The Call Of Cthulhu… Have The Old Ones Called You? Answer Them With The Most Faithful Necronomicon Of H.P. Lovecraft’s Magic And First Live Ritual Pathworking Of His Sorcery

  • icon-videoThe Sorcery of H.P. Lovecraft: Online video course
  • icon-bookThe Black Book of Azathoth: Grimoire of the Old Ones
  • Magick CircleThe Trinity of Triangles: Magic circle for key rites
  • pen-feather-black-diagonal-shape-of-a-bird-wingAuthor: S. Ben Qayin
  • artistic-brushArtist: Robert Cook
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S. Ben Qayin

In The Sorcery of H.P. Lovecraft, you’ll learn:

  • Real rites to summon the Old Ones
  • How to harness the sorcery of H.P. Lovecraft
  • Secret designs to open a portal to the Twilight Realm
  • Grimoire of sigils, descriptions & illustrations of the Old Ones
  • Hidden passages and quotations on magic in H.P. Lovecraft’s horror books
    • The Sorcery H.P. Lovecraft – Course
    • The Black Book of Azathoth – Grimoire
    • Trinity of Triangles – Ritual Mat
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Peer Reviews

  • Black Book of Azathoth - Robert Ing

    Upon reading The Black Book of Azathoth, I soon realized that I held in my hands a practical system of Lovecraftian Chaos Magic. Not a mere book of ritual, but a book of dark magic destined to be a treasured heirloom to be passed on to trusted future practitioners.

    Dr. Robert IngDSc, Dlitt
  • Asenath Mason

    The Black Book of Azathoth is an evocative grimoire, mysterious and unique in its content and methods of work. S. Ben Qayin takes us on a fascinating journey through the world of the Great Old Ones, where the horrible entwines with the beautiful, the old with the new, the dangerous with the safe, and where that which is controversial and forbidden becomes the source of inspiration and power.

    Asenath MasonAuthor
  • Robert Cook

    When working on the artwork for The Black Book of Azathoth, I found myself completely raptured, immersed into a current so unforgiving and dark. I embraced it and found it held its own unique and euphoric inspirations. What I captured is but a pale reflection of that which was glimpsed, but it is a collection of art that I am immensely proud of.

    Robert W. CookArtist

FINALLY… Here Is Everything You Need To Harness The REAL Magic Of Cult Classic Horror Writer H.P. Lovecraft

Dear Friend,

Ever since I became an expert on the infamous horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, I have received many common questions about the magic of his spirit world. I share the most frequently asked questions below, and encourage you to answer them yourself.

  • Have you ever wondered if Lovecraft’s magic is real?
  • Are you worried the Old Ones could drive you mad or insane?
  • Does the world of Lovecraft seem too complicated or complex?
  • Are you curious about H.P. Lovecraft and the Old Ones, but have no idea where to start?
  • Would you love for an experienced sorcerer to walk you through evocations of the Old Ones in a step by step way that eliminates your confusion and frustration?

I Will Never Forget The First Time The Old Ones Called To Me… It Still Haunts Me Today

I still recall the exact moment the Old Ones first called to me…

Seated at the desk inside my temple, I was doing research on the entities that exist within the realm of the Qabalistic Tree of Death. While those entities hold great power, I found beings that were even more elusive, lurking deeper in the darkness than the rest. Entities that existed on the edge of reality, between madness and genius. Lovecraft had written of these beings that were older than time itself, he experienced them firsthand and wrote about them in dark tales.

I became obsessed. Once I had experienced the ‘feel’ of these Old Ones and their realm between the angles, I could not get enough. I read everything I could about them, studied rare magical texts that worked with them. But it wasn’t enough, for I had truly heard the Call. Regrettably, all the pseudo-magical texts I studied incorporated ‘fictitious’ entities that authors fabricated outside of Lovecraft. They made the subject convoluted and confusing. I knew I had to strip away the fantasy from the factual experiences and bring forth the core of Lovecraft’s magic. I began to work with the Old Ones based on my raw instincts.

What Is The TRUTH About H.P. Lovecraft? …Deceptive Publishers Have Circulated Fake Grimoires That Corrupted His Original Magic

I believe Lovecraft channeled dark entities as a medium. He was constantly carried off to other realms at night as a child by beings he called the ‘Night Gaunts’, which were black faceless winged creatures. Later in life he was contacted by the messenger of the Old Ones, Nyarlathotep, and the communication began between himself and beings from another dimension in time and space. These beings were between strange angles of understanding, but close to the earth plane. Some have had similar experiences with beings that are known as ‘The Secret Chiefs’.

I knew that encoded within Lovecraft’s writings are real accounts and experiences he had with these Old Ones and their various planes of existence. I sought the truth out from within the fiction and developed the first real accurate magical system to contact these Old Ones once again.

Over The Last 7 Grueling Years… I Have Formulated The FIRST Necronomicon That Remains 100% Faithful To Lovecraft… Now YOU Can Answer The Call Of Cthulhu And The Rest Of The Old Ones

When studying the magical texts that worked within Lovecraft’s realm, it astonished me to discover that a complete true-to-Lovecraft grimoire did not exist. As I said, many authors incorporated fictitious entities for a fictional story, yet deceptively treated the spirits as authentic. This incorporation deluded Lovecraft’s true writings and workings into a category of fantasy. They did nothing to advance the magic and realities Lovecraft channeled, but instead worked against them. I sought to right this wrong, and bring forth only the original Old Ones that contacted Lovecraft in a complete system, which had never been attempted or accomplished before.

