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Do you ever feel tired of this physical world, like it’s boring and predictable? Do you feel trapped, like you're ready to transcend this reality for new magickal adventures? Learn how to rise above the astral and mental planes to enter formlessness inside the Godmind, and experience limitless power at the seat of existence.

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The Best Way To Succeed With Soul Travel

Go beyond astral projection, and experience the ultimate magickal accomplishment with a rare skill I call "soul travel". Very few people know how to perform this Godlike Power, but I do, and show you how right here...

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Mistakes That Screw Up An Astral Projection

Are you at your wit's end with astral projection, because you keep failing no matter what you try. It's time to stop the self-doubt and learn the common mistakes that beginner astral projectors make, so you can avoid them...

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5 Steps For Accessing The Most Prestigious Astral Realms

Did you know that it's a privilege to enter many astral worlds? You literally need permission to access these magick realms and study inside their spiritual temples. Learn how to get a VIP pass into these prestigious learning centers...

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Are You Afraid Of The Unknown? My Solution.

Nothing stops your success as a magician dead in its tracks like fear. It cripples your progress, confuses your senses, and inhibits your power. If you suffer from a recurring phobia of astral projection and magick, then I believe my tried-and-true solution will help you end this forever...

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