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Seek Forbidden Counsel With A Hardcore Black Magickian… Unlock The Secrets Of Dark Alchemy With The Guidance Of Ahriman & The Ancient Gods

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Black Magick, Ahriman & Dark Alchemy

Dear Friend,

I am a Black Magickian who specializes in dark alchemy through the teachings of the most ancient Gods & Goddesses of humanity. I am greatly influenced by schools of eastern thought which I enjoy teaching others to apply in practical ways. The adversarial spiritual path is my focus as it is the liberation of mankind through the apocalypse (revealing all knowledge which has been hidden) that I seek to help usher in. I hold the divine potential of mankind above all else in hopes of creating a greater humanity and a better world through human evolution and the empowerment of the individual.

Let’s Bring Back Lost Knowledge To Anchor The True Spiritual Power In The World And Speed Up Human Evolution

I have guided many seekers upon their own path of dark ascent through conceptual methodologies empowering the individuals to transcend the need for teaching so that they can step upon the path of becoming. I do not consider myself an occult author, but rather I see myself as an occultist who meticulously records the teachings of the dark divine taking no credit for the wisdom brought forth. My goal is to bring back lost knowledge to once again anchor the true divine power within the world so that it can bring the process of human evolution back up to speed.

I do offer services of spellcasting for those in need, however I usually suggest those who seek change to instead harness and strengthen personal will to create the needed change for oneself. I am passionate about guiding others through this process as I see it as one integer within the scientific formula of large scale world alchemical transmutation. I do not just take on students blindly as most people will not actually apply the wisdom I offer offer. Through divination and initial assignments through which personal effort can be gauged, I choose those who seek to serve the greater cause of counter creation. Through my guidance of others, I seek the annihilation of limitations imposed upon mankind by a false God who is nothing but an egregore which symbolizes tyrannical lawmakers. God is Government and I oppose them both through those I guide. These few individuals are extensions of the divine potential seeking to break free from the grasp of imposed control and they spread the Blackened Fire of spirit upon all of creation through molding their own subjective realities per personal will.

Become A Living God