Learn To Perform Life-Changing Tarot Readings… Let The Mistress Of Black Magick Orlee Stewart Become Your Personal Guide To The Ancient Divination Science Of Tarot For Black Magicians

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In my Tarot Mastery Course, you’ll learn to:

  • Perform expert-level tarot readings
  • Interpret card spreads with laser precision
  • Provide life-changing counsel on the spot
  • Summon tarot spirits for gnosis & empowerment
  • Perform tarot spellcasting rites in everyday life
  • Receive clairvoyant intuition to know a person better than they know themselves
  • Open and skyrocket your own tarot reading practice from scratch
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    • Watch course immediately
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Peer Reviews

  • thumbnail-lucifelle-compressed

    Orlee is a great intuitive reader, magician and a skilled exorcist and Ive had the pleasure of collaborating with her on a number of magical projects and workings over the years. She divines situations with acuity and has vast correspondent knowledge in astrology, hermetic and jewish kabbalah, ritual, symbolism and ceremonial magick including enochian and goetic magick. The perfect balance of resourcefulness and intuitive creativity, Orlee will be able to help you work through any transition, plateau or opposition.

  • thumbnail-nicole-king-compressed

    My tarot reading with Orlee was excellent. She really hit on relative situations and people in my life. Her magick and divination skills are very powerful. I would highly recommend a tarot reading or any other spiritual services provided by her. Including her magick paintings.

    Nicole King
  • thumbnail-paige-lafey-compressed

    You did an exceptional job, Orlee. The accuracy of that reading was unreal and went so much deeper than I anticipated. I’m still benefiting from that reading, actually. It was fantastic. <3

    Paige Lafey

Dear Friend,

I’m not embarrassed to admit it…

My journey with tarot has been a long and lonely road…

Reading after reading, book after book, year after year, and I knew in my heart of hearts that I still had not truly mastered it.

I would look at gifted tarot readers in amazement and wonder:

  • How do they know every secret of these 78 magic cards?
  • How can they literally read my soul with a simple card spread?
  • How did they master this science almost immediately?

Were they just born psychic or lucky?

Finally, after almost a decade of “hitting the books” and performing thousands of readings for hundreds of people from every continent on earth, I too have unlocked the secrets of not only tarot magick — but the secret to dark tarot, i.e., black magick tarot.

Why did it take ME so much longer than THEM?

The answer seems like a no-brainer now in hindsight…

They apprenticed with a mentor who taught them one-on-one in a course or mentorship.

These gifted tarot readers never bounced from book to book. They never wandered from coven to coven. They never scraped together bread crumbs of knowledge. Instead, they received a five-star meal on a silver platter.

In fact, they were not “gifted” at all. They were privileged…

The Priceless Secret To Mastering The Tarot That I WISH I Knew Years Ago

No two humans have the same fingerprints.

In other words, no two magicians are the same. We are born with a diversity of aptitudes. When you apprentice with a master, you will SKYROCKET in your ascent with tarot magick, whereas if you “go it alone” the old-fashioned way like me, then you have just merged onto a road full of potholes and confusion with no exit in sight.

Your individuality is your godhood. Your unique creativity makes you a god upon this earth. You create your own subjective reality with black magick, and the tarot cards give you the keys to interpret the world according to your will. The tarot contains gateways to other worlds that are waiting for your creative touch to activate them.

No two magicians are the same. Your uniqueness is your godhood. Your creativity makes you a god upon this earth.

I WISH a tarot master had taken me under his or her wing ten years ago. It would have saved me from YEARS of unnecessary confusion, but instead I did it through blood, sweat, and tears. While I regret none of it, I would have much preferred a one-to-one mentorship that provided me a clear path.

So let me answer my earlier question…

How do you master the tarot? You study with a master and the spirits themselves.

If I only knew THEN what I know NOW. But lucky for you, you CAN study with an adept tarot reader. You can learn everything essential to tarot that I have spent half of my life researching through study and magical practice.

I’m About To Do For YOU What No One Ever Did For ME

Every magician undergoes initiation into the Spiritual Science of Tarot for particular reasons. I welcome you to identify yours…

Magical Power: Perhaps you would like to perform divination to interpret these hidden forces in your life, to evoke astral spirits who reside behind these cards, to soul travel and lucid dream these worlds, or to perform tarot rituals for love, money, healthier living, spiritual ascent, and power.

Spiritual Ascent: Maybe you would like to open a tarot practice of your own and perform readings for friends and magicians around the world. Maybe you would like to help humans ascend, to build a community, and be the change you wish to see in the world.

Intellectual Enlightenment: Perhaps you possess an undying intellect and would like a better, more penetrating knowledge of this esoteric science. In medieval times, philosophers, royalty, and doctors would study these occult theories to become more enlightened and connect with the cosmos as a whole.

Whichever your reasons, I can help you fulfill it. It has become my lifelong mission to help aspiring magicians, mystics, and everyday people to unlock the tarot and harness their Power, Ascent, and Enlightenment.

