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5 Steps To Accessing The Highest Magickal Planes

5 Steps To Accessing The Higher Magickal Planes

By E.A. Koetting

Once you’ve gained an education in how to access the Three Godlike Powers through my e-book, Become a Living God, you’ll be able to project your consciousness outside of your body AT WILL!

So, you can visit any person or place in a split second.

You can float around the physical world, gaining information, observing situations and people, and seeing the world like a fly on the wall.

But, trust me, this gets boring, and fast.

Beyond the borders of the physical plane lies a layered spiritual reality, where devils and angels and spirits collide, where thousands of gods mingle, and where Travelers such as you can go to unfold your realization of your True Identity as a LIMITLESS being.

But, how do you get there?

How do you go from this world of flesh and substance to the manifold realms of spirit?

Learn How to Access Worlds of Limitless Possibility!

I’ll give you 5 great tips that are guaranteed to open those doors for you. And, once you’ve found a crack between the worlds, the whole thing will split open at the seams!

1. Find a gate.

There are gateways between the worlds, specifically between the physical plane and the astral plane, all around us. Some of these are naturally occurring “weak spots,” where the curtain that separates the physical from the spiritual has more or less worn thin.

Most people have accidentally run across these weak spots once or twice before. A certain place will feel cold, damp, and even vacuous, in contrast with the environment. And within a few steps, your sensations will return to normal.

Other places might feel hotter, or heavier. Some places have even made me feel like I’m underwater!

Places that are notoriously “haunted,” or are landmarks for supernatural occurrences, such as UFO sightings or spirit materializations, are weak spots where things from other dimensions can peek through into the physical world.

Graveyards are often weak spots, especially older ones.

All that you have to do is project yourself out of your body, Soul Travel to the location of a weak spot, and you’ll see what often appears as a hole between the worlds, a spot of bright light shining through a tear in the fabric of our reality. Travel through that crack, and you’ll find yourself in a world and reality very unlike anything you’d find on earth!

Be careful in doing this in certain places, however, like graveyards, as the realms of spirit are immense, and certain passage ways lead to specific areas. And some of these areas can be quite frightening.

2. Find a guide.

As you travel outside of your body, you may notice that there are people present who notice you.

Places that are notoriously “haunted,” or are landmarks for supernatural occurrences, such as UFO or spirit sightings, are "weak spots" where things from other dimensions can peek through into the physical world.

Or, you might see that certain animals, spirits, or even supernatural beings appear more frequently than others, and then disappear.

When you come across a being who is in a projected state, start a conversation with them.

It really is that easy.

You’ll be able to discern pretty quickly whether it’s someone you can trust or not. If it is, then you can ask them to show you to the higher planes.

This will often lead to a very in depth education in spiritual travel and spirituality as a whole.

3. Follow a star.

Much like the weak spots between the worlds on this earth, the planets, moons, and stars are “strong spots,” spiritually gravitational objects that can act as astral gateways.

Research the various stars and planets, and decide which one you’d like to travel to.

Remember that the ancient astrologers knew what they were talking about! The meanings of the stars and planets attributed by astrology will give you a good idea of the area of the spiritual worlds that each star or planet will take you to.

In other words, don’t go flying through the gateway of Saturn unless you want to engage in the forbidden, the secret, and often the dark.

4. Check the landmarks.

How To Open Your Third Eye

One issue that many people find is that they’re able to travel to a region of spiritual reality once, maybe even accidentally, but that they can’t seem to get back there.

If this happens, all that you have to do is remember any specific landmarks, objects, or structures that you saw while you were there.

Holding that image in your mind when you project, you’ll find that the instant that you leave your body, you will no longer be in your room, but instead you’ll be standing in front of that object!

5. Make your own way.

“Where a path does not exist, MAKE ONE!

Many grimoires give detailed images of astral gateways and symbols that can be used to access specific parts of the astral plane.

Research the gateway and where it might lead to, and if you’re comfortable with it, then go there!

Usually, all that you’ll have to do is inscribe the gateway on the ground beneath you, bring it to life through simple rituals of consecration, and project your consciousness from your body while inside of the inscribed gateway!

There are so many tips, tricks, and secrets that I have to share with you. If you think that you could benefit from knowing anything at any time, having anything at any time, or traveling anywhere at any time, then you owe it to yourself to check out my e-book, Become a Living God. There’s NO RISK to you, with a full money back GUARANTEE!

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