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We Are Looking For Radicals

Video Courses

Share your breakthrough magick with a lecture, slideshow, or live ritual. Video has become more popular than ever and lets you drop knowledge in less time.
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Books & Grimoires

Have you penned the next great grimoire? Immortalize your ideas to enlighten future generations. Magick books have always been revered.
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Become a Partner

Would you like to become an affiliate or carry our goods in your catalog with a dropship account? Help us help you. Let’s become allies on the Left Hand Path.
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How It Works

We collaborate together to maximize your genius.

1. Share

Sync your most exciting, innovative, and controversial new course or book with us.

2. Critique

We take a close look at your material, and formulate ideas for the greatest release possible.

3. Release

We release your original course or book to the world and feature it in our catalog.

4. Newsletter, Youtube & Facebook

We collaborate so the world knows that your revolutionary ideas will ignite their personal ascent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Receive answers in advance.

What topics can I cover?

You may cover any magickal, mystical, supernatural, and philosophical topic as long as it supports the premise of personal ascent.

May I share my ideas with you?

We always remain open to good ideas, but you will need to provide a complete version or partial sample of the material to us for consideration.

May I re-release a book with you?

If you possess the copyright, then we welcome any course or book, even if it has already been released previously.

Will I receive a royalty?

We strongly believe in sharing. A number of factors affect the percentage rate that an author receives. Of course, we genuinely aspire to treat everyone fairly.
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