A Complete Masterclass On The Spiritual Science Of Tarot That Shows You How To Perform Deadly Accurate Tarot Readings And Lifechanging Divination Rituals

I have designed a complete course that initiates you into tarot from A to Z. You will jump over years of unnecessary confusion and find yourself in possession of contemporary, cutting edge tarot knowledge.

I can facilitate your initiation in this Spiritual Science with either of these options:

  •  Black Magick Tarot Mastery Course with over eight hours of content.
  • A one-off tarot class with me personally, live over phone or video chat.

Here’s how it works…

Go Beyond Tarot Reading

When people think about tarot cards, visions of psychic readings, cartomancy and divination come to mind. Those applications are but a fragment of the power of tarot, it is a highly sophisticated system of the elements of our universe that we can develop into potent magical operations. The 78 cards of the tarot can transcend their traditional use in spirituality into the most creative of rituals, designed with both their astral essences and magical formulae.

Experience The Magick Of Tarot Mastery

Learning how to work with the cards in cartomancy is only the beginning. Once you have learned how to unlock the portals represented by each card, revealing components of our reality, and in the hands of the black magician, it is ours to play with.

A traditional tarot course will teach you about the cards and how to read them. I wanted to create something different, for those like myself who want to not only learn the tarot but also work with the cards in their ritual practice for dark ascent.

Learn The Formulae For Spiritual Science

My Black Magick Tarot course will teach you how to read, interpret, and understand all the cards yet that is only the beginning. We will explore the occult symbolism, elemental and planetary aspects, spirit and demonic relationships, numerology, and gematria of the cards in order to give you the complete understanding of the tarot so you can design rituals with it. I also teach you exercises on how to enhance your psychic abilities for intuitive readings and spirit communication. This course was specially designed for the black magician who wishes to wield the tarot as a ceremonial item.

Explore The Entire Tarot Universe

In this course we go beyond what you will find in other tarot courses. We will explore how to travel to the worlds of the cards and how they teach us about the nature of reality and how we can control our destiny by accessing the spirits of the cards. I share my experience as a student and priestess in ceremonial magick and initiate of various magical orders wherein I have learned their secrets, to reveal hidden blinds and esoteric pathways contained within the cards to help you go deeper into this map of the universe than ever before.

Perfect Your Craft With The Spirits Of The Cards

Black magick tarot is for those who wish to ascend beyond the traditional tarot’s focus on cards for their popular purposes and common applications. In black magick tarot, we will master the card’s mysteries and then learn to awaken the spirits of your deck and call them in dark communion.

How To Open And Skyrocket A Tarot Reading Practice Like Me

Let your light shine, don’t hide these new gifts. Open a tarot reading practice of your own and touch the lives of people around you. I share my best secrets for how I use my skills as a tarot reader to change people’s lives and teach you how to apply that to your own tarot business.

I will instruct you on how to begin doing readings professionally as a business owner so that you can help empower others to achieve their personal goals.

Order “Tarot Mastery For Black Magicians” Right Now And Let Me Initiate You Into This Ancient Divination Science

You will find a very abbreviated and simplified version of your initiation below. The videos will feature much more than these few points, and I have designed every lesson to maximize your magical understanding of this system.

Black Magick Tarot Mastery Course – 16 Lessons

In this complete course, you’ll learn:

Lesson 1 A Map of the Universe — Black Magick Tarot

The tarot is a guide to the elements of our reality and we begin our adventure here. Each card in turn tells us another step in understanding magical reality. In this lesson, you will learn a brief history of the tarot through Aleister Crowley’s Thoth deck and why this deck helps us learn to the tarot’s occult secrets from esoteric magical orders during the rise of spiritualism. Here we start learning the different aspects of the Qaballah that are found within the tarot and how this creates a map of our universe. I teach how a black magician can use these traditional hermetic principals in their own ceremonial practice and occult studies to not only divine the future with the tarot cards but to harness what is revealed and change it according to our will.

Lesson 2 The Major Arcana — Paths of Initiation

In this section we begin to look at the cards themselves. We start with the first emanations of the 22 cards of the major arcana: The Fool, The Magus, The High Priestess, The Empress and The Emperor cards. We discover how these cards represent foundational aspects of the creation of reality and how to use them in our personal magick.

Lesson 3 The Major Arcana — The Process

We continue to learn in detail about the symbolism, esoteric secrets and magical powers of the major arcana as the elements of the cards become further developed through the emanations of The Hierophant, The Lovers, The Chariot, Adjustment, and The Hermit cards. I explain the cards in detail and reveal their mysteries for you to apply in your spiritual journey.

Lesson 4 The Major Arcana — Ancient Symbols Redefined

Here we learn about why Aleister Crowley, “The Great Beast 666” decided to alter a few of the cards in the major arcana to new names and meanings in his Thoth Deck. We realize how this transcendence can be applied in our own work and our understanding of how as black magicians, the cards can be taken away from their previous religious control paradigms and applied to contemporary magick. We will go into detail about Fortune, Lust, The Hanged Man, Death and The Art cards.

