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Your Uncensored Not-Safe-For-Work Guide To Performing Demonic Love Magick For The Perfect Love Life… Unleash The Ultimate Love Spells For The Best Guilt-Free Sex And Love Of Your Life

  •   The Love Magick Spellbook: The World Domination Series
  •   The Love Magick Course: Lifetime access to 7-hour video course
  •   Coauthors: E.A. Koetting, Rose Crowley & Maggie Moon
  •   Editor-in-Chief: Timothy
  •   Cover Illustrator: Asenath Mason
  •   NSFW Warning: Featuring adult art and knowledge
  •   Sample eBook: Download chapter one
  •   Global Shipping: Ships within two business days

E.A. Koetting, R. Crowley, M. Moon

In The Love Magick Spellbook, you will learn:

  • E.A. Koetting - Black Love Magick
  • Rose Crowley - Disciplines of Ecstasy
  • Maggie Moon - Left Hand Path Love Magick

The World Domination Series, Spellbook 1


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The Complete Love Magick tier features: (1) The Love Magick Spellbook in leather hardback, and (2) The Love Magick Course online course, both featuring authors E.A. Koetting, Maggie Moon, and Rose Crowley.

Leather & cloth hardback in strictly limited edition on a first come basis.

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Peer Reviews

  • The cover sigil symbolizes the mysteries of the Dark Feminine. It features a serpent forming the shape of a heart, suggesting the sexual character of the work. The vulva inscribed within its body is the entrance to the Path of the Dark Goddess, and the chalice from which the magician drinks the Elixir of Immortality. The serpent lifts its head upwards to the Anahata Chakra, the center of the subtle body and vortex where sexual energy becomes refined and pushed towards higher consciousness. The entire sigil forms a gateway through which the magician can reach self-deification on the Path of Sex Magic.

    Asenath Mason, cover artist
  • Witches often make their first contact with The Occult in search of spells or techniques capable of making them master of their love lives, of attracting the ideal loved one to them, or of bringing innumerable conquests to their feet. No grimoire, until this day, had brought as much clarification as this one in the field of the Love Magick. In the hands of a total dabbler, the methods described in this book prove to be incredibly effective. This triple spellbook reveals everything from conjuring true love, to lustful encounters, to emotional happiness and self-respect, and more taboo areas like extramarital affairs, this book allows a comprehensive mastery of the Amorous Spell. In the hands of an Adept, Love Magick can elevate you on the Path of Ascent. E.A. Koetting, Rose Crowley, and Maggie Moon hand out all the keys you need to become a true living succubus.

    N.D. Blackwood, author of Draugadróttinn
  • The Love Magick Spellbook contains the Love Rituals and Love Spells necessary to transform every area of your love life, from finding a lover, to performing climactic sex magick, to getting your ex back, and more. E.A. Koetting introduces you to the core principles of his Inside-Out Model for world transformation, and Asmoday's Conjuring True Love Ritual. Rose Crowley initiates you into the Threefold Path of sex, entheogens, and demonic gnosis for Black Apotheosis. And lastly, Maggie Moon shows you classical witchcraft for attracting and binding a lover, to fulfilling your most carnal, sinful needs. This entails the most advanced spellbook on Love Magick that I have ever seen, let alone edited.

    Timothy, Editor-in-Chief

Dear Friend,

You're about to learn two priceless secrets right now that took me decades to discover about Black Love Magick.

The Lord of Lust, Asmodeus, revealed the first hard truth to me when I performed the Rites of Asmodeus with the Nine Demonic Gatekeepers in 2020.

At first, I admit that I hated the truth, and tried to hide from it. I tried to prove it wrong, and waived it off as psycho-babble, demanding that the Demon give me the "good shit" in terms of highly powerful, intoxicating Black Love Magick — so-called "sympathetic magick" and "mind control."

As both my love life and emotional intelligence have ascended, Asmoday's first hard truth has dawned on me as an epiphany through in-person experience. By watching his core principle manifest in my private love life, it has fully transformed and eternalized my beliefs about Black Love Magick.

Asmoday's FIRST Hard Truth About Black Love Magick...

Here's the first hard truth about Black Love Magick...

