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Refer users with our affiliate links and we’ll take it from there. Receive as much as 50% on streaming digital courses.
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Feature our magick courses, books & goods in your catalog. Either ship them yourselves or we’ll do it for you.
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Discuss innovative and controversial magick with an author on your television program, radio show, or podcast.
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We collaborate together to maximize your numbers.


Let’s become friends — we’ll help you if you help us. We believe in collaboration, not competition.


We provide videos, photographs & newsletters for your convenience. You receive permission to repurpose our materials.


Need insight into your numbers? We can cross-analyze statistics to increase our mutual knowledge.


The more we do together, the more we help magicians around the world to ascend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Receive answers in advance.

May I use your videos, photographs, and text?

We give our partners permission to repurpose our materials under reasonable discretion.

I would like to partner, but it would not classify as an affiliate or dropship, who can I talk to?

Click right here and you may submit a request for help with the contact form on that page.

Do all courses and items participate in the Partners Program?

The Partners Program includes online streaming courses exclusively. Please know that it does not include limited edition books and goods. When you sign up and log in to the Partners Program, you will see the exact video courses participating in their program and their affiliate links.
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