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Feeling Afraid Of The Unknown? My Solution.

The Best Way To Succeed With Soul Travel

By E.A. Koetting

I’m going to tell you something that not a lot of people know about me:

I’m afraid of getting lost.

Sure, nobody likes to get lost. But I get terrified at even the thought of getting lost. It sends me into an instant anxiety attack. I’ll have a hard time breathing. My chest will feel constricted. I’ll get lightheaded.

I’ve traveled across the United States, and have flown across the Atlantic ocean to other countries. I can get in my car and drive to places that I’ve never been before. And every time, without fail, if the map deviates in the slightest bit to what I’m seeing on the road, of if the landmarks aren’t as obvious as I had expected, panic sets in.

Through years of traveling, I’ve learned to control this fear, to breathe through it, and to ask for directions, or confirm that I’m on the right track. But the fear is still there.

But the fear is still there.

I could talk for quite some time on whatever childhood traumas and such may have caused this phobia, but that’s not what this article is about.

I was moving up to Green Bay, Wisconsin several yeas ago. I was young, and there always seemed to be fire under my feet, so I would stuff all of my belongings into two suitcases, and jump on a bus to whatever destination suited my fancy.

Odd behavior for someone who is terrified of getting lost, but I was driven to explore the world.

Talking to a friend in Green Bay who was going to meet me at the bus station when I arrived, I confided this fear to him.

He laughed, assuming that I must be joking.

I was not.

“Let me get this straight,” he said, still laughing. “You have no problem zipping out of your body, beyond space and time, through astral labyrinths and ethereal landscapes, and that doesn’t bother you? But, getting on a bus and letting the driver take you only halfway across the U.S. sends you into a frenzy?”

That about sums it up.

But the conversation made me think.

These answers will help you in your own journeys beyond space and time, through astral labyrinths and ethereal landscapes.

Why would the two be so different? What is unique about Soul Travel that makes it seem safer to me?

Why would the two be so different? What is unique about Soul Travel that makes it seem safer to me?

In considering these questions, I came up with a couple of very good answers.

These might help you in your own journeys beyond space and time, through astral labyrinths and ethereal landscapes.

1. Your physical body and your energetic bodies are inextricably linked. Most people recognize that this link is through a silver cord, connected at the solar plexus.

A little-known fact is that your chakras, or highest energy centers, are also connected to your physical body and their corresponding physical organs.

While the connections through both the silver cord and the chakras CAN be temporarily removed to allow greater freedom in traveling, this is often not done until after years of experience in Soul Travel, and doing so is a very conscious and willful process.

So, with the silver cord and chakras intact, you will automatically zip back to your body.

This would be like a GPS system that will instantly transport your car and its passengers back into your driveway if you ever got lost!

2. Aside from the physio-energetic connections, the solid fact remains that, for the time, your body is your home. It is where you naturally want to return to.

I’ve had a few close calls in my time, when I stayed out of my body for longer than usual and started to fear that I might not be able to find it again.

The Best Way To Succeed With Soul Travel

However, even while in the deepest state of Soul Travel, you can still feel your body. Your brain is still in your body receiving the data that your incorporeal consciousness is coming in contact with. You’ll still feel physical stimuli and movements, although they will enter the background of your consciousness while you’re projected.

So, all you have to do is open your eyes, and you’ll re-enter your body!

It would be like clicking your heels together to come back home, no matter how far away you had journeyed!

There is a lot for you to learn about Soul Travel, and so many other subjects on the occult. I’ve done a lot of this homework and experimentation for you, and have put together an e-book called Become a Living God, that offers methods, techniques, tricks, and tips that you can start using RIGHT NOW.

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