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Black Light Alchemy

Seize the Olympian Fires of Illumination to inflame your Body of Black Light with the sacred Art of Dark Alchemy.

Black Magick: The Left Hand Path

Become an apprentice of the Dark Gods. Learn the secrets of Azazel, Beelzebub and Ningizzida in the Left Hand Path’s first live pathworking.

Mastering Evocation & Possession

I’ll show you how to evoke angels and demons to full physical appearance and command your Godlike Omnipotence.

Mastering Soul Travel

Rise on the planes to the summit of Godhood. Smash the shackles of your physical slavery and let Ascended Masters teach you astral projection.

Norse Viking Magick

Your guide to the forbidden rites of Norse Sorcery. Harness the power of Rune Magick and unlock secrets of the gods with a Left Hand Pathworking for pagans.

Mastering Divination & Clairvoyance

Learn magick rituals that awaken your clairvoyance, so you can perform deadly accurate divination readings and communicate with spirits.

Haitian Vodoun Magick

Finally… you can learn the fiercely guarded secrets of initiation into Vodoun Magick and harness the godlike power of the Loa.

Astral Projection Mastery

Here's the ultimate guide to instant success with astral projection. Learn how to have an out of body experience in 30 days or less.

Mastering Kundalini & Energy Work

Learn my proven technique to awaken your Kundalini. Here’s how to ignite your chakras, boost your energy and have the ultimate spiritual experience.

Sinister Shamanism: The Path Of The Vitki & Völva

Embark on an initiation with my course on heathen sorcery. How to perform Norse Magick with the most revered gods & goddesses in world history.

Egyptian Black Magick

Unlock three thousand years of Egyptian black magick in only three hours with a complete introduction to ancient gods and goddesses of sorcery in Egypt.

Mastering Psychic Self-Defense

Get your "black belt" in psychic self-defense. Learn to perform "martial arts" against vampiric demons, baneful magick, and toxic energy with my battle-proven rituals.

The Black Witch: A Grimoire of the Demonic Tongue

Become fluent in a universal demonic tongue with my infernal dictionary, and learn to navigate the Stellar Outlands with my master-grimoire.

Qliphothic Astrology: A Complete Guide to Demonic Astrology

Unlock the Left Hand Path's first codex of Qliphothic Astrology. Find your true patron demon and elevate your gnosis further than ever.

Herbarium Diabolicum & The Poison Path

Homebrew mind-altering magick experiences with prohibited rites & recipes of the most powerful entheogens for gnosis with Hekate, Samael, & the Qliphothic Gods.

The Rites of Satan, Gatekeeper 9

Receive the Cursed Keys of Hell to unlock the ninth and final gate for supreme Satanic gnosis with this historic series finale.

The Rite Of Deification

An innovative ritual to awaken your godhood and deify you in the flesh. Like a rocket engine for magick, you'll reach a level of ascent you never dreamed possible.

The Rites of Asmodeus, Gatekeeper 8

The official uncensored demonic grimoire on how to perform the most dangerously powerful love magick in history — for consenting adults only.

The Rites of Baal, Gatekeeper 7

Awaken class consciousness with the Lord of Lords and unlock the Four Stages of Ascent. Learn how to become an apprentice to the King.

The Rites of Beelzebub, Gatekeeper 6

You're about to become the Chosen One and initiate cataclysmic enlightenment for all. Outpost Earth: the Infernal Empire rises...

The Rites of Lucifuge, Gatekeeper 5

The chief emissary of the Demonic Gatekeepers instructs humankind on their Ancient Pact with demonkind and how to experience "high gnosis."

The Rites of Abaddon, Gatekeeper 4

Learn how to become the Lord of Darkness himself through a physical incarnation of Abaddon. Here's your guide to crossing the Bottomless Pit.

The Rites of Azazel, Gatekeeper 3

The largest, most advanced group grimoire of Azazel, The Watchers, King Paimon & his Djinn in history... You're about to learn a NEW ERA of demonology

The Rites of Lucifer, Pathworking 2

Unmask the true face of Lucifer with my eight-hour live ritual pathworking of Lucifer-Amaymon, also featuring sorcerer Frank White.

The Rites of Belial, Gatekeeper 1

Complete uncensored footage of my ritual gnosis and live possession channellings with Belial. Watch humanity's official contact with the Demonic King.

Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis

Uncover the secret initiations of the 18 Flames. Inherit original, uncensored discourses of legendary Ordo Ascensum Aetyrnalis with ritual demonstrations.