To do this, I created a triad of unprecedented magick: a grimoire, a video course, and a ritual mat.

1. The Black Book Of Azathoth – Master The Forbidden Rites Of Twilight Magick With This Clear-Cut, No-Bullshit Necronomicon

When writing “The Black Book of Azathoth,” I wanted to pen a grimoire that was faithful to Lovecraft in all ways possible. Though that was of the utmost importance, I also sought to eliminate the confusion that surrounds this particular current of magic, and Lovecraft’s role and contributions within it. It was vitally important for me to bring forth a tome that truly accessed Lovecraft’s reality in a practical and powerful manner, while explaining the science that goes into the rites and philosophy of the magical system found within.

This 252-page grimoire contains 35 concise chapters, and numerous full-page hand-drawn illustrations of the Old Ones. I have divided it into three parts: Primer, Rites & Codex. Below you can browse the abridged table of contents:

Part One – Primer
p. 45 The Black Binding
p. 61 Lunate Script
p. 77 The Angles of the In-Between
p. 87 The Tower of Koth & the Dark Citadel
Part Two – Rites  
p. 95 The Rite of Resonating
p. 99 Tunneling Through the Vaults of Zin
p. 125 Consecration of Wand of Nyarlathotep
p. 129 Consecration of Goblet of Shub-Niggurath
p. 133 Consecration of Mirror of Azathoth
p. 117 Initiation with Nyarlathotep
p. 109 Evocation of Yog-Sothoth
p. 137 Evocation of Nyarlathotep
p. 143 Evocation of the Haunter of the Dark
p. 151 Evocation of Cthulhu
p. 157 Evocation of Shub-Niggurath
p. 161 Evocation of the Not to be Named One
p. 165 Evocation of the Lord of the Woods
p. 169 Evocation of Azathoth
p. 181 The Seal of the Invisible Old Ones
Part Three: Codex 
p. 189 The Nyarlathotep Codex
p. 217 Consuming the Blackened Serpent
p. 229 The Rite of Nephren-Ka

Warning: You cannot find a pure unpolluted Necronomicon like this on the shelf in a chain bookstore. As I divulged earlier, mainstream publishers have circulated pseudo-grimoires that include fictitious beings and tales, which have corrupted the magic current of H.P. Lovecraft in my honest opinion. My definitive mission has always been to formulate the first uncontaminated grimoire. In light of its purity, my Black Book qualifies as the safest Necronomicon available, and therefore I champion it in good faith.

2. The Sorcery Of H.P. Lovecraft – Watch Me Summon The Old Ones On Camera, So You Don’t Miss A Single Step

When conceiving the video course The Black Rites of Azathoth, I really wanted to focus on making a one on one connection with YOU, the viewing magician. To take you by the hand and lead you down the winding path of black Lovecraftian magic. Not only are sacred rites filmed and walked through, but the science and philosophies of the magic explained by the black magician who brought forth the first true Lovecraftian Necronomicon known to man.

In the Black Rites of Azathoth you will watch me evoke The Haunter of the Dark, Nyarlathotep, Azathoth himself, and more. Filmed in high definition in exotic locations such as the desolate desert close to the Grand Canyon, lush forests with flowing streams, and dark temples, you truly become immersed within the Lovecraftian magic current 23.

To create the video course, I had to travel halfway across the country to E.A. Koetting’s temple in the high desert. The trip was intense, and while traveling I had the continued feeling of foreboding. I knew I was about to begin a unique and in depth experience into the realm of the Old Ones. And while having worked with these beings before through previous contact, I had never delved into the current of the ‘In-Between’ for five consecutive days/nights. This current is dark, and it takes its toll on the black magician if worked in for too long. I knew that immersing myself for such a length of time would be perilous for not only myself, but for E.A. as well, as we were to enter into this current together.

3. The Trinity of Triangles – Open A Magic Portal To The Twilight Realm Through My Signature Lovecraft Ritual Mat

The Trinity of Triangles came to me in what some would call a vision, but to me it goes deeper than that. This particular triangle of evocation began to take form as a gossamer within my mind, I could see it, but only get impressions of an angle here and there, never could I see the triangle completely formed, but residing in a state of In-between. It is when I went into my temple and meditated on the design, that I began to sketch, and line by line, it entered into this plane of reality for the first time.

The Trinity boosts the evocation in this way: It harnesses the static energy within the angles of the ‘In-Between’ to open an inter-dimensional portal to the realm of the Old Ones. It acts as a magic bridge. For this reason, I consider the signature ritual mat priceless to the full pathworking.

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For your convenience, you can also break the complete package down into its parts, and order each individual good by itself while supplies last. However for your safety, we do encourage you to order The Complete H.P. Lovecraft as soon as possible, because it will sell out fast.

My Black Book of Azathoth stands as the only Necronomicon to remain 100% faithful to H.P. Lovecraft. If you hear The Call of Cthulhu and the rest of the Old Ones, and would like to harness the unlimited power of their Twilight Magic, then do not miss out on this historic event. Place your order today.

Godlike Power,

S. Ben Qayin

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