My Signature Trinity Of Triangles Amulet

  • icon-jewelryTrinity Amulet: Talisman necklace in polished bronze
  • Magick CircleTrinity Magic Circle: Features key geometry
  • AirplaneGlobal Delivery: Receive in 2 weeks or less
S. Ben Qayin

With the Trinity of Triangles amulet, you will:

  • Connect with the Old Ones of H.P. Lovecraft
  • Harness the chaos energy of Twilight Magic
  • Show your love for H.P. Lovecraft
  • Wear as necklace, display on altar, hide in bag, place under pillow, hang in bedroom, and more…
    • Trinity Amulet in polished bronze
    • Trinity Magic Circle with key geometry
    • The pair amplify each others power
    • 15% off together for a short time
    • Signature artist design
    • Real polished bronze
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Peer Reviews

  • Black Book of Azathoth - Robert Ing

    Upon reading The Black Book of Azathoth, I soon realized that I held in my hands a practical system of Lovecraftian Chaos Magic. Not a mere book of ritual, but a book of dark magic destined to be a treasured heirloom to be passed on to trusted future practitioners.

    Dr. Robert IngDSc, Dlitt
  • Asenath Mason

    The Black Book of Azathoth is an evocative grimoire, mysterious and unique in its content and methods of work. S. Ben Qayin takes us on a fascinating journey through the world of the Great Old Ones, where the horrible entwines with the beautiful, the old with the new, the dangerous with the safe, and where that which is controversial and forbidden becomes the source of inspiration and power.

    Asenath MasonAuthor
  • Robert Cook

    When working on the artwork for The Black Book of Azathoth, I found myself completely raptured, immersed into a current so unforgiving and dark. I embraced it and found it held its own unique and euphoric inspirations. What I captured is but a pale reflection of that which was glimpsed, but it is a collection of art that I am immensely proud of.

    Robert W. CookArtist

Your ONLY Source For My Authentic Magical Jewelry

Dear Friend,

In honor of The Black Book of Azathoth necronomicon, and The Trinity of Triangles ritual mat, I would like to unveil my signature jewelry in the same current of H.P. Lovecraft’s black magic…

The Trinity of Triangles amulet is a very advanced design of magical technology. It takes the traditional triangle of evocation and amplifies it three fold, creating the Three of Nine. Within its hypnotic angles lies great power known as static energy. When the vibration of the evocation is made, it opens portals to inter-dimensional realms creating a gateway or bridge between planes of reality, and allowing contact to be made with the desired spirit.

The Trinity of Triangles came to me in what some would call a vision, but to me it goes deeper than that. This particular triangle of evocation began to take form as a gossamer within my mind, I could see it, but only get impressions of an angle here and there, never could I see the triangle completely formed, but residing in a state of In-between. It is when I went into my temple and meditated on the design, that I began to sketch, and line by line, it entered into this plane of reality for the first time.

Now created out of polished bronze metal, the black magician can wear this sacred and powerful sigil as a personal talismanic piece. I am excited to offer these new pieces, as my last designs were warmly accepted and sold quickly. I suggest you order now to avoid delays! The Trinity of Triangles ties the magician to the work of The Black Book of Azathoth in a way that is both personal and powerful.

  • Always have a connection with the Old Ones in The Black Book of Azathoth.
  • Utilize the static energy held within the sacred angels of the Three In Nine.
  • Display you have aligned with the dark Lovecraftian Current 23.

Order My Signature Trinity Of Triangles Amulet Right Now

  The Trinity of Triangles Signature amulet cast in polished bronze metal
  3-Week Delivery Anywhere in the world

I know my signature Trinity of Triangles amulet will bind the most potent magic of the Old Ones to you at all times, especially when you wear it. I encourage you to place it under your pillow, if you would like to travel to the Twilight Realm in your sleep too. The Trinity of Triangles amulet will affect your energy and magic as long as you possess it personally. Because I want to make it as affordable as possible, I’ve priced it at only $197 for the signature limited edition amulet.

If you hear the Call of the Old Ones, then I created this for your specifically…

Godlike Power,

S. Ben Qayin



P.S. Beware Of Dangerous Counterfeit Knockoffs

You will see forgeries and second-hand knockoffs of my Trinity of Triangles amulet appear on eBay and Facebook in a few months, once its blueprint circulates. Those counterfeits will not carry the same potent binding to the Old Ones that mine do, because I have personally formulated and consecrated this batch of amulets. Not only that, but I consider it extremely dangerous to utilize fake mockeries of this potent talisman. If you wish to channel the real magic of H.P. Lovecraft with my jewelry, I strongly encourage you to order them through me right now, and beware the forgeries.

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