E.A. Koetting: Pathworking Secrets

If you don’t PATHWORK, then you’ll never be anything more than an “armchair theorist”. Learn how to start and progress through any system of magick EFFORTLESSLY.

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How To Identify What Kind Of Magick Is Right For You

It's crucial for you to correctly identify the system of magick that matches your personality type. It will save you an enormous amount of time and heartache. To begin pathworking through the kind of magick that is right for YOU, take a peek at this article...

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Confused And Overwhelmed? Tips For Simplifying Magick

Magick can be complicated and it's easy to feel totally overwhelmed. Too many magicians suffer from "analysis paralysis" and waste years spinning in circles. Here are some key tips for smoothly navigating through the occult maze...

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The Secret To Understanding The Different Systems Of Magick

To become a master magician you need to organize a mental catalog of all the various systems of magick. There are similarities and differences between the philosophies and techniques of each type. Here's my secret to understanding them...

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How To Outgrow A Path After You Master It

The worst thing a magician can do is limit themselves to only one path forever. A real magus pathworks a system, integrates it into their repertoire, and outgrows it. Here's guidance for helping you achieve this...

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