Learn The Ancient Rites, Spells & Demons of Persia With The Ultimate Grimoire Of Dark Alchemy… Become A True Magus Of The Oldest Known Sorcery And Flood Your Life With Ancient Power

  •   Black Magick of Ahriman: The Ancient Rites, Spells & Demons of Persia
  •   Portraits & Sigils: Original artwork of Ahriman & the Divs
  •   Author: Kurtis Joseph
  •   Foreword: Asenath Mason
  •   Artist: Robert Cook
  •   Editor: Timothy
  •   Global Shipping: Receive in 2 weeks or less
  •   Sample Chapter: Introduction

In Black Magick of Ahriman, you will learn:

  • Complete infernal grimoire of Arezura featuring 31 Divs, their sigils & powers
  • Secret sorcery hidden behind Kunda Yoga
  • How to perform reverse possession & envocation, i.e., adverse evocation
  • Blueprint for the Temple of Blackened Fire
  • Vampyric teachings of Goddess Az-Jahi
  • Magick herbs, rancid oils & lamps of fate
  • The Talismans & Circle of Counter-Creation
  • The Dark Staot, i.e., Litanies of Hell
  • The 101 names of Angra Mainyu
    • New redesign in second edition
    • Graphic hardback
    • Original artwork, sigils & portraits
    • 332 pages
    • Get 130 off to save 65%
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Black Magick of Ahriman: The Ancient Rites, Spells & Demons of Persia

Peer Reviews

  • Asenath Mason

    This is not only an evocative tome, with spells and rituals allowing for access to this ancient path of sorcery, but also an incredibly informative book full of personal gnosis received directly from Ahriman and his dark spirits. Rituals presented here are not found in any other books of magic and constitute a completely unique and powerful grimoire, a truly magical and inspiring tome that will give you a solid foundation for your personal work with the path that over the ages has been embraced only by few, but forbidden and feared by many.

    Asenath MasonAuthor of Qliphothic Meditations
  • Asbjörn Torvol

    Kurtis has written this wonderful piece in an area I am very unfamiliar with, yet it does strike me as being not only a very powerful system but also one that allows the practitioner to harness something rather unique. It is common to see Satanic, Norse or African traditions explored but I cannot say that I have ever seen anything like this. Kurtis delves right into the depths of the Persian system, this book presents a rare opportunity for occultists to delve into uncharted territory and learn a system without any preconceived misconceptions. Truly a book needed in our occult community.

    Asbjörn TorvolAuthor of The Heathen
  • Kurtis Joseph has explored and awoken a Current that will shape the aeon. He`s written a comprehensive guide on the Darkest Sorcery, and at the same time has lit a torch that illuminates a path into the unspeakable. This grimoire and its spirits will send shockwaves throughout the collective unconscious of mankind, for better or worse, the gates have been opened. Read it, work it and truly understand the meaning of finding the brightest light in the blackest darkness.

    Frank WhiteFounder of the Grail of the Serpent


Black Magick of Ahriman ranks #1 on Amazon Hot New Releases

Dear Friend,

The scribing of the tome Black Magick of Ahriman was no easy endeavor. It was not a work which was approached as an occult “author”. In other words, it was not a matter of simply researching a pantheon of dark Gods and studying the culture in which they were revered to put a working system of magick between two covers. Instead the process was akin to that of teacher and student in that it was very much experiential. In the beginning, it was not the work I sought out but rather the challenge that was presented to me as I walked into my own dark night of the soul.

As I began to put sorcerous work together regarding the current of the Path of Smoke the results initially blew up in my face. Most of this occurred because of my own error regarding approach as I tried to apply experience I had gained as a dark ceremonial magickian. That kind of approach was simply not compatible with these ancient forces. After much failure, which made me realize I had to get myself out of the way I decided to let the spirits themselves guide me. After all, the path itself belonged to them.

