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In my Tarot Mastery Course, you’ll learn to:

  • Perform expert-level tarot readings
  • Interpret card spreads with laser precision
  • Provide life-changing counsel on the spot
  • Perform magick tarot rites in everyday life
  • Receive clairvoyant intuition to know a person better than they know themselves
  • Open and skyrocket your own tarot reading practice from scratch
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    • Live video chat together
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    • Receive a certificate of recognition
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    • Simplified 5-lesson mentorship
    • Live video chat together
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Dear Friend,

I’m not embarrassed to admit it…

My journey with tarot has been a long and lonely road…

Book after book, course after course, year after year, and I knew in my heart of hearts that I still had not truly mastered it.

I would look at gifted tarot readers in amazement and wonder:

  • How do they know every secret of these 78 magic cards?
  • How can they literally read my soul with a simple card spread?
  • How did they master this science almost immediately?

Were they just born psychic or lucky?

Finally, after almost a decade of “hitting the books” and performing thousands of readings for hundreds of people from every continent on earth, I too have unlocked the secrets of tarot magic — and figured out their “secret”.

Why did it take ME so much longer than THEM?

The answer seems like a no-brainer now in hindsight…

They apprenticed with a mentor who taught them one-on-one privately.

These gifted tarot readers never bounced from book to book. They never wandered from coven to coven. They never scraped together bread crumbs of knowledge. Instead, they received a five-star meal on a silver platter.

In fact, they were not “gifted” at all. They were privileged…

The Priceless Secret To Mastering The Tarot That I WISH I Knew Years Ago

No two humans have the same fingerprints.

In other words, no two magicians are the same. We are born with a diversity of aptitudes. When you apprentice with a master, that adept will guide you through a course of study that has been personalized to you and you alone. This allows you to SKYROCKET in your ascent with tarot magic, whereas if you “go it alone” the old-fashioned way like me, then you have just merged onto a road full of potholes and confusion with no exit in sight.

No two magicians are the same. We are born with a range of aptitudes. A teacher who personalizes your study of tarot will SKYROCKET your ascent.

I WISH a tarot master had taken me under his or her wing ten years ago. It would have saved me from YEARS of unnecessary confusion, but instead I did it through blood, sweat, and tears. While I regret none of it, I would have much preferred a one-to-one mentorship that provided me a clear path.

So let me answer my earlier question…

How do you master the tarot? You study with a master.

If I only knew THEN what I know NOW. But lucky for you… you CAN study with an adept tarot reader.

I’m About To Do For YOU What No One Ever Did For ME

Every magician undergoes initiation into the Spiritual Science of Tarot for particular reasons. I welcome you to identify yours…

Magical Power: Perhaps you would like to perform divination to interpret these hidden forces in your life, to evoke astral spirits who reside behind these cards, to soul travel and lucid dream these worlds, or to perform tarot rituals for love, money, healthier living, spiritual ascent, and power.

Spiritual Ascent: Maybe you would like to open a tarot practice of your own and perform readings for friends and magicians around the world. Maybe you would like to help humans ascend, to build a community, and be the change you wish to see in the world.

Intellectual Enlightenment: Perhaps you possess an undying intellect and would like a better, more penetrating knowledge of this esoteric science. In medieval times philosophers, royalty, and doctors would study these occult theories to become more enlightened and connect with the cosmos as a whole.

Whichever your reasons, I can help you fulfill it. It has become my lifelong mission to mentor aspiring magicians, mystics, and everyday people to unlock the tarot and harness their Power, Ascent, and Enlightenment.

A Complete 15-Lesson Mastery Of The Spiritual Science Of Tarot With Me As Your Personal Mentor

I have designed a complete certification course that initiates you into tarot from A to Z. You will jump over years of unnecessary confusion and find yourself in possession of contemporary, cutting edge tarot knowledge.

I can facilitate your initiation in this Spiritual Science with any of these available speeds:

  • A complete 15 lesson mastery course with a signed certificate of recognition
  • A simplified 5 lesson mini-course
  • And even a one-off tarot class any time you need it

Here’s how it works…

Live Video Chat On Facebook Messenger & Google Hangouts — Not A Recorded Playlist

My course consists of face-to-face video lessons through Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts & Skype. That’s right, I give my personal time to take you step by step along your magical journey. This is different from most online tarot courses that consist only of downloadable PDF’s or information you could already find in a book. For my course, you will have my undivided attention as your personal instructor. As someone who has taught tarot for years, I understand the importance of being able to ask questions throughout your learning experience as well as the importance of person-to-person instruction.

Experience The Magic At YOUR Speed — Not Mine

We go at your own pace. As my course is though one-on-one lessons, I tailor my instruction and lesson plans to your current level of tarot experience. This way tarot novices and experienced readers alike receive lessons that are unique to them, their learning style, and level of experience. I also take note of your learning style so I can tailor my tarot instruction so that each class keeps you engaged and excited.

Discover REAL WORLD Uses — Not Just The Meaning Of The Cards

Other courses spend most their time reviewing the tarot card meanings — which can find on Google. My instruction goes way beyond just learning the meanings of the cards. We review how tarot relates to your everyday life, the pertinent philosophical questions hidden in the symbolism, and how to incorporate tarot within your wider spiritual practice. Take advantage of my years of study and practice in the occult to discover hidden esoteric knowledge behind the sacred imagery of the cards. You will also learn how to further develop and use your intuition in readings through magical exercises to create a strong bond between yourself and the source of all information for powerful results.

