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In a Black Magick Ritual & Consultation, I perform:

  • Evocation & demonic pacts with Goetic Demons
  • Necromancy, vampirism, and ritual initiation with the Dark Gods & Goddesses
  • Glamor magick, love intoxication, and beauty
  • Demonic curses, exorcism, and self-defense

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Dear Friend,

Sorcery can become a very lonely road, because you live in a world that considers black magick strange and evil. Along your magical journey, you will experience great joys — but also suffer cruelty and sadness.

My name is Orlee Stewart, and I would like you to know… you do not need to travel alone. Whether new or advanced, I can provide guidance to your ascent. With me, you will rend the veil of fear and see what lies enshrouded in shadows.

Allow me to share a bit of my crazy life experiences so far. Perhaps you can relate…

How Childhood Ghost Hauntings Awakened My Sixth Sense, How Black Magick Saved My Life, And Why The Spirits Can Ignite Life-Changing Ascent In YOUR Life Too

I embraced The Spirits as a matter of survival.

As a young child, I found my gift as a medium and discovered that wandering spirits chronically haunted my house — my bedroom acted like a Crossroads between life and death. It scared me half to death every night, but when I complained to my conservative religious parents, they victim blamed and punished me.

To protect myself as a teenager, I devoured every occult book available and received initiation into a magical order. Therein, I learned traditional foundations of divination, ceremonial magick, and banishing rituals. To my horror, my family’s religious dogma forbid me to perform witchcraft—no one cared that only witchcraft saved my life and sanity from these night terrors.

I finally reached a fork in the road and took the road less traveled. I became a full-fledged black magician and never looked back. How could I forgive a religion that punished my health and safety?

The Dark Goddesses — Ma’at, Babalon, Kali, Lilith, Hecate and Santa Muerte — became my new mothers, and the Dark Gods — Lucifer, Azazel, Shemyaza, Belial, Pan, and Seere — became my new fathers. They consoled, healed, and strengthened me when others would not. In my demonic evocations, these Spirits manifested so clearly and viscerally that I could never deny their love. A whole new world of beauty and ascent opened to me as I left my childhood traumas behind forever.

I underwent a close apprenticeship with a remarkable sorcerer who trained me in the Goetia and Solomonic Magic spirit by spirit. I rose to become a top priestess in my order and utilized my extensive knowledge of Hebrew — which my parents forced me to study as a child — to innovate entirely new rituals to summon these ancient Gods & Goddesses. At this point in my life, I have performed these blasphemous black masses as a priestess in numerous orders.

In summary, the fruits of my lonely, traumatic labors as a young woman now allow me to help you to partake in these mysteries. My plunge into darkness can illuminate your way. Let me help with your initiation into the hauntingly beautiful mysteries of the infernal kingdom and dark feminine where the spirit of our dark mothers and fathers flow through me and into you.

Let A Master Of The Craft Perform The Demonic “Dirty Work” So YOU Don’t Need To…

Please browse my high-powered black magick rituals to see which ones you need right now in YOUR life:

  1. Evocation and demonic pacts with Goetic Demons
  2. Necromancy, death magick, and ritual initiation with the Dark Goddesses
  3. Vampirism, glamor magick, love and beauty spells
  4. Demonic curses, exorcism, and bulletproof self-defense

1. Evocation & Demonic Pacts With Goetic Demons

Through the spirits listed in the Lemegeton, the Ars Goetia, I am able to access incredible abilities from the ancient forces therein. These demons have been credited for helping King Solomon build his great temple and they are able to help us as well with the construction of our perfect realities.

My relationship with these demonic spirits is one of love and I approach them with respect, utilizing the grimoire’s knowledge without causing any harm to the spirits involved. These spirits are eager to aid in whatever is needed in our lives, in exchange for a small favor.

After calculating the ideal planetary and lunar timing for the evocation of the demon chosen to help in your situation, I will commune with them to grant your desires as well as to learn of what they would like in exchange. The demons usually ask for something simple such as the offering of food or flowers, to help them manifest into our reality, which also strengthens the physical manifestation of their power into your life, I will help you to accomplish this. I have achieved amazing feats in all areas of my life through working with these spirits and am happy to share my connection to the demons with you.

2. Necromancy, Death Magick & Ritual Initiation With The Dark Goddesses

The mysteries of the infernal feminine extend beyond genders and into the source of all darkness from which we are spawned. Through my experiences working deeply with the many forms of our Great Mother, I can bridge the gap between the underworld and our ordinary reality to help your spiritual journey. This ritual is perfect for anyone looking to begin their descent into the unknown by connecting to the void and harnessing the powers of creation, life and death into your life. When I perform this ritual for you, all the emanations of the Dark Goddesses’ of the Underworld are invoked and incorporated into your path, allowing their magick to influence and empower your workings. This ritual will also help to forge a connection with the spirits of the dead that are close to you and enlighten your creative and artistic process by helping your abilities to look into the deep where vision are manifest.

3. Glamor Magick, Love Intoxication & Beauty

Initiate into the Bloodline of Cain to reveal your vampiric side and harness its forces. The forces of sexuality and psychic energy exchange can benefit your personal life and spiritual practices in many ways. One of the benefits is an increase in sexual power and the ability to connect deeply with other people through psychic energy. Another benefit to unlocking the secrets of vampires is the ability to transform your physical appearance and glamour various scenarios to your benefit. Through my connection to the infernal kingdom and Lilith, I will initiate you into the current of energy and sexual vampirism to activate and empower those skills within you.

4. Demonic Curses, Spirit Exorcism, Banishing, And Bulletproof Self-Defense

There are many methods to banishing spirits and to create a clear space, free of any undesired preternatural entities, which can cause fear and feelings of negativity in people’s lives. Methods of banishing are as complex and different as the scenarios which could cause such paranormal activities to occur. With my aid and experience as an exorcist and black magician I will help you to identify what is occurring in your home and create a ritual to help you regain control over your space. I will also provide guidance and ritual ideas to help you maintain peace in the future. This ritual will be performed live together along with you to help connect as much as possible with the space you wish to be cleared.

The Demonic Kingdom will be at your side through the battles and ordeals of life. Be it a companion to watch over you from the spirit realm or to target a specific individual to stop their influence and destroy their power, your demonic protector will be at your side. I will summon a demon that will be chosen specifically for the task at hand and evoke them to complete your specific needs which will protect you or a loved one and guard them from harm. This demonic protection ritual can also serve to protect animal friends or any kind of non living entity or space.

Order Your Black Magick Ritual & Personal Consultation Right Now And Receive:

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  Confidentiality Guarantee I take your privacy very seriously

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Let’s Stay In Touch To GUARANTEE Your Long-Term Ascent

I consider our time together a bonding experience like life-coaching between two kindred spirits. Do not become a stranger. To guarantee your happiness, I will remain in touch and you can send me an email or message any time to share helpful experiences as your new life circumstances emerge.

You found me for a reason. Out of everyone on earth, your path has crossed with mine. Do not just shrug that off as a random coincidence.

Book your magick ritual or personal consultation today.

Darkest Blessings,


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