This Grimoire Reveals My Stunning Initiatory Experiences With The Dark Gods & Goddesses

“Rituals presented here are not found in any other books of magic and constitute a completely unique and powerful grimoire.” – Asenath Mason

The work within this grimoire is theirs. It is a product of my initiatory experiences with them. After many years working with Ahriman and all his emanations I had took note of hundreds of operations which simply would not fit within a single volume. Many of these were of a very personal nature. Others simply did not make the cut because too much of my own influence permeated their structure and I wanted to be sure that it was these ancient Dark Gods and their teaching alone which was brought forth through the release of this specific book.

Black Magick Of Ahriman Is Unlike Anything Else Ever Published… Ahriman & The Divs Are Going To Flood Your Life With Ancient Magick Power

“Kurtis has explored and awoken a Current that will shape the aeon… and at the same time has lit a torch that illuminates a path into the unspeakable. This grimoire and its spirits will send shockwaves throughout the collective unconscious of mankind.” – Frank White

BMOA is unlike anything else ever published. Many will look at the concepts presented as if they are fresh or new. Trust me when I say none of this is new. In fact, it is likely more ancient than any of the religions we know of today. By applying this work, Ahriman and his Divs will flood into your life and guide you in a very personal way. A lot of the most powerful work will not be found between its two covers. In fact, it will likely come from the patrons of the book itself as it is alive and sentient.

The work will prove useful to those looking to gain results regarding sorcery or creating change in their lives, as well as to those looking for a path leading to alchemical transformation. These are two different approaches found within the work (The Paths of DoMar and DeHak) which make up the one Path of Smoke. It will benefit both the beginner as well as the seasoned magickian. The beginner will simply be able to open the book and grow through the process of study and application as they are not hindered by years of programing. The experienced magickian will grow by leaps and bounds through the backward wisdom of Ahriman and his legions and their consciousness will expand in unimaginable ways because of backward understanding.

Black Magick of Ahriman is a very comprehensive tome which covers many subjects which stand as powerful by themselves. However, the wise will after gaining experience be able to weave many of these concepts together to create powerful synergy to increase intensity of result. As the Divs begin to guide you personally much more will be given to you which you will be able to build upon and so for the magickian seeking one path that they can remain devoted to it is found within this book. An entire lifetime of work can be found by those who seek to dig into the depths of this current.

The First Grimoire To Take The Offensive Against God Through Spiritual Warfare To Liberate Humanity

This is also the first book I have seen which takes the offensive toward God himself at the root of his origin through methods of spiritual warfare. As more and more people apply these principles, the effects will begin to liberate the collective consciousness of mankind, not just from spiritual enslavement but also from the physical system of oppression which plagues us. This system of control began with the religion of Ahura Mazda brought forth by the self-proclaimed prophet Zarathustra and it is his adversary Ahriman who seeks to destroy it. BMOA offers many hidden avenues which will open to the wise that can lead to weak links within the structure of the system itself so that it can be infiltrated and overcome.

This Book Of Sorcery Transforms Man & Woman Into God & Goddess

This is a book of sorcery as well as it is a book of personal transformation from man to God/Goddess. Most importantly it is a book of world alchemy which when harnessed by the few can usher in something else. It is a means to bring forth something better. The mundane call it anarchy. The wise call it liberation.

To the darkest alchemy,

Most Helpful Magician Reviews

“His actions are in accordance with the highest of occult traditions”

S.v. Dagon 32° DMM | Verified Purchase

The written work of Kurtis Joseph in the Grimoire “Black Magic of AHRIMAN” will no doubt receive broad acceptance in the Occult world. It is vetted, researched and well written.

However – we will not allow ourselves to fail to point out that behind the curtain lies a humble and devout practitioner who sacrificed years at this effort. Dark Staots in place of laughter. Fires of red coals in place of warm nights of rest. Grinning Deamons in place of smiling family. Shivering nights, utterly alone… so that you as a reader would not be as solitary in your journey down the razors edge of the Magic of Ahriman. His actions are in accordance with the highest of occult traditions.

May he ever know – We are grateful.

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