Explore The Entire Tarot Universe — One Week At A Time

We will synchronize our calendars, and I will work with your schedule to find the best times for your lessons. Most students choose to have one lesson per week. However, if you’d like to have lessons twice a week or one lesson every two weeks I can work with my schedule to make that happen.

Our lessons will last between 30-60 minutes according to your needs. I neither force you to remain a full hour nor do I skip out early to save time. I tailor our length of time together according to your degree of comprehension.

Perfect Your Craft With Trial Readings Of Me & Special Guests

Not only will I teach you tarot, but you will perform trial readings on me and possibly even one or two special guests that I bring in just for you. You will awaken your intuition to the point where you can interpret these magical cards in the most powerful spreads regardless of who sits in front of you.

I will show you “shortcuts” on how to connect with your guest so you provide helpful counsel on their life circumstances. They will literally say that you know them better than they know themselves.

How To Open And Skyrocket A Tarot Reading Practice Like Me

Let your light shine, don’t hide these new gifts. Open a tarot reading practice of your own and touch the lives of people around you.

I will instruct you on how to begin doing readings professionally as a business owner so that you can help empower others to achieve their personal goals. In our time together, I will help you navigate errors and mistakes commonly found among new tarot reading professionals, and share my business secrets so you skyrocket your own.

BONUS: After completion of my Tarot Certification Course you even become eligible to perform tarot as a member of my team. You’ll instantly reach thousands of potential clients and become a prominent reader in your own community.

Order Your Tarot Divination Course Right Now And Receive:

  Tarot Mastery Course A complete 15-lesson mentorship
  Tarot Initiation Course A simplified 5-lesson mentorship
  Facebook, Google & Skype Face-to-face video chat together
  Flexible Schedule We agree on a time every week
  Signed Certificate To recognize your tarot experience

Here’s how this works:

  1. Place your order for my Tarot Certification Course right now.
  2. I personally contact you by email within 48 hours to arrange our first class together.
  3. You undergo a life-changing initiation into this arcane alchemy over a few months.
  4. BONUS: Become eligible to perform readings as a member of my team.

Your Personal Initiation Into This Ancient Divination Science

You will find a very abbreviated and simplified version of your initiation below. Our classes together will feature much more than these few bullet points, and I design every lesson to maximize your personal aptitudes and preexisting knowledge.

Tarot Mastery Course – 15 Lessons – Gold Dawn Spread

In this complete course, you’ll learn:

Lesson 1
  • Esoteric history of this ancient science
  • Introduction to cartomancy as a branch of magick
  • Immersion into the Major Arcana – Part 1
Lesson 2
  • Immersion into the Major Arcana – Part 2
Lesson 3
  • The Minor Arcana: Swords & the Element of Air
Lesson 4
  • The Minor Arcana: Wands & the Element of Fire
Lesson 5
  • The Minor Arcana : Cups & the Element of Water
Lesson 6
  • The Minor Arcana : Pentacles & the Element of Earth
Lesson 7
  • How to interpret cards viscerally, symbolically & intuitively
  • Getting to know the energies of the cards
  • My clairvoyant “Guessing the Cards” exercise
Lesson 8
  • Astrology magick innate to the tarot
  • Numerology magick innate to the tarot
Lesson 9
  • Attunement to psychic frequencies of your human subject
  • How to perform a Middle pillar exercise
  • Synchronization exercises with the Elements
Lesson 10
  • How to apply tarot magick in your magick rituals
  • How to summon powerful spirits behind these cards
Lesson 11
  • Secrets of soul traveling to astral realms of the cards
Lesson 12
  • Pathworking the Major Arcana & correlation to Tree of Life
  • My “Tarot Path” game to awaken clairvoyance
Lesson 13
  • How to cast the 15 card Golden Dawn spread
  • How to design your own tarot spreads
Lesson 14
  • Practice readings with me and alternative spread ideas
Lesson 15
  • Helpful hidden applications of tarot in everyday life
  • How to work professionally as a tarot reader

Tarot Initiation Course – 5 Lessons – Infernal Spread

In this section, you’ll learn:

Lesson 1
  • Esoteric history of this ancient science
  • Introduction to cartomancy as a branch of magick
Lesson 2
  • Immersion into the Major Arcana
Lesson 3
  • Immersion into the Minor Arcana
Lesson 4
  • Helpful divination exercises to awaken your clairvoyance
  • How to apply tarot magick into your rituals
Lesson 5
  • How to cast the 5 card Infernal Spread
  • How to design your own tarot spreads
  • How to become a professional tarot reader

Additional Lessons – Included FREE In Both Courses

Whether you sign up for Mastery or Introduction, you’ll learn:

  • How to choose the right tarot deck for you
  • How to set up your own successful tarot business
  • Question and answer where you may share any comments or concerns in regard to your personal ascent with tarot as a divination science

MY GUARANTEE: I Will Help You Become MORE Adept At Tarot In LESS Time Than You Would With Any Book On The Subject

You will become more adept at tarot in 15 heart-to-heart lessons with me as your guide than you ever would with an entire lifetime of books. I guarantee this, because I have read the books and know their authors.

A personal mentorship with an experienced guide is PRICELESS.

I believe this truth so strongly that I will even give you an entire class together to figure out whether you would like to carry on with the remainder of your classes. If you book my Tarot Mastery Course, and after our first class you feel a change of heart, I will refund your entire tuition, no questions asked, and genuinely thank you for giving it a shot.

In my honest opinion, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I will help you become a world class tarot reader in only a fraction of the time it took me. They say an intelligent person learns from the mistakes of others: Don’t let tarot become a long lonely road like I did.

Please learn from my mistake…

Best Wishes,


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