An Infernal Ritual To Achieve Your True Desires… You’re About To Experience TRUE Tarot Magick… We’re Going To Perform A Five-Fold Ritual Together To Ignite Your Future And Escape Your Past

  •   Tarot Magick Ritual: To achieve your true desires
  •   Facebook & Skype: Live video experience together
  •   Confidentiality: We never share personal information
  •   Limited Availability: Accepts clients on a first come basis

In my Tarot Magick To Achieve Your Desires, we’ll perform…

  • Tarot Magick: To reveal your Destiny Cards
  • Sigil Magick: To infuse your personal energy
  • Elemental Magick: To materialize change
  • Soul Travel: To meet your Patron Spirits
  • Infernal Magick: To seal your new fate

I contact you within 48 hours of your order.

    • Complete ritual performance
    • Live video experience together
    • Follow-up email consultation
    • A full hour-long session together
    • 15-card Golden Dawn Spread with Thoth deck
    • My most powerful & inspiring session
    • Perfect for first-time clients
    • A 30-minute session together
    • 5-card Infernal Star Spread
    • Perfect for recurring clients
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Peer Reviews

  • thumbnail-jasmine-giroux-compressed

    It was a surreal experience. The multiple tarot readings were accurate and personal. Having little to no knowledge of what I was wanting advice on, Orlee helped me find answers for hard questions.

    Jasmine Giroux
  • victor-sepulveda-compressed

    Upon request, I swiftly received my tarot card reading that day. That’s a win already. I found my reading to be both enjoyably descriptive and easy to understand. No unnecessary mumbo-jumbo here. My reading was very accurate as well in regards to things currently going on in my life. Must say I am very pleased with my experience.

    Orlee Stewart is a breath of fresh air. Unlike so many narrow-minded armchair occultists and wannabes Orlee is a true practitioner and it shows. Don’t let her youth fool you. There is much wisdom and experience in her soul. Can’t recommend her enough.

    Victor Sepulveda
  • breck-vonder-hoya-compressed

    I was very impressed with my Tarot reading I had not had a reading in 45 years and her reading was spot on! Her advice and help in Magic really helped me.

    Breck Vonder Hoya

Dear Friend,

I will NOT insult you and I will NOT waste your time…

You probably know that a tarot reading can demystify and unlock hidden forces in your life.

You probably also know that a tarot reading can provide priceless counsel and open new doors to your future.

And you probably even know that tarot has become the world’s most popular divination.

While tarot certainly can perform these magical phenomena, and while tarot certainly has become mainstream… the MOST POWERFUL magick behind tarot still remains a secret hidden from almost everyone — including YOU.

What I’m about to say might sound like HERESY but…

I consider divination to be the LEAST exciting part of tarot magick. In fact, divination barely even scratches the SURFACE of tarot.

Allow me to explain…

Here’s What You Probably DIDN’T Know About Tarot… And How To Harness This Secret Magick To Achieve Your Desires

You might not know this, but an entire astral world exists behind every tarot card.

You might not know this, but an entire kingdom of spirits resides inside every one of these astral worlds.

You might not know this, but you can literally soul travel to these astral worlds and perform evocation with their highly powerful spirits.

What I’m about to say might sound arrogant but…

A TRUE tarot magician unlocks your destiny with a tarot reading, performs a ritual to HARNESS their magical forces, and helps you to ACHIEVE your desires.

They don’t just “read your cards”.

I’m About To Perform A High-Powered Ritual For You That NO OTHER Tarot Reader Will

Over the last decade, I have performed thousands of tarot readings for hundreds of people from everywhere on earth. Through old-fashioned trial and error, I have formulated a fully comprehensive ritual that harnesses the five most powerful forces of magick and GUARANTEES that you achieve your desires.

TAROT MAGICK: I Capture Your Future In Five Destiny Cards

For this rite, I select the five top tarot cards that represent your spiritual journey and place them on the points of a pentagram. These cards reveal a personal map of existence and allow you to accurately identify and concentrate on your main ambitions and influences; every card now acts as a floodgate through which magick enters into your life. This single act of opening a tarot portal can ignite dramatic changes.

SIGIL MAGICK: I Channel A Personal Sigil To Anchor Your Energy

We channel a personalized sigil based upon your intention to magnify this energy and unite it into one magical symbol which invokes your energy. After the sigil’s creation, I lay it within the pentagram of cards to absorb the energy of the sigil and vice versa. The sigil and tarot cards fuse with one another into a living synergy. Your personal sigil now summons and anchors magick from every astral world and their kingdoms of spirits into this physical world and into your life.

ELEMENTAL MAGICK: We Summon Magick Of The Elements Together

At geometric positions around the cards and sigil, I place traditional ceremonial magical weapons and evoke their elemental forces into this circle of power. These are tools of this art as necessary to the foundations of magick — an athame, pentacle, sword, wand, and cup – all of which correspond to your highest intent through this arrangement. These weld the fundamental “building blocks” of this world together to materialize your desires.

At this point, we have now fused tarot, sigil, and elemental magick into one ultra-powerful anchor point on this physical plane in your life. My magical temple houses this explosive alchemical brew like a volcano.

SOUL TRAVEL: I Guide You On A Journey To Your Patron Spirits

As we heighten this magical energy to a climax, I take you on guided soul travel through your cards. You will embark on a journey where you meet with the Patron Spirits of your five Destiny Cards. These noble spirits will gift secrets to help your ascent, and we will request that they bring your intention to fruition as guarantors of your future.

INFERNAL MAGICK: We Seal Your New Fate

When the guided soul travel has concluded, your participation in this rite has completed and I close it, and we say goodbye for now. While alone, I set fire to your personalized sigil which burns to ashes and seals your new fate.

Fire as an element connotes eternal change, renewal, and cosmic cycles. As such, this fire magick — infernal sorcery — extinguishes your past way of existence and ignites your new one in sync with your deepest wishes and dreams. I bury these ashes peacefully in the earth as seeds to blossom into flowers.

Together, we have completed a full circle of life and opened a new future.

In summary, in our time together I will not just read tarot cards about your life. Instead, I perform a precise, portal opening tarot ritual to CHANGE your life. Together, we will not just read your destiny, we will ACHIEVE your destiny.

Order Tarot Magick To Achieve Your True Desires Right Now And Receive:

  Tarot Magick Ritual To pinpoint and achieve your true desires
  Facebook, Google & Skype Live video experience together
  Confidentiality I take your privacy very seriously
  Shared Schedule We agree on a time and day

Here’s how this works:

  1. Book your ritual for hire right now.
  2. I contact you by email within 48 hours to arrange a time and day.
  3. We connect on a video chat and perform this magick ritual together.

I consider our time together a bonding experience like life coaching between two kindred spirits. Do not become a stranger. To guarantee your happiness, I will remain in touch and you can send me an email anytime to share helpful experiences as your new life circumstances emerge.

You found me for a reason. Out of everyone on earth, your path has crossed with mine. Do not just shrug that off as a random coincidence.

My Tarot Magick Will Help You To Achieve Your True Desires, Not Just Reveal Them To You

As I said earlier, you probably knew that a tarot reading can unlock hidden insights into your life circumstances, your imminent fate, and your spirit as an individual.

You probably knew that a tarot reading can provide interpretations that help you navigate your journey through life.

…But you probably didn’t know that a TRUE tarot magician needs to do MUCH more than that.

…You probably didn’t know that a TRUE tarot magician needs to use these secrets to summon magical power so you can ACHIEVE your true desires.

Don’t waste another moment in a life that you don’t love. Don’t insult yourself…

Best Wishes,


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