My Advanced Tarot Readings Go Beyond What Any Other Readers Can Offer… I’ll Help You Get The Confidence To Recognize Your True Desires And Provide A Clear Pathway To Achieve Them

  •   Advanced Tarot Reading: Live video chat on Facebook & Skype
  •   Confidentiality: I take your privacy very seriously
  •   Quality Guarantee: Consultant has proven experience
  •   Limited Availability: Consultant accepts clients on first come basis

In an Advanced Tarot Reading, you’ll receive:

  • Magickal and spiritual help with your ascent
  • A highly accurate divination reading
  • Priceless counsel for romantic relationships, money opportunities, demonic ascent & more
  • Ask absolutely anything without judgement
    • 3 one-hour tarot readings
    • Receive assignments & guided pathworking
    • Best for truly dedicated clients
    • Get $48 off to save 11%
    • A full hour-long session together
    • 15-card Golden Dawn Spread with Thoth deck
    • My most powerful & inspiring session
    • Perfect for first-time & serious clients
    • A 30-minute session together
    • 5-card Infernal Star Spread
    • Perfect for recurring clients
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Peer Reviews

  • thumbnail-lucifelle-compressed

    Orlee is a great intuitive reader, magician and a skilled exorcist and Ive had the pleasure of collaborating with her on a number of magical projects and workings over the years. She divines situations with acuity and has vast correspondent knowledge in astrology, hermetic and jewish kabbalah, ritual, symbolism and ceremonial magick including enochian and goetic magick. The perfect balance of resourcefulness and intuitive creativity, Orlee will be able to help you work through any transition, plateau or opposition.

  • thumbnail-nicole-king-compressed

    My tarot reading with Orlee was excellent. She really hit on relative situations and people in my life. Her magick and divination skills are very powerful. I would highly recommend a tarot reading or any other spiritual services provided by her. Including her magick paintings.

    Nicole King
  • thumbnail-paige-lafey-compressed

    You did an exceptional job, Orlee. The accuracy of that reading was unreal and went so much deeper than I anticipated. I’m still benefiting from that reading, actually. It was fantastic. <3

    Paige Lafey

How I Became A Professional Tarot Reader And FINALLY Quit My “Corporate Life”

Hi there, I’m the Mother of Abominations a.k.a. Orlee!

I’m living proof that one Tarot Reading can change your life forever. Allow me to explain…

I was a young, ambitious professional who managed at a renowned natural history museum in Toronto. I found myself in a privileged position that aspiring history students would have died for. Honestly, I was set for life.

I had everything… except happiness. Unbeknownst to my peers, I had become an underground occult artist in private. My secret love had always been tarot, magick, and spirituality — not board rooms. I finally hit a wall, my heart would not allow me to live two separate lives any longer. One night, I realized that the tarot cards which inspired my magical journey held the answers to what I was searching for. And the rest is history as you can see.

Now let me ask you a couple questions, and please be honest with yourself…

  • Do you currently sit at a crossroads in your life?
  • Have you reached a dead-end in your career, or perhaps need helpful insights into a new business opportunity?
  • Has your love life become a source of sadness and misery instead of a source of happiness and joy?
  • Have you become lost as a person, and need to find your true self again?
  • Would you like to discover the mysterious forces that affect your life in this present incarnation?

Here’s the truth…

I’m Going To Help You Change Your Life… Not Just “Read Your Tarot Cards”

These magical cards reveal more about your life as a whole than you probably believe right now. If you have never received a tarot reading, you probably do not believe me when I say they literally perform magick.

Truthfully, anyone can read your tarot cards. Anyone can grab a “Muggle’s Guide to Tarot” right off Amazon.

The real question is: can the tarot reader interpret the cards in a way that helps YOU to clearly see the changes you need to make to experience a better future?

And this where I come in. I have been in your shoes. I will take time to empathize with you more than any other tarot reader out there because the magic of tarot helped to change my life in a desperate moment of need — just like it will for you.

It’s Time To Experience Magical Results With The World’s Most Accurate Divination

I have performed confidential tarot readings for hundreds of truth-seekers from around the world. Since medieval times, everyone from kings and queens to normal everyday people have revered the power of tarot.

The tarot acts like a mirror to your soul. When you look into it, it shows your true self back to you. Dear friend, let me show your true self to you…

1. Would you prefer an Advanced or Basic Reading?

I begin my 60-minute Advanced Readings by concentrating carefully on you as I shuffle and lay out a large Golden Dawn Spread with 15 cards from the Thoth deck — empowered by the elemental and astrological gnosis of Aleister Crowley. I take considerable time interpreting the cards and their placement within the spread. This enables me to draw in-depth meaningful connections into hidden circumstances of your life, and advice for moving forward.

A 30-minute Basic Reading is great if you need guidance on influences in your life. I lay out an Infernal Star Spread of five cards for basic readings — one card for every element: earth-physical, air-mental, water-emotional, and fire-action, then a final card for your higher self to illuminate your future. This allows me to laser in on your situation and divine potential solutions and insights.

2. Would you like to video chat on Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, or Skype?

I always love an in-person Tarot Reading because it allows me to know a person face to face. Therefore, I strongly prefer that we video chat on either Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, or Skype. Of course, if you would like to use voice-calling or text-message features on these apps instead, we can do that too. When you book your reservation on my calendar, it will allow you to provide a Facebook profile link or Gmail address. I will use that to contact you at our agreed time.

3. Let’s stay in touch to GUARANTEE your long-term ascent

I consider our time together more than just a reading, I view it as life coaching like a bonding experience between kindred souls. Once you see the tarot magic cause results in your life, you’ll know exactly what I mean.

If you would like a long term tarot relationship, then book an Advanced Tarot Reading right now. This will reveal your hidden life circumstances to me and help you find your path as soon as possible. Then, book a Basic Tarot Reading once per month, which allows us to carefully measure your journey as it evolves over time.

In my opinion, this GUARANTEES the ultimate tarot experience.

Book Your Tarot Session Right Now And Receive:

  Advanced Tarot Readings A full hour private session together
  Basic Tarot Readings A half hour private session together
  Facebook, Google & Skype Available in video, audio & text chat
  Confidentiality Guarantee I take your privacy very seriously

I welcome you to reserve your time with me as soon as you can, because my calendar has become pretty full.

Let me ask you one last question…

Years ago, I would lay in bed and worry that I had wasted my life on a path that did not reflect my true self. I worried that I would never experience true joy in this lifetime. So I performed an honest tarot reading and it completely revolutionized my life.

When will YOU find your true self? Let me help…

Best Wishes,


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