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Learn The Fiercely Guarded Secrets Of Advanced Vampire Magick To Harness Spiritual Immortality And Conquer Death… Receive Initiation In The Path Of The Dragon With The Lords Of The Undead

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  •   Certified Ritual Pact: Initiation with the Dark Gods of Vampirism
  •   Author & Ritualist: N.D. Blackwood
  •   Ritualist: E.A. Koetting
  •   Editor in Chief: Timothy
  •   Copyeditor: Orlee Stewart
  •   Sample eBook: Ch. 4 – The Art of Life Drain
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In Draugadróttinn: Lord of the Undead, you will learn:

  • Rituals of Initiation into true Vampiric Magick
  • The forbidden art & science of Energy Transfer
  • Preparations for essential Vampiric talismans
  • How to exploit powers of Baneful Lycanthropy
  • Gnosis with Ascended Vampires & Dark Gods
  • Secret occult history of The Order of the Dragon
  • Mysteries of the Extraterrestrial Vampire Cultus
  • Royal bloodline witchcraft to conquer death
  • Initiation into The Vampiric Strain with the Lords of the Undead for Afterlife Immortality
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Peer Reviews

  • consultations-asenath-mason-1

    Vampirism occupies a special position among other areas of Magic, continuously attracting new practitioners and drawing strong interest both from those who want to use it in their work and those who find it confusing due to its moral and ethical ambivalence. With limited information that is available on the subject, DRAUGADRÓTTINN will definitely meet with both as it has a potential of being the manual of Vampiric Magick – the book everyone interested in the subject needs in their library, no matter if you’re a beginner or an advanced adept of the shadow path. The book explores basic as well as complex methods of Vampiric Magick, provides an insightful glimpse into the history of Vampirism, and presents spells, rituals and energy work techniques that will introduce you in an exciting and comprehensible way into this dark tradition. Most importantly, however, it shows methods that are easily applicable and can be successfully used by a modern practitioner. I have found it absolutely fascinating and I strongly recommend it to everyone who wants to find out more about Vampirism as a path of self-empowerment.

    Asenath Mason, author of The Qliphothic Trilogy
  • “Draugadrottin” is an excellent example of enhancing and expanding the Cultus of Vampyre Magick. The advancement of the serious Adept is found in the dark tunnels often unseen by the masses; Vampyre Magick is a spiritual and physical initiatory practice which calls to the Black Adept, experience expands the abyssic potential…

    I like the work, it’s really good.

    Michael W. Ford, author of Dragon of the Two Flames
  • This singular tome brings an interesting and refreshing new approach to the Black Magick of Vampirism. I personally have worked through vampirism myself and to see such innovation was pleasing to say the very least. Potent, easy to follow, and clear-guided instructions plus descriptions on the various unique aspects of this Vampiric Current. This is a guide book for those who are genuinely interested in their vampiric endeavours. This more than proves that vampirism is a great tool, a weapon and a path of spiritual predation, rather than a parasitic method of energy consumption. For all the following, I fully recommend to those interested in this particular form of spirituality, that this tome is needed in your Vampiric arsenal.

    Conner Kendall, author of The Necromancer

Dear Friend,

Please allow me to introduce myself, my vampiric name is N.D. Blackwood.

I am the modern pioneer of a fiercely guarded, medieval, occult tradition of Black Magick known as Vampirism. Born and raised in central Europe, I underwent initiation as a young man in numerous underground lodges and have inherited the priceless systems of initiation and ritual within Vampirism.

My magick name, N.D. Blackwood, acts as a talisman. “N.D.” invokes my Vampiric patrons, Noctulius and Dracúl, and “Blackwood” refers to the neighboring forest wherein I hike to perform rituals of Vampirism and Necromancy.

Vampire originally derives from ubyr in Turkish, meaning “witch” or “sorcerer.”

Everyone in the world has heard of classical Vampires — the undead who prey ruthlessly on the blood of the living. However, people generally do not know that the term Vampire originally meant “witch.”

Werewolf derives from wer “man” in Old English, and thus means “wolf man.”

Lycanthropy derives from lukos “wolf” and anthropos “man,” thus meaning “wolf man” too, like werewolf.

Furthermore, everyone in the world has heard of classical werewolfs — the human mean who shapeshift into a wolf under a full moon. However, people generally do not know that Lycanthropy features a long-standing form of black magick, called shapeshifting.

