Supercharge Your Experience With Solar Power… Let E.A. Koetting And Kurtis Joseph Evoke The Demonic Gatekeeper In A Black Sun Covenant For You… We Are Going To Double-Certify A Blood Pact With Lucifer-Amaymon On The Full Harvest Moon

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With Black Sun Covenant by E.A. Koetting & Kurtis Joseph, you receive:

  • Full performance of synergy evocation in a Black Sun Covenant with Lucifer-Amaymon
  • Double-certified blood pact
  • Filmed video proofs of ritual
  • Complete breakdown of experience
  • Magick formula to perform by yourself

Our normal rates for two custom rituals combined ranges as high as $3,499, but you can book Covenant of Lucifer for only 499 until 9/24.

This ritual has been closed.

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Peer Reviews

  • Lucifer declared: “You will now be shown how to perceive like the Gods. You will see through my eyes. Prepare your body and soul, for you will never be you again.” Today mankind is on the verge of making a new evolutionary step forward. As we collectively awaken and explore our inner world, commune with the spirit world and maintain a working relationship with inner dimensions, the collective physical experience will reflect that.

    Frank White, Lucferian
  • edgar-kerval-thumbnail

    The wisdom inherited through a deep working with Lucifer-Amaymon begins a process of transmutation, a deep inner-development. The Luciferian Alchemy creates constant spiritual, mental, and physical changes that guide the adept into the deconstructive process of the Black Sun. This magickal work is known as Via Siniestra

    Edgar Kerval, Luciferian
  • More and more people are reclaiming their own personal power after centuries of oppression. The true beauty of this is that it is Lucifer leading the way. The Light Bringer is bringing illumination as we move closer to the Age of Aquarius and the Age of Horus. He precedes change, personally and en masse. In short, Lucifer is everything you ever wanted, and everything you didn’t, for the light that helps growth also burns.

    Bill Duvendack, Luciferian
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