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The Best Way To Succeed With Soul Travel

The Best Way To Succeed With Soul Travel

By E.A. Koetting

What if you could be anywhere you wanted, in the blink of an eye? Where would you go?

You can go there, now

You can go there, now. You don’t have to buy tickets or get in your car and drive.

All you have to do is settle into a chair, get comfortable, and move across the world in a spiritual body.

Words like, “Astral Projection,” and “Out of Body Experience” have been buzzing in the spiritual culture for the last ten to twenty years, but none of this is new.

In fact, the ancient prophets, sorcerers, and spiritual masters practiced and taught various methods of traveling outside of the body.

I’ve studied all of those methods. I’ve practiced all of those methods. I’ve dissected them from the inside out, found out what works and what doesn’t work, and I’ve developed a guaranteed system that works every time.

I call this system, “Soul Travel.”

Soul Travel differs from Astral Projection in that astral projection only takes you to the astral plane, which is only one of countless planes of spiritual existence.

Soul Travel instead allows you to travel WITHOUT LIMITS into any plane or state that you desire.

Soul Travel differs from an Out of Body Experience in that Soul Travel is completely UNDER YOUR CONTROL.

You never have to be afraid of not getting back into your body, or of getting lost in the ethereal worlds. The system of Soul Travel is flawless.

So, how can you Soul Travel, RIGHT NOW?

1. I want you to look up away from this page and at your wall. Actually, I want you to look at the line where your wall and your ceiling connect.

Your eyes are going to automatically focus in on that point, bringing your vision of it into clarity. I want you to relax your mind, and relax your eyes, and “pull back” your depth of vision about a foot or two.

With Soul Travel you can lift the veil between the Physical World and the Spirit World.

You can do this by imagining that there is a sheet of glass or transparent plastic a foot or two away from that corner, separating you from the wall and the ceiling. Pretend that you are looking at that sheet of glass or plastic.

Your depth of vision will automatically adjust, and the line between the ceiling and the wall will blur.

2. Maintain your focus on that imaginary sheet of glass, and after only a couple of minutes, you’ll start to see something amazing:

The veil between the spiritual world and the physical world will be lifted.

At first, you’ll see what I call “Static Rain.” It basically looks like tiny droplets of shimmering rain are frozen in the air in front of you. This visual phenomenon will increase until you see static all around you.

You may find yourself feeling a bit dizzy, lightheaded, or off-balance. This is a sign of your success! Your brainwaves are moving from conscious activity into a sort of super-consciousness.

3. It is at this point that, as long as you keep your vision unfocused and your brainwaves in super-conscious Theta state, you’ll be able to stand up out of your body and move across the room.

This needs to be done with an exhalation. As you breathe out, move out.

Once you’re out of your body, go to that place that you said you wanted to go.

The Best Way To Succeed With Soul Travel

4. When you come back, do it again, and go somewhere new.

You can even go beyond the physical world, into worlds of spirit. You can mingle with the angels, demons, even the gods.

All you have to do is settle into a chair, get comfortable, and move across the world, or across the universe, or beyond space and time, in a spiritual body.

You can start using these simple steps to Soul Travel RIGHT NOW!

In my e-book, Become a Living God, I give even more secrets and methods on how you can experience the most intense, profound, and lifechanging travels outside of your body, and how to actually use this secret science to improve yourself, your relationships, your knowledge, and your life!

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