Most often when we seek out love spells to control or manipulate or even influence specific people to love or desire us, it is not the actual person that we desire, but it is the feeling of being loved and lovable, being desired, and being desirable. - p.15

I call this the Inside-Out Model. All magick works inside out, insofar as your internal perception of yourself manifests the external reality of your life. In other words, to truly manifest a supreme love life, you need to adopt a supreme love of yourself first. When the Inside Belief locks into place, the Outside Manifestation locks into place with it.

Your absolutely unshakable self-love will manifest a social life filled with people who absolutely unshakably love you too. In fact, this core principle extends universally to every energetic emotion that humans experience. For example, unshakeable self-respect will manifest people who unshakably respect you too, and so on with any energetic emotion, including so-called "negative" ones like depression, anger, etc.

When you adopt this truly priceless first principle in yourself, you will watch in astonishment as your life reflects it back to you.

The Lord of Lust also revealed a second hard truth to me. Again, I hated it at first and tried to escape it. As always, it finally slapped me in the face with an epiphany that has further innovated my beliefs on Black Love Magick.

Asmoday's SECOND Hard Truth About Black Love Magick...

Here's the second hard truth about Black Love Magick...

A black magician truly only needs one deadly-accurate Love Spell.

While performing a 90-day evocation with Asmodeus, I demanded that he gift an armory of Love Spells to me, like an oversized 24-hour diner menu featuring every Love Spell and Sex Rite that a black witch could ever crave at any time.

Of course, Asmodeus knew lightyears better than me, and instead of piling a mountain of spells on top of me, the Demonic Gatekeeper initiated me with the single most deadly-accurate ritual possible, called The Conjuring True Love Ritual.

If Love Magick truly works, and if a Love Spell causes a partner to love you, why should you need more than one? As this second principle of The Conjuring True Love Ritual sank in, it has permanently transformed my belief from one of greed and excess to one of precision and timing.

Why should you waste time performing a million rites, when you could perform a single deadly-accurate ritual with a better result? In conclusion, I urge you as the ascendant Black Magician and Black Witch to become a Master of One, instead of a Master of None.

In the all-new, sinfully uncensored, 260-page, three-author grimoire, The Love Magick Spellbook, you are factually going to receive an armory of both modern and classical rituals to dominate the multiple facets of your love life and social life. Let's guide you through the exact specific lessons, rituals, and spells to introduce you to The Love Magick Spellbook below.

Spellbook 1. E.A. Koetting - Black Love Magick

Most often when we seek out love spells to control or manipulate or even influence specific people to love or desire us, it is not the actual person that we desire, but it is the feeling of being loved and lovable, being desired, and being desirable. — p.15

Spellbook 1. E.A. Koetting - Black Love Magick
Ch. 1 - Controlling Love Spells p.9
Ch. 2 - Astral Attractiveness Beacon p.15
Ch. 3 - Glamour Magick p.19
Ch. 4 - Conjuring True Love p.31
Ch. 5 - Incubus & Succubus Ritual Evocation p.37
Ch. 6 - The Alchemical Wedding Rite p.59

Ch. 1 - Controlling Love Spells

In chapter one, I share the spells that I have used to compel partners to feel overwhelming love and lust in their emotional and energy bodies. All of these spells are best performed at 3:00 AM, the Witching Hour.

  • A Love Spell to Influence Another — Learn to perform the simplest and most reliable love spell to compel a lover that you can find in any spellbook anywhere. - p.9
  • Dream Encounter Rite — Discover how to present yourself inside the dream of your partner and instill the dreamer with your command to desire and love you. - p.13
  • Asmoday's Auto-Erotic Sigil Love Spell — I received this ritual gift from the Love of Lust himself, Asmoday, and reveal his orgasmic rite by exact quotation. - p.14

Ch. 2 - Astral Attractiveness Beacon

This enlightened chapter focuses on a critical spell that turns you into a beacon of attractiveness on the Astral Plane, drawing more attention and propositions than ever.