When a mundane person hears the term “vampire,” they imagine a handsome, fanged, undead gentleman or lady who sucks the blood of human victims to survive. While partly accurate from a legendary perspective, the true sorcery of Vampirism far surpasses that romanticized concept. A true Magick Vampire aspires to tap into the unlimited power of the cosmos to experience physical immortality and to conquer death.

For more than 15 years, Initiatic Vampirism has been the only occult path to which I have devoted myself. I managed to synthesize the magick from every Vampiric Path together, in order to create the most complete and effective grimoire that was ever written on Magick Vampirism. This synthesis, I present it to you in my new book: Draugadróttinn. If your thirst for sustaining your spirit and conquering death is as great as mine, I invite you to embark with me in this quest for immortality as we explore this energetic phenomena from practices such as Chinese medicine, to powerful rituals transmitted for generations in some of the darkest lodges of Europe.

What follows are the 11 chapters that are presented in this grimoire:

Ch. 1 – Initiation Into Vampirism

In the first chapter of this book, we will discuss what Initiatic Vampirism is. We will study the history of this magical path, what separates serious initiation from the practice of role-play, and also the dangers it entails. We will discuss different trends that have marked this tradition. We will study the end-goal of the Vampiric Path and explain how it offers several possibilities to gain immortality, while retaining our consciousness almost eternally, long after the expiration of our physical bodies.

Ch. 2 – Lifeforce

In the second chapter, we will go into detail about the very nature of life energy. Drawing on both the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and the European occult tradition, I offer six simple and powerful exercises that will allow you to succeed in any Vampiric operation. In a few weeks of practice, these exercises will revolutionize your relationship to energy and health.

Ch. 3 – Preparing Your Tools

In the third chapter, we will prepare the tools of power used in the practice of Ritual Vampirism, such as the athame, the wand, and the ritual space. These rituals come from one of the oldest lodges in Europe, which hold the secrets of the Vampire Tradition. We will go through how to create the tools of ultimate power specific to this initiatory path.

Ch. 4 – The Art Of Life Drain

In the fourth chapter, we will jump straight into practice, using a dozen different methods of Vampirism. Using a detailed methodology for each of those methods, we will learn to utilize the life force present in living beings, through touch, through gaze, through any object that belonged to the person you would like to target, and by using a mirror or the flame of a candle. Through this, you will learn how it is possible to acquire health, a long life, and magical power by utilizing that life essence. We will also learn how to use the act of Vampirism as a weapon for baneful magick, as well as consuming any spiritual entity in order to absorb its abilities and powers.

Ch. 5 – The Immortal Body

In the fifth chapter, we will study Vampirism on the astral plane. We will discuss several common mental mistakes and complexities that prevent astral travel. I will then teach you a bulletproof method to achieve a state of bilocation and how to exit from the body. We will also learn to use the astral gates to meet the undead initiates as well as the deities of the blood path. Finally, we will also learn how to build a matrix on the Astral Plane. You will then be able to create your own temple for your Vampiric ascent.

Ch. 6 – Lycanthropy

In the sixth chapter, I will introduce you to the fundamentals of Lycanthropy. We will talk about its history in Europe, from the Berzerkers and Ulfednars of the Nordic tradition, to the werewolf of medieval times. We will study several processes that allow your astral body to adopt the characteristics of a predatory beast. We will then use several shamanic rituals from the Scandinavian tradition to get in touch with your animal spirit, and to appropriate its capacities for your personal practice. To conclude this chapter, we’ll learn how to use Lycanthropy to relieve a target of all of their life essence by inducing a conscious nightmare in them during your ritual. This practice is one of the most effective for fast results in baneful magick.

Ch. 7 – The Dark Gods

In the seventh chapter, we will talk about the Dark Gods, and the place they occupied in the European pantheon before the arrival of Christianity. We will study the chthonic and Vampiric traits of major figures of the Nordic, Celtic, Slavic and Latin pantheons, such as Wotan, Lugh, Noctulius or Vorsh. For each spirit, I will give you precise information for evocation and communication with these Gods of Vampirism.

Ch. 8 – Ascended Vampires

In the eighth chapter, we will talk about the Vampire Tradition in Europe through the Order of the Reversed Dragon. Far from the fantasy books and the fables of crypto-zoology, we will study the history of the European families through whom the Vampire Tradition was transmitted. In this chapter, the names of the great initiates of history will be revealed, as well as a ritual allowing for your own contact with them in order to obtain their patronage.

