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Unearth Ancient Necromantic Corpse Sorcery For Transplanting The Sorcerer’s Soul In A New Body… Disentomb The Most Advanced Guide To Graveyard Magick And Learn The Goblincraft of Zandor-Satan

  •   Conjure: Necrodaimonic Sorcery: Leather & cloth hardback edition
  •   Mastering Necromancy & Goblincraft: Video course streaming online
  •   Coauthors: Edgar Kerval & E.A. Koetting
  •   Editor: Timothy Donaghue
  •   Sample eBook: Download chapter one
  •   Global Shipping: Ships within two business days
  •   Advisory Warning: This grimoire does not condone violence and is for readers of age 18+ only.
Edgar Kerval & E.A. Koetting

In Conjure: Necrodaimonic Sorcery, you'll learn...

  • Corpse Sorcery to transplant a soul in new body
  • Necrodaimonic Prescriptions to unite the Lords of Death and Demonic Kings in Apotheosis
  • The world's first Grimoire of Goblincraft
  • Advanced guide to Graveyard Magick, death wraiths, dirt consecration, and death altars
  • Direct personal contact with Spirits of the Dead
  • How to wield possessed dolls and punish pins
  • Crystallization of a Soul-Body out of vapor
  • How to execute the fatal Death's Touch Curse
  • Creation of Crystal Keys of the Goblins to master their infernal and elemental magick powers

Adult Warning: This is for readers of age 18+ only.


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Dear Friend,

Since early antiquity, the Spirits of the Dead were believed to endure as vital beings in the tomb. Despite this, the majority of humans have always expressed deep anxieties about the fate of the Dead.

Practitioners were always trying to get a proper communication with the Dead, and to find the proper oracle technique for divinatory purposes. Each ancient culture had its own methods of divination relating to Death and the Dead. From having vessels full of blood of the Dead, to obsidian mirrors reflecting the will and intention of the sorcerer, to invoking the dead into seashells in the tomb of an ancestor, relative, or friend, or simply invoking the Spirit of a Lord of Death to guide the practitioner’s life. The emerging pantheon of Infernal deities was complemented by a vision of a vast Underworld universe, in which we can communicate all the time with all Spirits, Demons, or abandoned Souls marching through the Void.

However, like many other occult truths, the nature of entities, Demons, or Spirits has been explained both correctly and incorrectly over the years. To understand why this is so, it is important to first understand who originated these theories.

Sinister Shaman Reveals The Key Difference Between A Real Hardback Necromancer And An Armchair Occult Theorist

Throughout the ages there have always been two kinds of occultists:

    1. Armchair theorists
  1. Practicing magicians

The former has, in the past century, attempted to explain occult phenomena using the science of time, neglecting the fact that the Occult Science is a science of the future. As a result of the efforts of these armchair occultists, all sorts of psychological theories about magick have surfaced. These concepts are hopelessly flawed, as their creators were basically guessing about a topic they didn't understand and have never personally experienced.

On the other hand, practicing magicians, a.k.a. hardcore necromancers, have experimented with magical techniques and achieved repeatable results. These tested theories are the ones the student of the Occult Science will find most useful.

The theory that entities only exist in the magician's mind originated with the armchair occultists of history. According to them, evocations do nothing but bring these entities "up" from one's subconscious, and "out" into seemingly external appearance. Followers of this teaching feel that all information gained by evocations is the result of some type of telepathy, and that materializations witnessed by a number of practitioners are the result of some type of telepathic projection on the part of the magician performing the ritual. To someone who has never practiced magick, this concept could seem feasible. But to a real trained magician, the flaws of this theory are immediately obvious, for a number of reasons clarified at length in my new grimoire, Conjure: Necrodaimonic Sorcery.

Truth Stranger Than Fiction — Spirits Of The Dead Always Survive The Tomb And A Sorcerer Can Conjure Direct Personal Contact With Them Through Necrodaimonic Sorcery

As always, the real is more terrifying than fiction. The Spirits of the Dead and Demons are not "head mates" in your subconscious. They are actually real and have a will independent of humans.

