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Oraculum Leviathan: Draconian Tarot Deck & Grimoire

Unlock the first Draconian Tarot system with an all-new demon-powered deck of 78 sinister cards and guide to gnosis with the Serpent of Chaos.

The Three Tomes of Draggus: Handbooks of Quimbanda & Demonolatry

NEW • A native Brazilian initiate of Quimbanda transmits how to enter gnosis with the Exus and Pombagiras of your Crown for ascent as a Quimbandeiro

Ars Zoetia: The Triadic Alchemy of Satan

NEW • Unlock a new master-system of Demonic Alchemy delivered by Satan Himself on the cursed holiday of Walpurgisnacht.

Encyclopædia of Wamphyrism: The Vampiric Chain from Ancient to Modern Times

An encyclopedic guide to the 45 most adept Lords and Gods of the Undead, and the sinister science to inherit their Dark Gifts for Vampiric Apotheosis.

The Protection Magick Spellbook, 4

Learn the Dark Art of War with a handbook on Invincibility Magick to defang psychic vampires, bind your enemies, and reverse curses with a vengeance.

Goddesses Of Necromancy

Receive a life-changing magical initiation with the 9 most powerful Goddesses of Death, featuring your favorites Hecate, Kali, Nephthys, and many more.

The Deification Magick Spellbook

Ignite the torch of Eternal Ascent with a sinister guide to Self-Deification. Embark on the Adversary’s journey to the underworld for transfiguration into Godhood.

Scholomance: The Order of the Dragon

Unmask the sinister science and occult history of the Vampiric Arts from The Order of the Dragon. Receive the Dark Gift of The Drakul for apotheosis in the Chain of Adepts.

The Black Magician's Handbook

Jumpstart your dark spiritual ascent with the BEST handbook on black magick for serious beginners. Discover humanity’s most liberating and rewarding spirituality.

The Wealth Magick Spellbook

Your ruthless guide to performing demonic money magick for unlimited prosperity and abundance. Here’s my proven blueprint for building your Infernal Empire.

Qliphothic Astrology: A Complete Guide to Demonic Astrology

Unlock the Left Hand Path's first codex of Qliphothic Astrology. Find your true patron demon and elevate your gnosis further than ever.

Herbarium Diabolicum & The Poison Path

Homebrew mind-altering magick experiences with prohibited rites & recipes of the most powerful entheogens for gnosis with Hekate, Samael, & the Qliphothic Gods.

The Black Witch: A Grimoire of the Demonic Tongue

Become fluent in a universal demonic tongue with my infernal dictionary, and learn to navigate the Stellar Outlands with my master-grimoire.

The Qliphothic Trilogy — The Full Series In One

Embark on the ULTIMATE self-initiation with Lilith, Samael, the Qliphothic Kings & Queens, and 22 Guardians of the Tunnels of Set with a complete pioneer's guide.

Tunnels Of Set — A Finale To The Qliphothic Trilogy

Qliphothic Magic’s most advanced full-color guide to performing self-initiation with the 22 Demonic Guardians of the Tunnels of Set. Unlock the finale to the trilogy October 27.

Qliphothic Invocations & Evocations — Book 2 of The Qliphothic Trilogy

How to perform ritual evocation of the Demonic Kings & Queens. Become a high-powered Qliphothic Magician and forge your infernal path.

Qliphothic Meditations — Book 1 of The Qliphothic Trilogy

Embark on a magical journey with Lilith, Samael, and the Demonic Kings & Queens. Let me infernal grimoire initiate you into Qliphothic Magic.

The Draconian Trilogy: A Star Called Winter, The 11th Degree & VOVIN

Discover the third final volume of the Draconian Trilogy. Experience direct gnosis with the Goddess in this uncensored living grimoire.

The Eleventh Degree: A Draconian Mystic Workbook

A practical manual on Typhonian sex magic with guidance on rituals with VIII, IX, and XI degrees of Ordo Templi Orientis enhanced by Kenneth Grant's Typhonian Tradition.

VOVIN: Reflections On The Temple Of Ascending Flame

Inspired by her work with the Temple of Ascending Flame, Denerah Erzebet proves that the cosmic Draconian Tradition is alive and evolving.

