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The Secret To Understanding The Different Systems Of Magick

The Secret To Understanding The Different Systems Of Magick

By E.A. Koetting

When I first got my start in the occult, I assumed that there were two types of magick: Black Magick and White Magick.

After not long at all, I started seeing how "black and white" this assumption really was!

The Breakdown

In order to make any of this make sense, I've created some categories that I use to differentiate between the various spiritual systems.

1. The Required Powers:

These are the spiritual systems that are absolutely essential in order to Become a Living God, and experience the fullness of your potential as a Limitless Being of Power.

A. Divination - Learning to see into the future, across distances, and into worlds apart from the physical. Practices such as tarot reading, crystal gazing, and vision-quests are included in Divination.

B. Evocation - Calling into visible and audible materialization beings which exist beyond the physical plane, such as demons, angels, spirits, and, yes, even gods!

C. Soul Travel - Learning to separate your consciousness from your body, allowing you to travel unrestricted anywhere in the physical world, through the astral plane, and higher to the casual and mental planes, across the primordial abyss, into Soul Planes and God Realms, and higher.

While these three Required Systems involve several different disciplines drawn from different sources, I've developed a streamlined system of Mastering the Required systems. If you want the sort of power that I'm talking about here, check out my e-book, "Become A Living God."

Pathworking is going to energize your zest for magick, and expose you to new forces and experiences that will empower your magick!

2. Pathworking Systems:

These are systems of continual growth, through which you are able to accumulate knowledge and power steadily and surely.

When working through a Pathworking System, you'll often go through initiations, which will direct a very potent current of power into your life.

Doing a Pathworking Program creates a very REAL spiritual momentum, turning you into a literal energetic juggernaut!

Some of these Pathworking Systems might include:

A. Demonic Magick

B. Angelic Magick

C. Rootwork

D. Voodoo

E. Chthonic Descent

F. Planetary attunement

This is just to name a few. These, and many, many more are included, with instructions that you can start using RIGHT NOW in my e-book, "Become a Living God."

3. Spellcasting Techniques:

These are the most practical systems of spirituality. The sorts of things you'd learn in order to affect exact change in your world through nonphysical means.

Some of these systems are:

A. Spells to materialize wealth

B. Love and lust spells

C. Rituals to get revenge on your enemies

D. Spells to improve your quality of life, health, happiness, etc.

Are Demons and Evil Spirits Actually Real?

This should give you a basic look at how I've categorized the hundreds of magickal systems, so that they can be useful to everyone.

What I've actually listed above, however, is really just the tip of the iceberg. In the thousands of years since man has been utilizing the magickal powers of the spiritual worlds, just about anything that you can imagine has been uncovered, and made into a repeatable, usable system.

And now I've sifted through all of those and have broken them down to the basics, so that you can start accessing this power NOW!

So, now that you have a better idea of WHAT you want to learn, now is the matter of HOW to learn it.

Luckily, I've written an e-book called Become a Living God that explains in great detail all of these systems, and gives you methods that you can use right away to jump into a world of Limitless power and possibility!

The e-book is completely RISK FREE, with a money-back GUARANTEE. If you're ready to get started in Becoming a Living God, then you owe it to yourself to check this e-book out, right here: Become A Living God Free Trial

Disclaimer: personal success depends on your work ethic, so results will vary. You should consider all information entertainment, and not professional or medical advice. Mainstream science does not accept magick as real. Use this information at your own risk. If you experience any problems, contact a licensed psychologist or doctor. Become A Living God is not responsible for consequences of your actions. You must be 18 or older to enter.

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