  • How to self-assess your sexual and emotional value and allow external reality to validate this self-assessment, thus encoding limitless self-respect into your psyche forever. - p.15
  • The Inside-Out Model — Unlock the breakthrough epiphany that triggers radical transformation from inside your magick imagination outward onto you external microcosm, hence the name inside-out. - p.16

What you feel internally is what others will feel in your presence. If I feel worthless, helpless, and afraid, my aura will transmit and communicate this to others. If I feel confident, certain, and powerful, these emotions will also shift how others perceive me. - p.16

  • Animal Magnetism & Orgone Energy — Learn the TRUTH about Franz Mesmer's infamous Theory of Animal Magnetism and Wilhelm Reich's infamous Theory of Orgone Energy through the sinful, uncensored logic of Black Love Magick. - p.16
  • Astral Attractiveness Beacon Ritual — Rewire the way that you perceive yourself in the sexual and intimate dimension, as well as turn your aura into a beacon of sexuality and attractiveness. - p.17

Ch. 3 - Glamour Magick 101

Glamour Magick is a key form of shapeshifting. Therefore, the initial phases of development in Glamour Magick are aimed at shifting the way that others perceive you, for example, creating an illusion that holds up under scrutiny. The further stages of development entail cloaking a space in glamour, assumed invisibility, and full-on magick shapeshifting.

  • Phase 1: Casting Brief Illusions
  • Phase 2: Persistent Glamour
  • Phase 3: Psychic Transmogrification
  • Phase 4: Area of Effect Spells
  • Phase 5: Shapeshifting

In this chapter, I dissect every one of these five core phases, and teach you how to "deep dive" into them. I have performed these transformations, and reveal these Glamour Spells within the context of my priceless personal experiences.

Ch. 4 - Conjuring True Love

This chapter contains one deadly-accurate love spell, but for the magician seeking True Love, it is the only love spell that they will ever need. The Demonic Gatekeeper Asmodeus delivered this key rite to me during my pathworking and opening of Asmoday's Gate. It factually has summoned True Love — a spiritual, magickal, sexual, and relationship partner whose entrance into my life forever altered my Ascent and my ability to love and be loved.

"I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times." - Martial artist, Bruce Lee

Ch. 5 - Incubus & Succubus Ritual Evocation

From the moment a black magician and black witch discovers the power to summon spirits who appear before the ritualist, an invisible, silent clock begins counting down the seconds until the evocator opens a door that cannot be shut — the summoning of a Demon Lover to fulfill their lifelong erotic needs. This chapter tells you everything a sorcerer needs to know.

  • Artists often imagine a succubus as a traditionally beautiful woman with a tiny waist, enormous breasts, petite horns, and a red skin tone. The same artists often imagine an incubus as a traditionally chiseled, athletic demon who could curl, press, and squat a human with one arm. I deconstruct the stupidity of modern stereotypes around the presentation of male demons and female demonesses in human art, clarify why these stereotypes are NOT what demon lovers truly look like in their natural form, and share a much more accurate image of them. - p.41
  • "Demon Lover" Experiences — I walk you through my explicit first-person experiences with summoning lustful Demon Lovers across various periods of my life, and I highlight the key lessons from the hardcore magick encounters. - p.37
  • Receive a crash-course in Assembling an Eidolon — manifesting the idealized "perfect lover" spirit or demon. Unlock the forbidden forces of Eidolonic Sorcery and Structuring an Astral Matrix. - p.45
  • Night-Mare Dream-Chamber — "If you build it, they will cum." A step-by-step guided tour through the "how to" of creating the perfect bed chamber for the lucid astral encounter with your Demon Lover. - p.46
  • Ritual Evocation of Incubi & Succubi — Explore the core principles and steps of the Evoking a Demon Lover ritual, with an emphasis on respecting the freedom, individuality, and power of the Demon Lover for maximum pleasure and joy of both partners. - p.48

Ch. 6 - The Alchemical Wedding Rite

The sexual union between two beings is a symbolic reproduction of the greater union between the Individual and the All, between the macrocosm and the microcosm, between human and god, or at an even deeper level is the connection of the offices of spiritual polarities, black meeting white, dark and light, shadow and flame, masculine and feminine. The greatest rite of Sex Magick is indeed the union of the god and the goddess, these aspects of eternity brought together in the singularity of a union between two bodies, two living nexions who offer themselves up as the lamps or the flesh idols of these immortal divinities. In this last cryptic chapter, I introduce you to the infinite magick of eternal world creation.