Gateways Of Necromancy & Transcarnate Magick

Crack open the tomb of eternal unveiling to become a living death god with Edgar Kerval & E.A. Koetting

Draugadróttinn: Lord of the Undead

Learn the fiercely guarded secrets of advanced Vampire Magick to harness spiritual immortality and conquer death with the Lords of the Undead.

The Love Magick Spellbook

Your uncensored NSFW guide to performing demonic love magick for the perfect love life. Unleash the ultimate love spells with The World Domination series.

Wails Of The Wandering Angels & The Enochian Chronicles

Learn secrets most sorcerers will never know about Enochian Black Magick. Unlock real magick of the Enochian “angels” with my master-grimoire for the Left Hand Path

The Nine Demonic Gatekeepers - All 9 Grimoires In 1 Master Edition

Receive all nine demonic grimoires by E.A. Koetting from official contact with the prehuman diplomats from Outer Darkness in one master-grimoire.

SATAN: The Adversary, Compendium 9

Receive the Cursed Keys of Hell to unlock the ninth and final gate for supreme Satanic gnosis with this historic series finale.

Rituals Of Pleasure: Sex, Astral Magic & Demonic Possession

Learn the most sinful secrets of sexual sorcery. Unleash the ultra-powerful force of human transcendence with my guilt-free grimoire of modern sex magic.

Conjure: Necrodaimonic Sorcery

Unearth ancient necromantic Corpse Sorcery for transplanting the Sorcerer's soul into a new body with the world's first grimoire of Goblincraft.

Tales From The Desert: The 8 Most Infamous Desert Demons

Unearth the secret ancient origins and magick powers of the eight, most infamous, desert demons in occult history with an advanced demonologist.

THE ANTICHRIST: The Doctrine of the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers

Learn the most evil blasphemy of the 21st century with an uncensored guide to the true meaning and hardcore history of the Left Hand Path in Tantric sex & death cults.

Heathen: A Viking Grimoire of Norse Sorcery

Embark on a Vitki & Völva initiation with my fully comprehensive grimoire on heathen sorcery. Perform Norse Magick with the most revered gods & goddesses in history.

THE NECROMANCER: Path of the Descended Masters

Learn secrets that most magicians will never know about Spirits of the Dead, and how to master the Afterlife with Gods & Goddesses of Death.

Asmodeus: The Lord Of Lust, Compendium 8

Sold Out • The official uncensored demonic grimoire on how to perform the most dangerously powerful love magick in history — for consenting adults only.

BAAL: The King Of Kings, Compendium 7

Awaken class consciousness with the Lord of Lords and unlock the Four Stages of Ascent. Learn how to become an apprentice to the King.

The Complete Works of Michael W. Ford

The all-new Infernal Apotheosis Series by Michael Ford, featuring all 9 masterpieces in updated 2nd edition, exclusively available in hardback right here only

BEELZEBUB: Lord Of The Flies, Compendium 6

You're about to become the Chosen One and initiate cataclysmic enlightenment for all. Outpost Earth: the Infernal Empire rises...

LUCIFUGE: The Lord Of Pacts, Compendium 5

Sold out • The chief emissary of the Demonic Gatekeepers instructs humankind on their Ancient Pact with demonkind to experience "high gnosis."

ABADDON: The Angel Of The Abyss, Compendium 4

Learn how to become the Lord of Darkness himself through a physical incarnation of Abaddon. Here's your guide to crossing the Bottomless Pit.

Apotheosis: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Luciferianism

Unlock the ultimate beginner's guide to Luciferianism & the Left Hand Path... Become a master of the 11 Luciferian Points of Power to incarnate your Daemon for Apotheosis.

The Book of Mephisto: A Left Hand Path Grimoire of the Faustian Tradition

The leading spirit of all Western demonology. Unlock magic of the demon Mephistopheles with a masterful grimoire & guide to occult art of the Faustian Tradition.

QLIPHOTH: The Complete Series - All 5 Left Hand Path Opuses

41 top authors provide five Left Hand Path grimoires that ignite expansion of the Soul through sorcery, sabbatic craft & sexual gnosis.

Anthology Of Sorcery: Three Grimoires In One

54 of the world's most powerful black magicians reveal their favorite rites, demons, and spells. Learn the priceless secrets of eternal ascent in 3 historic super-grimoires.

The Complete Works Of E.A. Koetting - All Nine Grimoires

Own a priceless piece of occult history and learn the most advanced rituals of black magick with these cult classic grimoires available here.