Ch.  9 – The Path Of The Dragon

In the ninth chapter, I gave you the full rituals of the Order of the Dragon, as they were transmitted to me by some of the last members of the Green Order, one of the last Vampiric societies in Europe. After nine months of intensive practice, you will be able to make a pact with the undead members of this Vampiric strain and become one of them. You will thus enter as a living person into  the world of the undead, sharing your body with them. By this chain of affiliation, you will benefit from the powers and knowledge of all the great adepts which have joined this lineage before you. You will escape the cycle of reincarnation, and will gain immortality on the astral plane. This chapter also contains several rituals of High Vampiric Magick from this tradition.

Ch. 10 – The Mysteries Of Extraterrestrial Ways

In the tenth chapter of this book, we will deal with a perilous path: the extraterrestrial mysteries. I deliver two completely new and extremely dangerous rituals. These rituals will allow you to attract the attention of Vampiric entities or deities of extraterrestrial origin. This path is the epitome of Lovecraftian horror. By using these two rituals, you will be able to make contact with those outside our reality, and form a pact with them at your own risk.

Ch. 11 – Physical Immortality

In the last chapter of this book, we will discuss the possibility of acquiring physical immortality in your lifetime. By combining the occult methods that we have studied together with the futuristic possibilities offered by transhumanism, we will study the hypotheses of how the future can lead to eternal life and even resurrection, in our body of flesh and bones. Order your own copy of this grimoire right now and place your feet on one of the darkest and most powerful paths to immortality.

No-Nonsense Black Magician E.A. Koetting Guides You On A Chapter-By-Chapter Breakdown Of Draugadróttinn In A 3-Hour “Question & Answer” With N.D. Blackwood

Pioneer black magician and author, E.A. Koetting, guides you through an uncensored, three-hour “deep dive” into the hidden secrets, age-old mysteries, and forbidden magick of Vampirism with me in an essential, companion, video course called The Magick Vampire.

Section 1 – The Vampiric Strain

Ch. 1 Introduction
Ch. 2 What Is a Vampire?
Ch. 3 Immortality & the Vampiric Strain
Ch. 4 Noctulius & Vampiric Entities
Ch. 5 Types of Vampires & Undead Spirits
Ch. 6 Vampiric Communion Rite
Ch. 7 The Art of Energy Drain

The course begins as N.D. Blackwood explains Draugadróttinn, a dark aspect of for Norse God, Odin , known as the Lord of the Undead. The topic of what constitutes a real Vampire is elaborated upon to separate fictional vampires from pop-culture and the real Magick Vampiric Traditions of secret societies. N.D. Blackwood shares his experiences from initiators in such Vampiric Orders, including the Green Order and how these groups contain an ancient lineage of Vampiric Spirits that one can be initiated into. Blackwood then elaborates upon the differences between Necromancy and Vampirism.

We then learn about what is known as the Vampiric Chain, a legacy of past Vampires that one can connect to through initiation. The second death, a death of the astral body is explained and how Vampirism allows us to escape this through activating The Vampiric Strain. How Vampirism relates to immortality. Blackwood reveals his finding from searching through many different occult orders and societies to find immortality and the truth of Vampirism. Communicating with undead Vampire Spirits and how they revealed the secrets of life after death is then discussed for the aspiring Vampire magician. Blackwood shares his journey of how he was lead to an ancient temple of the spirit Noctulius and performed blood rites therein.

E.A. Koetting and N.D. Blackwood then share their opinions on other contemporary Vampire texts and discuss the phenomenon of Psychic Vampires. The course continues with a discussion on Blackwood’s Vampiric communion ritual and how to feed upon vital energy. We also learn how the aspiring Vampire can work with energy in various methods of feeding in the Vampiric Current as well as how energy drain influences our physical health and the elements of magick.

Section 2 – Magick Techniques of Vampirism

Ch. 1 Vampiric Ethics
Ch. 2 Life-Force
Ch. 3 Tools of Vampirism
Ch. 4 Vampiric Pacts
Ch. 5 The Mirror
Ch. 6 The Immortal Body

The second section begins with discourse upon morals and ethics and how they fit into Vampirism. The use of what is known in Vampirism as Ancestral Energy to consume vital essence, and we learn how this transfer of energetic substance works by literally consuming the essence of who people are. Blackwood then explains various techniques to apply Vampirism into baneful magick. He shares how to attack your enemy through Vampiric dreams techniques.

The course then explores feeding off archetypes of spirits, actual people of power in this world or egregores of them to take their energy for Vampiric power. We discover the various kinds of energy that can be fed upon and how they feel different in various magical scenarios of Vampiric practice.