How could entities exist only in the mind of the magician if we accept the cosmic and a-cosmic forces as true? The answer is simple: They can't. Neither the existence of the universe nor the existence of its inhabitants depends upon the presence of any one human. Whoever actually wrote The Goetia is no longer living, yet the beings described in the book can still be conjured to appearance. The Demons that sorcerer worked with still exist, independent of them.

Before evoking any Spirit or Demon from the Infernal Empire, you must train and condition your mental faculties. After all, the human mind is the most powerful implement in any occult practice, and once the magician masters its abilities, he or she can perform any magical task with ease. The most important ones are the abilities to "see" and "hear" astrally. Mastering these faculties ensures success in evoking spirits and communicating with them. The importance of their development cannot be overstated. While it's true that obtaining these abilities is easier for some than others, it's not an impossible process. Anyone could train his or her astral senses through steady practice and application of the following training methods.

I, Edgar Kerval, with my coauthor E.A. Koetting, have together forged mutual knowledge of Death Essence into the most advanced grimoire of Graveyard Sorcery and the world's first grimoire of Goblincraft. In our new double-grimoire, called Conjure: Necrodaimonic Sorcery, we reveal mysteries of an extremely dark nature, related to death, spirit congress and communication with the Spirit World. Death is never the end of the path; it is a point of transition and transformation, a homecoming of sorts.

Let me introduce you to the two grimoires...

Unearth Ancient Necromantic Corpse Sorcery To Transplant A Sorcerer’s Soul In A New Body With The Most Comprehensive Practical Guide To Working With The Spirits Of The Dead

Her gates are Gates of Death, and from the entrance of the house she sets out towards the Underworld. None of those who enter there will ever return, and all who possess her will descend to the Pit.
—The Seductress, Dead Sea Scrolls, Fragment 4Q184

Grimoire 1. Edgar Kerval - Conjure

Ch. 1 - The Underworld Speaks

This chapter explores one of the most ancient forms of Divination through the use of bones, called Osteomancy. Ancient Greek, Babylonians, Persians, and more are among the ones who have wielded Osteomancy as one of the powerful methods of oracle divination.

Ch. 2 - Oracles, Divination & Sorcery

We explore the esoteric techniques of divination magick through multiple levels such as Reading Omens and Entrails Divination. I present these methods in such a manner that you allow you the easiest way to understand the nature of their readings.

Ch. 3 - Divination From The Dead — Necromancy

This section focuses on two of the most powerful techniques of Divination: evoking a ghost or shadow being and employing corpses in divinatory practice. These are easily some of the most useful techniques employed by both sorcerers and necromancers.

Ch. 4 - Corpse Sorcery

You'll explore the ancient Necromantic practice focused on placing the Sorcerer's soul into a new body in order to allow the priest to continue training in Sinister Alchemy. Developed in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and Asia, it is one of the deepest techniques of Necromancy.

Ch. 5 - Ritual To Get Help Of A Spirit Or Demon

Through this chapter, we explore how the sorcerer uses magical rituals to summon and ask the services of the Ghost or Shadow-self of a recently deceased individual, as well as the summoning of any of the Goetia spirits, preferable of a Necromantic nature, e.g., Bifrons, Murmur, or Deities as Hel, Hekate, Qalmana, Qayin.

Ch. 6 - Diverse Methods Of Necromancy And Maledictions Techniques

This is a specific type of Malefic Magick in which insects or other animals from the Realm of Death are sent into the body of a victim by the Sorcerer. Focus is placed on the exploration of diverse plants and insects from deeper regions of the Underworld, adapting these elements as maledictions, and the resurrection of the Dead.

Ch. 7 - The Venenum Niger

You'll learn the magickal knowledge of poisons that kill or curse enemies. Powerful venomous elixirs are discussed that date back hundreds of years through different cultures and traditions. Various effective methods for their personal use have been compiled, as well as how to use the Venenum Niger to charge personal fetish tools.

Ch. 8 - The Eye Of The Dead — Malediction Ritual

This is a powerful technique to curse several people simultaneously with representations of the intended victims placed in or around a skull, including a piece of cloth representing the essence of the victim, which is placed in the eye socket of the skull.

Ch. 9 - Astragal In Necromantic Practical Ritual

This is the ancient method of using a pair of dice and bones to explore the powerful levels of the Oracles of Nature. The Adept must learn from an elder conjunction of elements and perceptions before they are able to properly employ this technique.