Necromantic Sorcery: The Forbidden Rites of Death Magick

How to perform the most dangerously powerful rituals of Saturnian Necromancy. Harness the demonic forces of black magick to exploit the spirits of the dead.

AZAZEL: Steal Fire From The Gods, Compendium 3

The largest, most advanced group grimoire of Azazel, The Watchers, King Paimon & his Djinn in history... You're about to learn a NEW ERA of demonology

The Book of Azazel: Grimoire of the Damned

My infernal grimoire of a fearless 90-day blood pact with Demonic King, Azazel. I reveal the FIRST true Demonic Hierarchy under authority of Azazel himself.

Ipsissimus: The Master's Path

True story of my apprenticeship under an Eastern yoga master who taught me how to rise on the planes through soul travel. Now you can learn how to take flight out of body, experience the highest dimensions, and enter Ipsissimus like me.

Questing After Visions: Making Conscious Contact

Here's the REAL truth about spiritual and psychedelic visions that ancient shamans knew. Learn how to experience intense vision quests and safely use psychedelic entheogens to make conscious contact with extraterrestrial spirits in parallel dimensions.

The Spider & The Green Butterfly: Vodoun Crossroads of Power

True story of how a white man, E.A. Koetting, received privileged instruction into the fiercely-guarded rites of Haitian Vodoun. Harness the magick of the Loa through high-powerful spells, magick fetishes, and ritual spirit possession with this forbidden grimoire.

Evoking Eternity: Forbidden Rites of Evocation

Summon ANY spirit to visible materialization with the most complete manual of spirit evocation ever written. Learn how to perform both solitary & group evocation, summon entire legions of demons, and how to communicate with spirits in ritual.

Baneful Magick

This all-powerful self-defense grimoire shows you how to throw curses, place hexes, and summon armies of vampiric spirits to DESTROY your enemy to protect yourself and your family.

Works of Darkness

Get the ULTIMATE initiation into black magick with a classic Left Hand Pathworking. Learn the most powerful candle spells, demonic sigil magick, clairvoyant scrying, demonic evocation, psychic vampirism, necromancy, death magick, & more.

Kingdoms of Flame: A Grimoire of Evocation & Sorcery

A secret society initiates a child prodigy magician to decode a mysterious Skeleton Cipher. Can you unlock the cryptic magick squares to summon forth secret angels and demons from Regnum Spiritus? Inspired by a true story of E.A. Koetting.

LUCIFER-AMAYMON: The Enlightener, Compendium 2

Six-grimoire compendium of contact with Lucifer by E.A. Koetting, Kurtis Joseph, Asbjörn Torvol, Edgar Kerval, Bill Duvendack & Frank White

BELIAL: Without A Master, Compendium 1

Official contact with the First Demonic Gatekeeper, Belial. A four-grimoire compendium by E.A. Koetting, Asenath Mason, Edgar Kerval, and more...

Anthology of Sorcery 3

What are the world's most powerful magick spells? 50 of the most hardcore black magicians reveal their favorite, most life-changing rituals in grimoire.

Awakening Lucifer

Ignite the magical fire of Luciferian Gnosis. Explored the masks of Lucifer and connect with his eleven most inspiring god-forms.

The Devil: Suicide, Apocalypse & The Abyss

If the Devil penned a deathbed confessional to disclose the philosophy behind his evil, what would he say? I underwent possession for an answer.

The Spider & The Green Butterfly

Finally… you can learn the fiercely guarded secrets of initiation into Haitian Vodoun and harness the godlike power of the Loa.

Black Magick: The Left Hand Path

Become a genius of the Left Hand Path. Awaken your will to power with first complete philosophy on black magick ever written.

Black Magick Manifesto

My 413-page tour de force Black Magick distilled into a blistering 32-page carpet bomb in honor of the Left Hand Path. Steal your free copy now.

Anthology Of Sorcery 2

21 of the world’s foremost black magicians reveal the uncensored prophecy of immortal gods, demons, and angels for your eternal ascent.

Anthology of Sorcery 1

17 of the world's most preeminent magicians unveil the forbidden secrets of infernal power in our inaugural edition of Anthology of Sorcery.

Become A Living God eBook

Here’s the ultimate guide to performing magick and experience godlike power.