Blackwood then covers some common myths and stereotypes addressing Vampires to separate fact from fiction. He answers the questions of if Vampires actually harmed by the sunlight and discusses the lore behind the assumptions and how the force of darkness itself is used as a magical tool of the vampire. We then learn more practical techniques for Vampiric ritual magick, including what physical components or tools are necessary for Vampirism and the creation of your Vampiric working space beyond one physical location.

We then will learn about how to create pacts with Vampiric demons and rites to work with them. Blackwood reveals secret practices from hidden Vampiric Orders for creating such a pact as well as different techniques for vampirism including the usage of a magical mirror to feed. The course then helps us to discover the Dark Astral Plane, home of the Vampire. The lessons continue with the Vampire’s exploration into how to work with energetic currents through nightmares upon sleeping people to feast upon their fear. This section then covers how lucid dreaming is a key to immortality in both Vampirism and Necromancy, and understanding dreaming to learn how to preserve life after death.

Section 3 – The Blood Pool: An Immortal History Of Vampirism & Lycanthropy

Ch. 1 The Undead Lords
Ch. 2 Lycanthropy
Ch. 3 The Dark Gods
Ch. 4 The Path of the Dragon
Ch. 5 The Dark Gift
Ch. 6 Extra Terrestrial Mysteries
Ch. 7 Physical Immortality

The third section of the course introduces the aspiring Vampire to the Lords of the Undead, various different kinds of Vampiric spirits and demons. We also learn of the Dark Gods, those once mortal who have become deified after death as Vampiric spirits that can be communicated with such as Noctulius. Blackwood then shares his vast knowledge on different historical Vampiric lineages and how to work with them. Learning about the power of Vampiric influence then continues with how popular brands, politicians and other famous people also do work with Vampirism to gain energy.

Blackwood explains the connection between Vampirism and Lycanthropy and the lore of werewolves. We learn about how these entities are essential to Vampiric transformation. You will learn how to use lycanthropy to discover your various animal forms, how to learn what they mean, and learn to use their. unique abilities in your own Vampiric Rites. The course continues with information on the Dark Gods including Odin who is known as the Lord of the Vampires and how other entities such as Lucifer can also bear a Vampiric current. Discover historical Vampires including Vlad Tepes that we can get in contact with as our initiators into the Vampiric Current. We learn about their history and how these people’s lives included dark sorcery before their death. Blackwood shares his direct experience with learning from societies such as the Green Order, where they utilized the Book of Abremalin for the Vampiric Revival. These figures have transformed beyond the human spirit after their death into dark Vampiric entities.

The Path of the Dragon is revealed to us and we discover how the dragon through ancient mysteries represents immortality. A Vampire is a living dragon, their ascended self becomes the spirit of the dragon. Ceremonies from magical European orders that developed this current further into Vampirism. We then learn of the Dark Gift, the process of becoming a Vampire and how it changes us in every way. Inspired by a ritual from the Green Order and the Order of the Dragon from the Middle Ages, the aspiring Vampire will learn how to call upon these Ascended Vampires to make a pact with them and become one of them. In this dark rite, your body is offered to the members of this chain’s lineage and you astral body is linked to this blood pool forever.

The course then reveals Blackwood’s most dangerous Vampiric Rite: two past participants have passed away after they had gone through with undertaking this twisted rite to connect with entities beyond our universe and reality and he explains what happened to those who’s minds broke afterwards. Blackwood explains the mysterious origins of this dark current with the Sumerian & Lovecraftian folklore of the Great Old Ones and their extra-terrestrial connection with Vampirism. The course concludes with how Vampirism leads to the path of physical immortality, transhumanism and the future of technology in spiritual practice to live forever.

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Unlock Your True Full Potential With Magick Vampirism — The Pathway To Immortality

Most of the people who have incorporated Vampirism in their magick practices are only using it as a tool. Very few actually consider how it can be developed much further to its true full potential: a Pathway to Immortality.

Vampirism is one of the darkest paths you can find. The entities you will meet and deal with are amongst the darkest you could ever dream to meet. Some of them are not just simple demons, they were once men and women before transcending their humanity and becoming the deadliest predators that exist on the astral planes. Others are just inhuman abominations that have nothing to do with our universe and dwell inside our reality with only one goal: feeding. Encountering them is analogous to a nightmare for most human beings. Dealing with them, and becoming their students before rising up as one of their equals will require an incredible amount of will, patience, and certainty in the destiny that awaits you.

In my in-depth grimoire, Draugadróttin: Lord of the Undead, I give you a unique opportunity to uncover some of the most suppressed and religiously forbidden secrets of real Vampire Magick. I’ll meet you on the Other Side…


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