Ch. 10 - Calling The Dead: Methods Of Necromantic Sorcery

These are rituals to call on very powerful Spirits of the Dead, who form a chain to the most ancient beginnings of mankind. As such, they carry raw, primordial energies that can be used to cast powerful spells.

Ch. 11 - Working With The Dead

I show you techniques involving water, incense, and various spiritual powders, which can complement the practitioner’s offering to the diverse spirits which they work with. Various practical methods of working with the Dead are also discussed.

Ch. 12 - Gates Of Necromancy

This section discusses how some magickal abilities are developed through the ingesting of certain secret alchemical herbal formulas. Examples are given that can be used for magick Shapeshifting to change one’s shape and appearance, as well as to enter the underworld.

Ch. 13 - The Coffin Spirit Meditation

This meditation works with the initial understanding of the distortion of space, generated by the visualization of a coffin. It allows the Sorcerer to eventually fuse with the energetic fields of the cemetery and the Realms of the Dead.

Ch. 14 - Opening The Veil, The Watcher And The Underworld

This technique of Necromancy was known in the ancient cultures of Egypt and Sumer as “Awakening the Eye of the Void.” The Sorcerers who have employed and developed this technique are able to see and converse with the Spirits that inhabit the Realms of the Dead. This Necromantic skill was also needed for certain types of Divination and Oracle Workings. This truly is a magnificent chapter with several points of use of the practical Necromancer.

Ch. 15 - Shape-Shifting Necromancy And The Arte Of Transformation

In the deity-transformation method of shapeshifting, specific maledictions and incantations are used to incubate and activate certain powers and magickal symbols within the Sorcerer’s body. This type of vibrational Necromantic resonance is needed to attract various deities from the nightside.

Ch. 16 - Infernal Maledictio

The Voudon rites contained in this chapter are all based on the Petro rites, as well as the more intense and dangerous rites of Palo Mayombe. It is the responsibility of the author and publishers to give fair warning not to perform these rites without first consulting a true Palero or Petro Voudonist.

Summon Forth The Lords Of Death And Spirits Of The Dead Together In Unison With The Most Advanced Guide To Graveyard Magick In The All-New Necrodaimonic Sorcery

To begin exploring the concept of Necrodaimonic Sorcery, we can simply break the word down. “Necro” means dead or of death. “Daimonic” refers to demons of the Infernal Empire. Sorcery is the ability to manipulate reality with magick. Necrodaimonic sorcery, then, is the sorcery of fusing the spirits of the dead and death magick with demonic rites, infernal powers, and with demons themselves.

Grimoire 2. E.A. Koetting - Necrodaimonic Sorcery

In all honesty, I've played with Necromancy ever since I was a teenager, but I never really took it seriously as a discipline until a few years ago.

Uniting Necromancy with Demonic practice creates a full immersion into Death Essence and into Hell itself. One of the greatest facets of the combination of Infernal powers with Necromantic forces is that the practitioner is truly able to let go of the things that need to be let go. When practicing Necrodaimonic Sorcery, you can let go of the things that need to die, accept their death, accept the transition, and push forward with all the powers of Hell to accomplish what you desire.

Ch. 1 - Death Worship

Necrodaimonic Sorcery begins with Death Worship, and Death Worship begins with the creation of a Death Altar. The Death Altar is where you will work all of your rites of Necromancy and it is where you will daily give yourself over to death, as both magickal altar and religious shrine. Chapter One gives instructions and suggestions on the creation of your own personalized Death Altar.

This first chapter also gives instructions for “Sitting with Death” in a casual conversational communion, as well as the deeper practice of “Death Posture Ritualis.” Chapter one closes with step-by-step instructions for Daily Death Worship.

Ch. 2 - Death Meditations

The first and the second chapters of this text are meant to prepare the Necromancer by putting them into direct and personal contact with Death Essence, with the spirits of the dead, and with a Death Lord or Death Lady. While chapter one focuses on the outward worship of Death Fetishes, this second chapter focuses on specific Death Meditations, adding a more inward focus of concentrated Death Essence saturation. The necromancer’s success is dependent on their connection with Death.

