E.A. Koetting: Spellcasting That Gets Results

To cast spells that get results, a magician must feel invincible, and harness intense astral power. Learn the secrets to success with spellcasting so you can literally bend the universe to your will...

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The Secret Psychology Of Becoming A Living God

The Secret Psychology Of Becoming A Living God

Why do some magicians excel and succeed with magick, while others never move past being an "armchair" theorist? Find out the real secret to the psychology of becoming a living god...

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Connecting With Your Higher Self

How To Cast A Spell That Actually Works

Do you want to learn how to cast a spell that actually gets results? Who doesn't? In this article, you'll discover how to ignite massive change in your reality...

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Becoming More Enlightened and Spiritually Aware

How To Gain Godlike Power

Transforming into a Living God is the ultimate benefit of magick. But to most magicians it's a pipe dream, a wish. Follow these steps to advance your magick to new heights...

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A Love Spell That Inflames Sexual Desire In Anyone

A Love Spell That Inflames Lust In Anyone

You can trigger feelings of love and sexual desire inside your romantic target... whether they want it or not. The key is to understand how astral energy affects human emotions...

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