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How To Outgrow A Path After You Master It

What To Do When You’ve “Done It All”

By E.A. Koetting

Everyone will come to the occult from a different place.

Even if you sat in the same church or the same school with someone who is now a practicing occultist, you both will have had entirely different experiences within that former path.

A good deal of people who come to the occult come from a traditional religious background.

It seems to many that the only way to move into something as arcane as the occult would require them to burn their bibles and spit in holy water.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

What I think we all need to realize is that, whether we’re even trying to or not, we are always growing, developing, evolving.

Think about it: you never had to TRY to develop eyes, ears, and limbs as a fetus, did you?

Keep growing. It's important that you never get "stuck" on one path. This will limit your magickal power.

You didn’t have to TRY to make your bones grow and for your muscle and skin to expand and multiply with your growth.

In fact, these things, which make up such an essential part of ourselves, happened quite spontaneously.

Spiritual Evolution And Growth Are No Different

We are always growing, always evolving. And we don’t feel the need to take all of our toddler toys and our infant clothes and burn them, or spit in the bottles that we used to drink out of.

If you think about it, most of us like to take these reminders of who we used to be and store them in a safe place, so that we can take them out and try to remember what it was like to be so innocent.

There is no reason why we can’t do the same in relation to our spiritual growth.

I can pull out a bible and think back on the days when I used to believe that one man fit two of every single animal on earth onto a boat that he made out of a few trees.

Or I can read some of those first books on magick that I had hoped would guide me into power, but later learned were flaccid imitations.

This doesn’t fill me with rage or resentment, but makes me smile and chuckle a little on how silly the whole thing now seems.

And I can move forward, into spiritual adulthood, with these trinkets from my past on a shelf somewhere, where I can pull them out when I want, reminisce, and then return to the real work of building my empire out of the sand!

The Problem That People Face Is When They Have Simply Invested Too Much In A Lie

This causes resentment and rage, without a doubt!

There are lessons to be learned in everything, though. And it’s important to consider these lessons as we move forward.

The greatest advice that I can give anyone is this: Don’t get trapped by your system!

What I mean by that is that you should never define yourself by what you do.

Become a Living God who uses ritual magick, rather than a Ritual Magician.

Become a Living God who meditates, rather than becoming a Meditator.

Think of every form of discipline, and you can apply this same principle. Because as soon as you define yourself by the path that you’re following (a Christian, a Muslim, a Satanist, an Occultist, etc.), you have become trapped by your system.

Becoming a Living God, you will realize that you are beyond labels, yet at the same time you realize that you are in the same moment a student of Christ and of Satan, a disciple of Mohammad and of Buddha.

Indeed, as a Living God, you are All Things.

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