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E.A. Koetting
Main ideas
  • Awaken Your Clairvoyance And See Spirits In the Astral Plane
  • Perform Accurate Divination Readings
  • Tap Into Your Godlike Omniscience
  • 9+ Hours of Strategies, Tips & Techniques

  • Timothy Donaghue

    I personally entered the Voodoo Current through The Spider. This Loa grimoire retains the authentic style of the Haitian Vodoun religion, but E.A. interprets the magick behind it as a contemporary, postmodern sorcerer. In other words, he formulates the most pragmatic pathworking of magick for the real world, and eliminates any unnecessary anachronisms. If you love The Complete Works of E.A. Koetting, then this particular grimoire remains utterly priceless for your collection.

    Timothy, editor
  • a-shriya_gupta

    The purple strobing started one afternoon when I was preparing dinner for my family. I screamed in shock, realizing I’d awakened my auric vision, which lasted the entire weekend. It gently faded over time, but I could revive it to full strength by performing your spinal column technique for a few minutes. The auric sight is now permanent and no longer wavers, in fact, doing the Kundalini technique you showed me actually opened my astral vision too, and I can see spirits, which was very alarming at first.

    Shriya Gupta
  • Sarah Wineland

    Your Mastering Divination course forced me to confront my annoying doubts and actually give your scrying methods a shot. As I posted on your Facebook wall, my magick eyes opened. This helped me to open my Third Eye, and made me a true believer in my own abilities.

    Sarah Wineland, college student

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E.A. Koetting

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