Spellbook 2. Rose Crowley - Disciplines Of Ecstasy: Grimoire Of A Western Mahasiddha

Rose CrowleyI'm Satanic witch and erotic model, Rose Crowley.

In my new grimoire, Disciplines of Ecstasy: Grimoire of a Western Mahasiddha, I reveal the foundations of Sexual Magick. Sex Magick is a practice I have pursued with tremendous diligence and frequency for many years. In my work as a professional erotic entertainer, and in the crucible of my marriage to another Left Hand Path magician, I have had ample opportunity to plumb the depths of altered states one can achieve through Sexual Gnosis. Now I have distilled what I've learned through thousands of hours experimenting in the refined art of Sinister Sexuality.

Spellbook 2. Rose Crowley - Disciplines of Ecstasy
Ch. 1 - Introduction p.65
Ch. 2 - My Journey with Sexual Magick p.69
Ch. 3 - The Nature of Sex Magick p.77
Ch. 4 - Core Techniques & Practices p.81
Ch. 5 - Entheogenic Sex Magick p.101
Ch. 6 - A Grimoire of Sexual Demons p.117
Ch. 7 - Conclusion p.129

How To Elevate The Core Techniques Of Sex Magick To The Highest Levels Of Climax

The core technique of Sex Magick is the concentration of intent at the moment of orgasm. This can be achieved through sigilization or concentrated visualization. Although many magicians understand this basic principle, few possess the full range of skills required to take this principle to the highest level of climax. The lessons in this book are designed to help you do exactly that. Put simply, the modules in the practice section of my grimoire isolate the muscles involved in peak Sex Magick ability so that you can achieve hypertrophy.

I discovered how to do this for myself by combining Sex Magick with the hardcore dharma approach to Samatha and Vipassana. The hardcore dharma movement is an emerging counter-tradition that emphasizes contemplative science and the practical reality of Spiritual Enlightenment. By working through the states and stages of Samatha and Vipassana in daily life and under retreat conditions, I gained a much deeper understanding of the mechanics of consciousness to achieve magical results. My grimoire will give you a taste for this powerful approach to occult work. If you apply its teachings carefully, you will take your Sex Magick to a whole new level.

Key Sex Rites To Harness Erotic And Orgasmic Power For Sinister Apotheosis

In this demonic and psychedelic grimoire, I distill and extract the core defining features of Sex Magick and use these as the basis for a modular pragmatic approach to the practice. Some of the things you will learn include:

  • How to ground awareness in gross sensation as a means to experience the subtle, acausal, and non-dual.
  • How to achieve heightened continuity of consciousness throughout the sexual act
  • How to master your physiological processes and deepen your relationship and awareness of them
  • Neo-tantric pointing out instructions that induce the witness state and the perspective of nonduality during intercourse
  • A rite through which every desire and every sexual act in a magical partnership can be channeled into a Singularity of Will

The Threefold Path — Psychedelics, Sex, And Magick

The uncensored grimoire also extensively explores how to combine sex magick with entheogenic substances, a topic that is near and dear to my heart. Over the years, I have found that psychedelics, when applied judiciously, in concert with contemplative discipline, can vastly enhance the effectiveness and transformative power of magick. I devote an entire chapter to this subject, describing how to apply various substances best to achieve real results.

Psychedelics, sex, and magick are three of the most potent forces at work in human experience. However, combining the three can be a volatile mixture if one is ungrounded or unprepared. That's why I take the time to guide you through the terrain so that you can forge your own path through the curiously ineffable vortex of psychic phenomenology that can arise under such conditions.

How To Evoke Five Demonic Allies For Devastating Clarity Of Gnosis And Reality-Shattering Revelation

Under the influence of heroic doses of psychedelic drugs, I have fucked my way through the barriers of time, space, matter, energy, and consciousness. While undergoing reality-shattering dissolutions of perception and self-awareness, I have opened the gates of these beings through the power of orgasm and called them into manifestation in my flesh.