The specific meditations given are:

  • The Satipatthana Sutta: Mindfulness of Death
  • Maranasati: The Inevitability of Death
  • The Visuddhimagga Text: Purification of Death
  • Yangthang Rinpoche: Summary of the View, Meditation, and Conduct
  • Atisha’s Contemplations
  • The Living/Dying Project
  • Waking Up To Death Meditations 1&2

Ch. 3 - The Nganga Pot

The third chapter is the result of nearly a decade of seeking, sacrificing, and tunneling my way into secret societies within Palo Mayombe. I had to work miracles to get this information, as it is one of the most highly guarded secrets within all ATRs: The creation of the Nganga Pot.

The Nganga Pot is an iron cauldron filled in three levels with very specific animal, plant, and mineral components, each element meticulously gathered from strange places and combined together. On the crown of the pot can be seen a human skull, bound into the web of ingredients, all of which bind a spirit with violent power. This is not the creation of a mere magickal tool; this is the creation of a raging god, imprisoned in the body contained in the pot, and under its creator’s sole control.

Chapter three gives you every detail needed on how to create each layer of the body of the nganga, how to infuse it with the Nkisi or spirit, and how to care for it to make it the strongest magickal ally you will ever have.

Learn “Necrodaimonic Prescriptions” a.k.a. “Prescriptions Of Death Essence” To Evoke The Lords Of Death And Demonic Kings Together For Unprecedented Apotheosis

Ch. 4 - Death And Hell — "Demonic Prescriptions"

Necrodaimonic Prescriptions are the union of demons and the dead, summoned together in the same ritual.

Necrodaimonic Prescriptions are the union of demons and the Dead, summoned together in the same ritual. Each Prescription contains one Lord or Lady of Death and two or more demonic Consorts. The practitioner first summons the Lord or Lady, followed by the Consorts, and directs them in general or specific terms to the outcome that each prescription is aimed at. The results I obtained from employing these prescriptions are nothing short of a magickal explosion. Each time that I started intentionally combining the spirits of the dead with demons, and especially when I started working with the Lords and Ladies of Death and Demonic Kings or Dignitaries, I would see time and again that I was able to tap into more raw power than ever before. Also, the dual activity going on in these rituals of letting something go while creating something else set this apart from any other type of magick that I’ve ever worked with.

Chapter Four, Death and Hell, gives instructions for the creation of Necromantic Prescriptions, bringing together Death Deities with Demonic Dignitaries for especially dark and powerful rites. The Avestan formula for the Opening of the Gates to the Underworld is given, as are step-by-step instructions on creating a Necrodaimonic Ecosystem.

Ch. 5 - The Most Advanced Graveyard Rites

Chapter five is a Necrodaimonic Spellbook on its own, giving instructions on consecrating your own magickal graveyard, and working rituals both in that cemetery and at your Death Altar with the powers of the graveyard. Some of the specific spells that are given are:

  • The creation of a Cemetery Hearthstone — a direct psychic link to your consecrated cemetery
  • How to summon a Graveyard Wraith
  • Divination through Eyes of the Dead
  • The baneful magick of Punish-Pins and Possessed-Dolls
  • The Parting the Veil Rite
  • The Death’s Touch Curse
  • The Rite of the Self-Funeral

Goblin Magick — Learn Firsthand To Receive Your Own Direct Magickal Knowledge From The Goblins In The World’s First Grimoire Of Goblincraft And Their Crystal Keys

Indeed, the Goblins are the most necrodaimonic creatures I’ve ever come across. They are wholly selfish, doing everything only for their own advantage. They can manipulate the entire world around them, creating illusions and delusions, as well as manipulating the physical matter around them.

Goblins are the most perfect archetypal hybrid of necrodaimonic entities, living within a kingdom of vapors that surrounds and connects every living thing. They are not undead, but like humans, they are fallible, able to kill and to be killed. However, they have attuned themselves with the vapors to extend their lifespan, enhance their senses, extend their reach of perception, and to give them the ability to shape and mold the vapors into hyper-dimensional objects. Goblins are the descendants of Tiamat, and they worship only the earth’s deepest secrets. — p.55

I’m going to be completely honest with you: Goblins are terrifying and very, very powerful. You can’t fully trust them, and so you must always keep a close eye on them. However, there are methods that you can employ to put them to work for you, and more importantly, you can learn the secrets of the Goblins for yourself. I provide step-by-step directions on how to accomplish this in Conjure: Necrodaimonic Sorcery.

