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Mistakes That Screw Up An Astral Projection

Mistakes That Screw Up An Astral Projection

By E.A. Koetting

Imagine for a moment that you are sitting down in your most comfortable recliner.

Your shoulders and your elbows drop as you relax.

Your chin droops to your chest as your neck relaxes.

Your stomach unknots itself, the day’s frustrations floating away.

And then you, too, begin to float away.

Away from your body. Away from your chair. Away from the physical plane.


Before you even know what’s happened, you’re sitting upright.

Your shoulders are lifted to your ears. Your eyes are saucers, scanning the room. Your stomach is clenched.

Welcome to most peoples’ first failed out of body experiences!

The second most common issue with projecting the consciousness out of the body that people have is that they’ll sit in their chair, forehead wrinkled in concentration, eyes squeezed shut, palms sweating.

Focusing. Concentrating. Visualizing.

And then, NOTHING.

Neither of these have to be YOUR experience, though.

Neither of these have to be YOUR experience

A few EASY-to-avoid mistakes will ensure that you are able to lift off from physical restraints effortlessly, gracefully, and most of all, SUCCESSFULLY.

1. Most people who attempt Soul Travel or astral projection really want to have the experience of leaving their bodies.

I mean, they really REALLY want to have that experience.

Although such an intense desire is what drives people to act, it also creates a massive amount of tension.

That tension creates a sort of “stage fright” or performance anxiety.

It’s like finally being able to go on a date with that person that you’ve been dreaming about for years. You’re so anxious, and you want everything to go smoothly so badly, that you’re guaranteed to spill your glass of wine on the table or stammer incomprehensibly.

A few EASY-to-avoid mistakes will ensure that you are able to lift off from physical restraints effortlessly, gracefully, and SUCCESSFULLY.

Turning to friends, parents, or siblings with this problem, what is the advice that they always give?

RELAX, and just be yourself!

Look, let’s be honest: none of us are smooth, spiritual masters 100 percent of the time. I’m not. My mentors weren’t.

So, when I sit down to Soul Travel, or to perform the seemingly miraculous in any way, I remind myself: “RELAX, and just be yourself!”

Settle into your chair, go through the visualizations and sensory imaginings to bring your body into relaxation, and have fun with the experience. Tell yourself, “I’m having fun with this.”

Bring your mind into the theta/gamma sync that allows for the miraculous to happen, and have fun with the whole process. Don’t worry so much about getting out of your body.

As soon as you release your anxiety, you’ll find that you also release your Soul from the chains that have held it to the body.

Mistakes That Screw Up An Astral Projection

And you will find that who “yourself” is, is a being of unimaginable power and incredible ability.

2. What is another piece of advice that our mentors might give us before that dreaded first date?

“Don’t forget to breathe!”

It is really amazing how often we forget to breathe, or at least forget how powerful our breath is.

When you feel your subtle bodies activating and when you can feel the unmistakable “pull” out of your physical body, let out a long, slow breath.

As the breath leaves your body, your consciousness can also leave your body.

When you breathe in, your consciousness will naturally be drawn back into your body.

What is essential at this juncture is that you use your inhalation to solidify your presence OUTSIDE of your body.

You can visualize it this way: your exhalation pushes you out of your body with a breath; your inhalation pulls power and light into your spiritual self outside of your body.

Once you learn to utilizing your breath, you can ride its current as far and as high as you wish!

In order to fully engage these amazing abilities in yourself, you will need an education in how to Become a Living God. I have spent over a dozen years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn these secrets from spiritual masters, gurus, and mentors, and then I had to work the kinks out of the whole thing to make it usable, not only for myself, but for EVERYONE else that I’ve taught this to.

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