LUCIFER-AMAYMON: The Enlightener, Vol. 2
Humanity’s Official Contact With The Second Demonic Gatekeeper From Outer Darkness
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  • Lucifer-Amaymon: The Enlightener: Six-author compendium
  • Pathworking of Lucifer: Seven-hour course streaming online
  • Authors: E.A. Koetting, Kurtis Joseph, Edgar Kerval, Bill Duvendack, Asbjörn Torvol & Frank White
  • hammerEditor: Timothy
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  • Live: Midnight, Monday night, August 28th

LUCIFER-AMAYMON: The Enlightener, Vol. 2

Discover next-generation Luciferian Magick with these six sinister grimoires by top authors:

  • Grimoire of Amaymon by E.A. Koetting
  • Alchemy of Halo & Horn by Kurtis Joseph
  • Alchemy of Lucifer-Amaymon by Edgar Kerval
  • Luciferian Amaymon by Bill Duvendack
  • The Faces of the Condemned by Asbjörn Torvol
  • Lucifer, Opener of Paths by Frank White

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Lucifer-Amaymon: The Enlightener, Volume 2

Peer Reviews

  • founders_ea_koetting

    Amaymon is the most obscure of all the Gatekeepers. His name is mentioned scarcely throughout occult history. In modern and classical grimoires, demons’ names have been changed, altered from the original names which were invoked in religious cults that first worshipped them. Who was Amaymon before he was “Amaymon?” If he is another dethroned and demonized god of an overthrown civilization, then what god was he? To receive answers from his very lips, I entered my Temple to begin the ritual of Darkness Communion. In the darkness my Other Sight stepped forth, and I saw the spirit of Amaymon assuming many forms around me, wherefore I channeled his declarations into this Grimoire of Amaymon faithfully.

    E.A. Koetting, author statement
  • This work offers examples of harnessing sorcery to obtain human liberation en masse. These are suggestions which have been consecrated as seeds to be planted within the fertile soil of the creative mind. Like all I will ever scribe for the Ancient Gods of the craft this work is unlike anything else ever written. Also, like anything else I bring forth it will not be accepted by all. How do we syphon the knowledge of the dark arts to manifest a basic need for the collective being the ability to thrive within our environment unhindered by external forces? How do we directly siphon the power to evolve as beings with much more potential than what has so far been explored? This contribution brings forth a part of the possibility of an answer.

    Kurtis Joseph, author statement
  • edgar-kerval-thumbnail

    The wisdom gotten through the deep workings with Lucifer-Amaymon begins a process of transmutation, a deep inner-development. The Luciferian alchemy transforms a magician spiritually, mentally, and physically. It guides the adept in the deconstructive process of the Black Sun through magickal work known as Via Siniestra. Every man and woman can experiment with awakening the inner fire, but everyone reaches a different result. In this alchemical metamorphosis, we enter the promethean aspect of self-knowledge, enlightened and guided by the spectral light of Lucifer. Through Via Siniestra, we penetrate Lucifer’s astral temple and learn how to absorb and interpret his sacred mysteries.

    Edgar Kerval, author statement
  • bill-duvendack

    More and more people are reclaiming their own personal power after centuries of oppression, and Lucifer is leading the way. Lucifer is almost everywhere in today’s society, ranging from a television show all the way to musicians and performers that brandish his sigil, often times not knowing what it means but choosing it because it appealed to them. The Light Bringer is bringing illumination as we move closer to the Age of Aquarius and the Age of Horus. A true harbinger, Lucifer precedes change, personally and en masse, and it is through this we know all we need to know about this being. In short, Lucifer is everything you ever wanted, and everything you didn’t, for the light that helps growth also burns.

    Bill Duvendack, author statement
  • Lucifer has always been the one entity who has fascinated me. I created an experiment that looks at the history and the modern methods of working with “The Devil” and dissects it. The results were amazing. In every mythology you will find the narrative of the hero who defeats the villain. The villain is portrayed as evil, defiant and rebellious whereas the hero is presented as righteous and caring. These beings, Lucifer, Satan, Loki, Baphomet, the Devil, and Iblis are all the faces of the condemned. Gods, Angels, Entities who have been cast away from their leading figurehead god. What if I told you that these Devils actually represented what’s best for humankind? What if I told you they represented love? What if I told you they care more about you than the typical hero?

    Asbjörn Torvol, author statement
  • Lucifer declared: “You will now be shown how to perceive like the Gods. You will see through my eyes. Prepare your body and soul, for you will never be you again.” Lucifer was and is a rebel. His sin was to question authority and to refuse to accept a hierarchy maintained, not by virtue and merit, but by violent threats. Today mankind is on the verge of making a new evolutionary step forward. More and more people are waking up to their true nature as immortal spiritual beings. As we collectively awaken and explore our inner world, commune with the spirit world and maintain a working relationship with inner dimensions, the collective physical experience will reflect that.

    Frank White, author statement

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