Furthermore, in my new grimoire, Disciplines of Ecstasy, I describe the gnosis I have distilled by working with five powerful entities. The principal way I have worked with these forces has been through Entheogenic Sex Magick. Under the influence of intense, sometimes heroic doses of psychedelic drugs, I have fucked my way through the barriers of time, space, matter, energy, and consciousness. While undergoing reality-shattering dissolutions of perception and self-awareness, I have opened the gates of these beings through the power of orgasm and called them into manifestation in my flesh. As a result, their presence in my life has destroyed and recreated reality as I know it. And when you work with the techniques in this grimoire, you can undergo the same initiation.

Let me tell you a little bit about the demons described in this book:

Demon 1. Naamah is the demoness of prostitution. Among the ancient Hebrew's her power was considered to be an infectious curse that could destroy a person's connection to the "holy" order of the patriarchal war god Yahweh. Sex workers can work with her to enhance their material success and elevate their occupation to the level of a spiritual practice.

Demon 2. Lilith is the sinister anima and mother of demons. From primordial time, she has worked against the theocratic dominion of the Demiurge, initiating the worthy into the Sitra Achra — the Other Side of reality, occluded by the cognitive-somatic biases instilled by dominator ideology.

Demon 3. Fro'glah'tasch is a demoness of sexual power who can reveal the art of etheric sexual shapeshifting and open the doorway to unforeseen sexual opportunities.

Demon 4. Shub-Niggurath is the Black Goat of the Woods and the Mother of a Thousand Young. She is the tantric counterpart of Yog-Sothoth, and thereby the feminine polarity in the cosmology of cosmic nihilism.

Demon 5. Babalon is the Scarlet Woman and who appears in the Book of Revelation astride The Great Beast. She is the quintessential hypostasis of sexual initiation.

The word psychedelic means mind-manifesting. Working with these entities under such conditions makes it possible to bond their gnosis into your mindstream with devastating clarity and intensity.

As mentioned, I have primarily worked with these entities during Psychedelic Sex Magick. The word psychedelic means mind-manifesting. All experience is the transcendental rendering of the noumenal into phenomenal expression. Psychedelics hack this process and reveal other patterns of relationship beyond the limit case of default perceptual parameters. Working with these entities under such conditions makes it possible to bond their gnosis into your mindstream with devastating clarity and intensity.

The Infernal Ecstasy Of Transhuman Apotheosis

Disciplines of Ecstasy provides the principles and formulae through which you can recreate these results on your own path. I break down the practices and perspectives needed to cultivate the necessary level of sexual rapture; I also detail the chemical states that are most conducive to channeling this embodied otherworldly gnosis.

Sexual magick provides the ideal tool to unlock the power which flows but is not yet known. By conjoining sex, magick, and contemplative discipline, you can attain an infinite and eternal perspective from which all things are possible. Disciplines of Ecstasy introduces you to the ground, path, and fruition of the Sinister Current.

Spellbook 3. Maggie Moon - Left Hand Path Love Magick

Maggie MoonLunar greetings, I'm the Left Hand Path witch, Maggie Moon.

In my sinful new grimoire Left Hand Path Love Magick, you will find the keys to unlock the most powerful and intense forms of magick for love, sex, passion, healing, self-confidence, glamour and beauty. All of the spells and rituals that I have shared within the sacred pages of this text can assist you with the manifestations of your desires.

The first and most essential key — before even opening my spellbook — is that you are indeed a badass witch, and you do possess the magick power to manifest your deepest desires in your love life. As you learned above in the Inside-Out Model with E.A., "To truly manifest a supreme love life, you need to adopt a supreme love of yourself first."

Spellbook3. Maggie Moon - Left Hand Path Love Magick
Ch. 1 - Sexual Servitor Spell p.137
Ch. 2 - Beauty & Glamour Magick p.151
Ch. 3 - Blood Magick Love Spells p.177
Ch. 4 - Sex Magick Love Spells p.187
Ch. 5 - Candle Magick Love Spells p.195
Ch. 6 - Delicious Spells of Blasphemy p.213
Ch. 7 - Vampyric Magick p.237

Ch. 1 - Sexual Servitor Spell

Black magicians have always employed the creation and utilization of Magickal Servitors because they are extremely effective and bring about the unique goals and desires of the magician. Magickal Servitors are essentially pieces of the magician's consciousness that are projected and formed outwardly, activated, charged with the Magician's desire then set out into the world to fulfill its purpose. It’s sole purpose of existence is to fulfill your desire.