Ch. 6 - The World's First Goblincraft Of Zandor-Satan

The final chapter of Necrodaimonic Sorcery is a full revelation of all that I have learned from the most Necrodaimonic creatures in existence: The Goblins. I tell you every detail of how the magick Goblins found me, and what they taught me, beginning with Zandor-Satan, the worst of all the goblins:

  • The secrets of the Goblin’s Goblet of Dark Desires
  • The real and true Goblin Ways & Goblin Knowings
  • How to perform shapeshifting into a Goblin-Form
  • Rites to develop of a Soul-Body of Vapor
  • The Subterranean Keys for entering the Catacombs of Hell
  • New vampiric manipulation of energy vapors

But the two most amazing things that I learned from the Goblins are:

  • Stone-Throwing Magick of the Goblins
  • The Crystal Keys of the Goblins

Stone Throwing Magick is a simple yet potent form of magick in which a specific symbol is drawn on a stone, the stone is charged by muttering your grievances upon it, and the spell is cast by throwing the stone in a particular direction into a particular medium — for example, an X drawn on a rough stone and thrown into a bog would cut out a source of grievance, for my better well-being. Precise instructions are given for Stone Magick, including the creation of the magickal ink needed.

Goblin Crystal Keys are energy crystals that can be created with ambient energy in the palm of your hands, and can be quickly expanded to create doorways into different dimensions. I provide directions for the creation of the Crystal Keys of the Goblins. Every one of these magick Crystal Keys unlocks other

  • The Red and Black Key, a.k.a. Catacomb Crystal Key
  • The Blue Crystal Key
  • The Yellow Crystal Key
  • The Green Crystal Key
  • The White Crystal Key
  • The Orange Crystal Key

Each Crystal Key leads to an entirely different dimension, and each holds unique powers only accessible to those who hold the Goblin Crystals. Learn the simple steps of creating and mastering these, to give you access to every part of the Underworld.

Master The Evil Arts Of Necromancy And Goblincraft With A Complete Masterclass On The Forbidden Rites, Talismans, And Altars Of Death Essence With Author E.A. Koetting

In my 5-hour video training course, Mastering Necromancy & Goblincraft, you're going to learn...

Section 1In the opening section of this mastery training course, I discuss what exactly Necrodaimonic Sorcery is, and give the initial instructions for acclimating your temple or magickal working area to Death Essence and necromantic spirits. Similarly, the necromancer will need to acclimate themselves to these forces as well, and I offer in this section advice that I wish someone had given me when I was beginning my path of necromancy. 

In this first section, specific directions are given for daily death worship, along with priceless tips on how to transmute death and suffering into life and joy. The first section concludes with the presentation of a few of the Death Meditations given in Conjure: Necrodaimonic Sorcery.

Section 2 - In Section 2 of this Necromantic Mastery training course, I bring you to my own personal Death Altar, offering directions on how to set up your own Death Altar. Rather than just telling you what to do, I show you what I have done, picking up and showing you each and every necrodaimonic fetish on my Death Altar, telling the story of how I obtained each item and what each one means to my necromantic practice. Drawing from my example, you will be able to create your Death Altar with your own unique fetishes.

Section 3The third section of this video course presents an equal mix of instruction and necrodaimonic ritual, as I tell you and then show you how to open the Gates of Hell, while tethering the infernal powers to Death Essence. The exact ritual performed, which is also given verbatim in the Conjure: Necrodaimonic Sorcery grimoire, is Michael W. Ford’s ritual, "Opening Arezura, the Mouth of Hell," from his Yatukih grimoire Gates of Dozak.