Lesson 5 The Major Arcana — The Dark Path

In this class we begin to terraform the cards as a mere tool to read with into a magical tool for various ritual applications. Here we also discover some of the darker energies of the cards and I teach you how to translate those powers into your rituals and personal evolution. We discuss in detail on The Devil, The Tower, The Star and The Moon cards and how to work with them as a black magician.

Lesson 6 The Major Arcana — Celestial Bodies

The final cards of the major arcana are discussed in occult detail: The Sun, The Aeon and The Universe. I teach how these cards are the final result of all the previous card’s energies in a magical formulae that creates our reality by all that exists within its framework. We learn how to use the major arcana cards in various magical methods, including how they connect to messages from the spirits themselves.

Lesson 7 Astrology & Numerology in Tarot

We will uncover an essential aspect of the cards for magical purposes: their relationships to numerology, the zodiac and planetary magick. We also focus on how they act as sigils to various elemental energies. We learn how the tarot is related to the planets, their numerological correspondences and what that means beyond simply reading them. By gaining this knowledge we learn how to further work with the cards in our rituals and how to deeply connect to their frequencies.

Lesson 8 Minor Arcana — Swords & The Element of Air

The Swords, their correspondences, symbolism, elements, numerological influences and planetary attributions. The Sword cards in the Thoth deck are the element of air and we learn about the magical weapon of the sword and how we can use the sword cards in magical situations as the Sword cards represent the powers of our intellect.

Lesson 9 Minor Arcana — Wands & The Element of Fire

The Wands, their correspondences, symbolism, elements, numerological influences and planetary attributions. The Wand cards in the Thoth deck are the element of fire and we learn about the magical weapon of the wand and how we can use the wand cards in magical situations and the Wand cards represent our will as sorcerers.

Lesson 10 Minor Arcana — Cups & The Element of Water

The Cups, their correspondences, symbolism, elements, numerological influences and planetary attributions. The Cup cards in the Thoth deck are the element of water and we learn about the magical weapon of the cup and how we can use the wand cards in magical situations as the Cup cards represent our emotions and connections to the astral realms.

Lesson 11 Minor Arcana — Disks & The Element of Earth

The Disks, their correspondences, symbolism, elements, numerological influences and planetary attributions. The Disk cards in the Thoth deck are the element of earth and we learn about the magical weapon of the pentacle and how we can use the Disk cards in magical situations as the Disk cards represent our physical world.

Lesson 12 Psychic Reading & Clairvoyance

Here we will learn how to work with the tarot cards beyond simply knowing the attributes of each one. I teach you how to read any tarot deck out there, even if you have never seen it before. We will go through different exercises that enhance your psychic abilities and develop an astral connection to the spirits of the cards themselves. We also discuss how to work with the cards to channel messages from different spirits or demons.

Lesson 13 The Arrangement of Cards

We will learn about how the relationship of the cards combined together can change the messages that they reveal to us and also how we can use those specific energies to pinpoint what we want to happen exactly in our magical practice. We learn about contacting the spirits of the cards through invocation in order to initiate a powerful reading, I show you how to read the cards in three different tarot spreads, teach you how to shuffle the deck, learn about card reversals and how to use them, and how to select the deck that is right for you.

Lesson 14 Elements of Tarot Magick

This section focuses on details of magical application for the tarot cards. I teach you how to use the cards in infinite ways through ceremonial magick with the limit being your own creativity and imagination. I also discuss how the cards connect to the zodiac signs and how this can be worked into rituals. Then I take you to my personal altars and reveal how I work with the cards to create magical spells with Lucifer, Lilith and how they can be a tool to summon incubi or succubi.

Lesson 15 Spirits of the Cards

The tarot can be worked with ritual to create a spell that uncovers your true desires and allows us to travel to the worlds of different cards to revive messages from spirits, astral weapons and tools and profound channeled insights from the spirits of the cards. I take you step by step through this tarot magick ritual and also show you the ritual performance. We will use the cards to open the gateways of the different elements, discover a sigil and then travel to the worlds of the different cards on the astral.

Bonus Lesson – Included FREE

Lesson 16:  Becoming a Professional Tarot Reader

In this bonus class I reveal my best secrets for how I started my own business in tarot. We learn all about the most important factors in starting this work in order for you to have the best foundation for your tarot business which contains both professional business knowledge and metaphysical understanding of the importance and sacred nature of this art. I also share my secrets for mastery of social media on order to give you the tools you need for success in this field.

MY GUARANTEE: I Will Help You Become MORE Adept At Tarot In LESS Time Than You Would With Any Book On The Subject

You will become more adept at tarot in 16 lessons with me as your guide than you ever would with an entire lifetime of books. I guarantee this, because I have read the books and know their authors.

Deciphering the tarot with an experienced guide is PRICELESS.

In my honest opinion, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I will help you become a world class tarot reader in only a fraction of the time it took me. They say an intelligent person learns from the mistakes of others: I have gone into the darkness for you, to light your way.

Enjoy your journey into the components of reality itself…

Best Wishes,


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