft which at its core is animistic; the belief that all beings have a spirit, that plants and animals have a soul which can be communed with, even if the form of communication is considerably different to that with which humans are familiar.

This Oracle method draws also on the European tradition of animal fetishes; that each bone is connected to a willing spirit who communes with the Witch through the connection to its animal bone, or claws, or feathers. The archetypal wisdom of each animal also forms the base of the oracle reading; with Celtic mythology being the primary source; for example, the Raven bones, Claws, and Feathers to be found in the bone collection speak of the Celtic Goddess Morrigan, and there exact position within a reading are intuitively sensed and read to provide a client with answers; and any messages channelled through the spirits are also given.

How The Powerful Primal Magick Of A Bone Oracle Reading Can Help YOU In Your Everyday Life

Love, Relationships & Sexuality

Given that most people will be intimately aware of how bones are frequently referenced with regards to sex in particular, it should not surprise you that bones make highly effective sex and love magick conduits. Relationships and sex give life to “new bones” in all animal life forms; they are infused with these energies. Seeing ourselves through the masks of animals is also conducive to interpreting our, and others, needs in relationships.

Ancestry, Death & Necromancy

Need I say more? Everyone on earth knows the bone as a universal symbol of death and the supernatural.

I literally use dead animal bones in my oracle readings and therefore this magick connects and communes with bound spirits of the dead closely. My consecrated talismans are perfectly suited to answering questions surrounding ancestry, necromancy, and gnosis with spirits to receive priceless insights in this area.

Spiritual Ascension & Pathworking

Bone work has always been my personal favorite methods for pathworking; it has been used by witches and spiritual practitioners since the dawning of man, the connection between humankind and animals being more apparent in primal times. To connect back to this spiritual medicine and learn how to use it in modern times is an enlightening process, and the messages that come forth from Osteomancy are highly personal, and effective.

Magick Confusion, Curse Anxiety & Need For Counsel

My bound familiar spirits always share a unique perspective and insight into magickal journeys — they reside in the Crossroads above mundane concerns — and can immediately provide you enlightened help to further your ascent, clarify any confusions, or prognosticate on any anxiety.

Frequently Asked Questions And Need To Know Answers

Question – How did you harvest your spirit bones?

Answer – All the Bones have been acquired by myself personally through the following methods; they were discovered in the wild and were cleaned, cleansed and spiritually prepared myself, they were gifted to me from trusted friends who are aware of the spiritual significance of them, or they were purchased through a trusted taxidermy contact of mine who I have known for years and only acquires bones through natural means of death. All Bones, feathers, claws and so forth have been treated with the utmost spiritual respect, they have been cleaned, spiritually cleansed, and undergone a ritual of rebirth where they were dedicated to the spirits that house within them in a willing bond of spirit communication.

Will a spirit possess me?

No, but they will strongly affect you in this reading. For example, they might provide you clairvoyant visions, or whisper answers into your head, or graze their astral hands over your face. However, The Spirits are communing with me as point of contact and so they will not possess you. I pass along the messages as a medium and draw from my own knowledge of the Celtic mythologies and animal spirit medicine in general.

How do you cast and read them?

The Bones are either cast, thrown or rolled onto a mat, usually a combination of animal fur and a wooden disk. The location of each bone, the way it lies on the surface, which animal it is, which part of the animal it is, and the mythos surrounding that animal are consulted first of all. These messages are relayed to the client. Then to go deeper, the spirits who are willing to commune with the oracle reader about this subject will be accessed for further depth.

Answers to your questions and concerns will be relayed to you at length with explanations and often with examples from helpful mythology to provide you a reference point.

Does necromantic bone divination disrespect spirits of the dead?

No, and I would never perform bone readings if they did. Every one of The Spirits participates consensually, and I treat them with utmost reverence and respect. They asked to bind themselves to my fetishes and help human truth-seekers.

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It’s literally that simple.

My family of spirit guides sit beside me. My divination bones sit on my altar. Now you need to enter the Crossroads with me. Together we’re going to throw the bones to ask The Spirits to reveal their secrets and speak their priceless knowledge.

Tell me… what do you need to know?

Darkest Blessings,


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