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Let The Most Powerful Sorcerer Alive Perform A Magick Spell Just For You… Get Real Results When You Need Them Most In Any Area Of Your Life

  • alarmEmergency Response: Fulfillment in 72 hours or less
  • Proof of Ritual: Receive a video of the live ritual
  • Certificate of Authenticity: Insightful breakdown of my experience
  • locked-padlockNon-Disclosure Agreement: Available by request
  • multiple-users-silhouetteLimited Availability: I accepted a limited number of clients

Magick spell to increase results with:

  • Spiritual ascent and personal power
  • Love, relationships, and sexuality
  • Self-defense, safety, and revenge
  • Money, investing, career, and law
  • Physical fitness, wellness, and safety
  • Special needs by request
    • Fulfillment in 72 hours or less
    • Video of live ritual
    • Certificate of authenticity
    • Fulfillment in 10 days or less
    • Video of live ritual
    • Certificate of authenticity
    • Fulfillment in 10 days or less
    • Certificate of authenticity
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Disclaimer: I am not a licensed doctor or lawyer.

Dear Friend,

Give yourself an honest assessment with these questions, because this could be the most important page you read in your life.

  • Are you desperate in a particular area of your life?
  • Is it an emergency, are you in a crisis, is it life-threatening?
  • If you do nothing, will it only become worse?
  • Have you ever wondered if a magick spell can turn your life around?
  • Do you need an intervention?


  • Do you aspire for greatness in a particular area of your life?
  • Are you at a turning point and need good luck, a miracle, an act of god?
  • Do you excel at a craft, talent, or occupation and seek to become the best?
  • Is magick your last chance to get the results you want?

It would shock you how many people seek out magick spells for help with their special needs. I have performed rituals for men and women from every walk of life: from CEOs of corporations, to popular celebrities, to blue collar folks. Not only do people from around the world order my magick spells, but they usually hurry back for more to resolve every significant area of their life: ascent, love, money, etc.

Nothing surprises me anymore.

Here Are The Four Facts About Magick

If your life is breaking bad right now, then magick can assist you in ways that nothing else can, because it essentially has no limits.

Fact One: magick affects everyone — it does not discriminate socially.
Fact Two:
magick affects everything — it does not discriminate morally.
Fact Three:
magick affects every location — it does not discriminate geographically.
Fact Four:
magick affects every moment — it does not discriminate temporally.

Magick is an astral force of nature. I compare it to a gun: it does not care who it is fired at, why it is fired, where it is fired, and when it is fired — the gun still fires!

That being said, I do personally possess my own code of ethics and will not “fire the gun” indiscriminately. I reserve the right to decline any order once I have reviewed the situation closely.

I have performed over a thousand rituals for people over the last twenty years, and it does not bother me to help with earthly ambitions like love, sex, money, law, and physical fitness, because I consider these perfectly normal human concerns. In the rare instances where I declined a spell, the clients had stalked and harassed me personally.

In A Perfect World You Would Never Need Magick… But In The Real World, Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

To be completely honest, I would prefer if you never needed my help in the first place. I would love for your life to be perfect.

I am a pragmatic man, and have always lived by the motto:

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life.

As much as I love that maxim, it is utopian and assumes the best.

What if the fish population went extinct? What if the man is disabled? What if he cannot afford a fishing pole? What if the teacher lies to him? What if the man is allergic to seafood? What if an enemy steals his catch?

In the real world, bad things happen to good people. The question is: what do they do about it?

Magick Is The Ultimate Secret Weapon And I’m The Best Sniper In The World

A magick spell is the ultimate secret weapon because nobody will know that I performed it except for us. It is an invisible, silent, odorless force of nature on the astral plane that reshapes events to your advantage here on the physical plane.

I am fairly unique in the sense that I have dedicated my entire life to magick. I held odd jobs here and there but “full-time sorcerer” has been my main occupation for two decades.

Lots of people call themselves magicians these days. Sadly, con men and con women do exist, but they usually disguise themselves under the name of psychic reader or fortune teller. Magicians differ from them because they actually need to get results while a fake psychic just cold reads their way through a short 15-minute reading and hurries to the next caller.

Ascend, Find Your Soul Mate, Get Laid, Punish Your Enemy, Become Rich, Win Your Legal Battle, Get In Shape… Whatever Happiness Means To YOU, Let Magick Help You FINALLY Experience It

In an ideal world, material ambitions would not matter. But in the real world, they do matter! This is the difference between a magician and a mystic: magicians live in the real world while mystics hide in a monastery.

A mystic has never needed to get his daughter a new pair of shoes, or been fired from a job, or been stabbed in the back — if you know what I mean.

I actually admire your ambition for greatness — not shame it. But the clock is ticking… when will you FINALLY get the life you want?

I divide all the requests for magick spells I have received over the years into five main categories, and summarize their most common situations below. Assess your own personal needs so that when we discuss your magick spell, we know exactly how to handle it. Everyone is different, so your needs might not match precisely with what others have needed.

Spiritual Ascent

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Love & Sex

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Money & Law

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Physical Fitness

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Here Is How This Works

1. Order.

You place your order for a magick spell with the appropriate turnaround time: either 3 days for emergency fulfillment or 10 days for normal fulfillment.

2. Assessment.

I contact you within 48 hours and we discuss the details of your personal situation closely. I protect everything you share in this private discussion under the principle of client-confidentiality; furthermore, you may provide me a non-disclosure agreement to sign for extra legal protection.

3. Fulfillment.

I design the perfect magick spell for your special needs, then proceed to fulfill the ritual within the turnaround time of your order. The speed at which you witness tangible results varies by category of magick spell. I do not guarantee an exact time and date for the results, because too many unknown factors in your life will affect its speed, but I do in good faith guarantee its full potency.

Order Your Magick Spell Right Now And Receive…

Magick Spell Personalized ritual to increase results in your life
Video of Ritual Footage of live ritual
Certificate of Authenticity Signed & dated document to commemorate spell
Emergency Response
Fulfillment in 72 hours or less

Beware The Classic First Sign That My Magick Spell Has Taken Hold Of Your Life And Is Going To Show Results Very Soon

Beware! When I perform the magick spell, the affected area of your life might appear to worsen temporarily. This short-lived chaos provides evidence that the magick spell has locked onto your reality and now shakes things up in order to get results.

Like redecorating a room: it must become a little messy at first in order to give it a new look. Out with the bad and in with the good, so to speak.

Temporary chaos is the clearest and most classic sign that a potent magick spell has impregnated your reality and is going to materialize results very soon.

Remain open to receive the magick spell and insist like a drill sergeant for it to give you the safest, most helpful results. Do not waive away or renounce the spell under any circumstance. Let it take effect in full.

You’ll be happy and relieved that you did in hindsight.

Godlike Power,

Signature E.A. Koetting

P.S. If You Read This Page, Then You Know In Your Heart Of Hearts That You Need An Intervention…

Over the last twenty years, my clients have always come to me last — they never come to me first. In other words, people generally view magick as their last resort, their last chance, their final recourse, their “secret weapon” when nothing else helped. When a client places their order for a magick spell, I already know they feel desperate or have suffered tragedy and look to me for salvation.

To this point, I will always be their “last person” because my magick spells get them real results when they need it most.

They never need anyone else.

Become A Living God