Let Black Magician And Author N.D. Blackwood Certify A Ritual Pact With The Dark Gods Of Vampirism On The Witches’ Night Walpurgisnacht Of April 30 Toward Your Astral Immortality

  •   Certified Ritual Pact: Initiation with the Dark Gods of Vampirism
  •   The Witches’ Night: Performance on unholiday Walpurgisnacht, April 30
  •   Ritualist: Author of Draugadróttinn, N.D. Blackwood
  •   Video Proof: Watch recordings of the live performance, May 3
  •   Full Breakdown: Receive a full breakdown of my experience
  •   Ritual Orientation eBook: A complete introduction to the ritual

Ritual Pact with the Dark Gods of Vampirism on Walpurgisnacht, April 30

  • Double-certified initiation with the Dark Gods
  • Enhanced power to harness vital essence
  • Psychic guidance & gnosis by the Undead Lords
  • Freedom to astral travel to The Vampiric Realms
  • Lycanthropic shapeshifting of your Astral Matrix
  • Bond with your Fylgja, i.e., Animal Spirit & Totem
  • Boost your magick powers to accelerate ascent
  • Unite with The Vampiric Strain, i.e., the royal bloodline of immortal Ascended Vampires

This ritual has closed.

Walpurgisnacht Initiation With The Dark Gods Of Vampirism

Dear Friend,

Vampiric Gods have existed since the dawn of European civilization in ancient time.

The traditional folk-vampirology of Slavic Eastern Europe and mysteries of werewolf cults of Scandinavia from the Middle Ages have always been presided over by dark deities. The exact nature of these entities remains largely a mystery. Vampirism and Lycanthropy have existed in the European subconscious since a time before the arrival of the Celt. The same can be said for many of these particular deities as well. They simply changed their name, depending on the time period and various tribal groups that incorporated them into their own pantheons.

The Saturnian One was seen during antiquity as the source of power for many groups that would today be considered on the sinister path. He represents the God of the aristocratic warrior priests and sorcerers that were present in each ethnic group in Europe, the Master of Mysteries who rules through magical power. He has the traits of a sovereign entity with shamanic power and he is the ferocious and sinister Lord of Storms and Shapeshifting. He has many aspects, both creative and destructive. Thought to be the master of the world order, he also possessed the secrets of the dead, being a shapeshifter and a wizard, traveling between worlds. His children are the Draugars, the Vulkodlaks, the Nachtotters, the Alps , the Varcolaccis, the undead, and the savage spirits of sorcerers that drink the life essence of living beings to prolong their own life in the dark corners of the Astral Plan, where they established real kingdoms and hunting fields.

For those who embark on the path of a Vampiric Pact, there is no way back. The pact will align the vibratory rate of the practitioner with that of the undead members of this strain of vampires, gradually transforming you into one of their own. The astral and mental bodies of the adept then will undergo a process of crystallization, thus provoking a phenomenon of definitive rupture with their superior bodies.

What Can A Devoted Sorcerer & Black Witch Expect From The Elder Gods Of Vampirism On The Unholy Day Of The Witches’ Night?

For more than a decade, I —N.D. Blackwood — have dedicated my life to the Cult of the Undead. I can guarantee that it is one of the blackest, most dreadful yet also one the most powerful forms of magick. It will lead the adept into achieving the peak of their powers, slowly transforming you into a predatory being. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the gifts that the vampiric gods offer to those brave enough to accept them.

  1. Vital-Essence Power: As a member of the Vampiric Current, you will develop a hunger for vital energy, calling you to drink. By creating a pact with the Dark Gods, you will be able to draw immense quantities of energy from your reservoir.
  2. Guidance of the Undead Gods: The Undead Gods will be at your side, drinking through your mouth and seeing through your eyes. The will share their essence and wisdom with you, transforming your life into a pathway of will and power through Vampirism.
  3. Astral Journeys: The Vampiric Gods will become your guides through astral travel.
  4. Lycanthropy & Shapeshifting Powers: The pact will make your ability to shapeshift on the astral plain far easier, allowing the energetic structure of your astral matrix to transform into the frightening form of your choice.
  5. Work with your Totemic Animal: Opening yourself to the Vampiric Current will strengthen your bound with your totemic animal, allowing you to tap into its power for lycanthropic operations.
  6. Boost your Occult Powers: The essence of your Vampiric Patrons will flow inside you, boosting your occult abilities, as well as your personal magnetism.
  7. Initiation into The Vampiric Strain of Afterlife Immortality: After the death of your physical body, the link established with the Dark Gods will continue to exist. Your astral body will continue to exist in the astral realm and drink vital essence.

What Will The Dark Gods Expect From You?

  1. Magick Dedication: Becoming one of their students is a privilege. The Vampiric Gods placing their attention on you will make them expect that you develop the powers they have implanted in you.
  2. Vampiric Energy Pool: The Vampiric Strain acts as pool, where the energy is shared between the magicians who collected it from their reservoir, and the undead that surround them. You will be expected to add to the pool to share with the Vampiric Strain.
  3. Dedicated Altar: A place in your home as a sign of dedication—you will need to erect an altar in your home, and my grimoire Draugadróttinn helps you with this, of course.

A stern warning: The Vampiric Path, a.k.a. The Path of the Dragon, is truly dangerous in nature. This ritual will open you up to Dark Gods to transform your life, and in particular, your Afterlife. It must, in any case, not be made for the purpose of curiosity. I will perform a certified ritual pact with The Vampiric Gods on the medieval unholy day, Walpurgisnacht, a.k.a. The Witches’ Night, April 30. You will receive a live recording of the group ritual to watch in your members area by May 3.

Godlike Power,

Become A Living God