Perform Dark Divination With The Oracle Of Qayin… A Full Tarot Deck Inspired By The Occult Symbology Of The Left Hand Path… Consecrated For Those Who Walk In The Shadows

  • Tarot CardThe Oracle of Qayin: divination tarot deck by S. Ben Qayin
  • PaintbrushMagical Artwork: original design by Case Watson
  • pen-feather-black-diagonal-shape-of-a-bird-wingConsecrated & Signed: strictly limited to only 250 sets
  • AirplaneGlobal Shipping: receive in 2 weeks or less
S. Ben Qayin

With The Oracle of Qayin, you will:

  • Tap into the Structure of Reality
  • See what opportunities & dangers lie ahead
  • Predict how to handle obstacles in your path
  • Release your hidden psychic abilities
  • Become a living oracle of divination
    • Full 78-card tarot deck
    • Signed & consecrated by S. Ben Qayin
    • Only 250 decks
    • Get $50 off right now
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Dear Friend,

Tarot is an ancient art of divination that has been in traceable existence since the fifteenth century. There have been many ways throughout history to utilize the link the consensual reality matrix has with the personal reality grid of the magician, and manipulate that gnosis to their favor. But of all the avenues of choice, tarot has been the most favored.

The ability to understand how you have traveled on your path through life, what dangers or unforeseen opportunities lie in wait around the corner, and where your life path leads, is a power no magician should be without. To look into the future and behold what awaits one, is truly utilizing sorcery, and is exactly what magic entails. The tarot is accessed to assist the magician in divining for themselves, as well as for others, and many different card spreads exist and can be applied. Of course, the magician can also create their own personalized spread and powerful layout, customized to their individual tastes and needs.

250 Artisan Tarot Decks Consecrated & Signed By S. Ben Qayin

The Oracle of Qayin tarot deck is beautifully designed, and truly a gateway into the concealed mechanics of reality. This innovative deck features:

  • 22 major arcana cards
  • 56 minor arcana cards
  • Hidden occult symbology that reveal keen insights for dark divination
  • A rich, alluring gateway through its astral scenes, figures & landscapes

Only those who have walked in the shadows can truly appreciate the subtle emotion and depth each card reveals to the sorcerer. Every card carefully depicts fully immersive occult scenes, with figures, landscapes and hidden symbology. This feature, combined with Case Watson’s keen artistic manipulation, captures the dark current that flows within these cards, and makes this a tarot deck that will be called upon for many moons to come.

The Oracle of Qayin deck is the first in an annual series strictly limited to only 250 signed decks. It is truly a unique and powerful method of divination, giving the magician the needed insight to foretell and manipulate their personal reality, and others alike. Please remember these are a limited edition artisan deck, and once they are gone, they will never be printed again…

Et Facti Deo,

S. Ben Qayin

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