Section 4Section 4 provides a complete and in-depth walkthrough of Goblincraft, a strange and unique magick taught to me by the goblins themselves, hideous underworld creatures who lurk in the land of the living, the land of the dead, and the Infernal Realm equally. Goblins represent the most perfectly necrodaimonic beings I’ve ever encountered, and I quickly discovered that they cannot be bound or controlled, they cannot be summoned and commanded, but if we watch them carefully, we can learn the secrets of their power. I have been watching them carefully, silently, for years, and some of their secrets that I reveal in this section of the video course are:

  • The absolute best offerings to tempt the Goblins to your favor
  • How to construct a Goblin Lair in your home to attract goblins to you
  • How to connect with effluvia, or vapors, to awaken supernatural senses, sentience, as well as how to manipulate these vapors
  • Exact demonstrations of how to create The Crystal Keys of the Goblins, in both psychic and physical form
  • Exact instructions on how to wield the Crystal Keys as doorways into other dimensions
  • The secret sorcery of Goblin Stone-Throwing Magick

Section 5 - Question-and-Answer - Join a front-row seat to a no-holds-barred Q&A with me into the nuts and bolts of my grimoire of Death Magick and Goblincraft, Necrodaimonic Sorcery. From top to bottom, chapter by chapter, I share priceless insights into how I discovered the Path of Death, enlivened Death Essence in my magick life, and my experiences with the Lords of Death, the Afterlife, and mastering my irrational fear of the unknown through the affirmation of life, as well as how to feed and the Nganga Pot. This question-and-answer complements the grimoire and will elevate your experience to a new height.

To my knowledge, this Mastering Necromancy & Goblincraft training course constitutes the very first of this nature to ever exist in the history of magick. Become a part of history as you master the evil arts...

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  Mastering Necromancy & Goblincraft Lifetime access to course
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Place your order right now for Conjure: Necrodaimonic Sorcery right now and you can receive the supreme and complete experience, including the leather hardback edition, mastery course, and funerary rite of passage.

1. The Complete Necrodaimonic Sorcery - Save 30%

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  1. The new double-grimoire, Conjure: Necrodaimonic Sorcery, in hardback leather edition
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2. Conjure: Necrodaimonic Sorcery - Leather & Cloth Edition - Save 20%

Unearth ancient necromantic sorcery with authors Edgar Kerval and E.A. Koetting with the double-grimoire itself.

  1. The new double-grimoire, Conjure: Necrodaimonic Sorcery, in leather and cloth hardback.

Raise The Infernal Forces Of Necrodaimonic Sorcery With Demonic Prescriptions And Goblin Magick… Receive Wisdom From Spirits Of The Dead As You Live Life To The Fullest

Death is never the end of the path, but a point of transition and transformation, a homecoming of sorts.

As I started practicing Necromancy in my temple, I first set up a Death Altar in the corner of the room. I filled it with items collected from graveyards and antique shops, clippings of letters from deceased relatives and ancestors, and various other Necromantic ritual tools. The altar itself became permeated with Death Essence, and I'll be damned if the Dead didn't start speaking to me, in clearer voices than I've ever heard any other spirit speak to me. They began giving me teachings from Death itself, lessons on how to enjoy life to its fullest, how to celebrate the death and the passing away of all things, and how these two are extremely linked.

I continued to practice Necromancy in my temple, and eventually something truly magical started to happen, something that I honestly did not expect. Death and Hell came into complete cooperation, right here in my temple. As I would work upon my Demonic Altar, the demons would begin to suggest that I pull objects from the death altar and bring them over, and vice versa.

However, I really had my breakthrough in understanding what I had in my hands when I started to understand the concept of Necrodaimonic Prescriptions.  Almost every ritual in Conjure is a form of Necrodaimonic Sorcery and a Necrodaimonic Prescription in and of itself.

I have no doubt that these Prescriptions, as well as the rest of the material in this grimoire, will propel your individual practice beyond anything you’ve previously experienced.

Godlike Power,

Meet The Author

Edgar Kerval & E.A. Koetting

Author of over 10 Left Hand Path grimoires, Edgar Kerval ignites expansion of the soul through his occult books and ritual music as a Colombian shaman. E.A. Koetting has become a top pioneer of black magick in the twenty-first century. Cofounder of Become A Living God, E.A. has helped hundreds of thousands of magicians worldwide to unlock the priceless secrets of magick, awaken their godhood, and ignite their eternal ascent.