Ch. 2 - Beauty & Glamour Magick

Glamour Magick creates a mystique about the sorcerer that alters the perceptions of others based on the desired effects skillfully projected outwardly in accordance with the will of the sorcerer. In this chapter, you will learn how to cast spells of glamour upon yourself to tip the scales in your favor in areas of your daily life.

I arm you with weapons of "englamourment" to let you command your presence and assist you in manifesting your desires—for example, through invoking a deity with the Ritual of Beautification. You will also discover my all-time favorite magickal potions, brews, and recipes to enhance your beauty, glamour, and love magick.

Ch. 3 - Blood Magick Love Spells

Blood Magick spells infuse your very own life force into a spell, thus literally giving life to your desire. To clarify, it strictly incorporates a drop or two of your own blood, absolutely none from anyone else. In this chapter, you will find spells to draw a lover to you, and not just anyone, but the Perfect Lover who is truly worthy of you. Furthermore, you will find spells to obtain forgiveness from a lover whom you have wronged, and also spells to keep a lover faithful and true.

Ch. 4 - Sex Magick Love Spells

Sex Magick harnesses the raw primal power of sex. This chapter features an arsenal of orgasmic love spells. For example, in an astral travel love spell, you infuse the astral body of your beloved with your desires, thus commanding better influence over them. I reveal simpler spells involving nothing more than unleashing your orgasmic energy upon an image of the person you desire. You will learn to combine Sex and Candle Magick together to enflame intense desire in your partner, giving you a highly fulfilling love life.

Ch. 5 - Candle Magick Love Spells

In the pages on Candle Magick, you will find love spells that aim to draw a specific lover to you, or to attract a partner who embodies the qualities that you desire. Performing these love spells can set the target ablaze with a surge of lust for you. Of course, what Love Magick spellbook would be complete without a Break-Up Spell. Yes, I share a very potent spell that will break the bonds of love.

Ch. 6 - Delicious Spells Of Blasphemy

Here, you find high-powered, open-ended spells that help you to find sex, love, or any kink you might desire, because you are the only God of your personal world. As such, you live in accordance with your own laws, not artificial religious laws to control the masses in the name of a false god of a religion built upon hypocrisy.

For example, you will find Covet thy Neighbor Spells to attract that neighbor that you just can’t seem to resist. I reveal Commit Adultery Spells for those moments when you need love outside of man-made bonds of matrimony. I give you Attraction and Magnetism Spells to infuse your chakras with sexual energy, thereby they serve as magnets to draw partners who are interested in freespirited sexual encounters to you.

You will learn Dating Profile Spells to skyrocket interest in your profile on dating apps, and also recipes for potions and powders that enchant food and drink with an attraction to you. You will even perform rites to increase your feelings of happiness, sex, and love.

Lastly, you will learn to perform Binding Spells to keep a straying partner in their place at home with you, and Commanding Spells that bind the lover to you.

Ch. 7 - Vampyric Magick

This chapter begins with a Lilith Ritual that assists you in becoming a far more sensual and sexually liberated man or woman. The Dark Goddess, Lilith, will empower you to cast away the chains and fetters societal standards and religious dogma. For the first time, you will awaken the depths of your subconsciousness and call forth the hidden, forbidden desires of your hungering, lustful self. You will open the flood gates, then it is up to you to find healthy, safe, and lawful methods of indulgence.

I have included numerous Vampyric workings with Lilith, the Succubus Queen of the Night, to restore youth, beauty, and vitality. You will dream travel and drink deep the essence of your partners through lucid astral sex in their dream. This will set them ablaze in passionate fire as you drink deeply of the pleasure-filled elixir.

Receive Lifetime Access Online To An Uncensored 7-Hour Course Featuring Live Demonstrations Of Demonic Love Spells And Orgasmic Sexual Rituals In Real Time

The Love Magick Course features a seven-hour online courses by the three authors individually, combined together for you to maximize your Love Magick knowledge and experience the most gnosis possible. The three courses show live uncensored demonstrations of the love spells and sex rites elaborated in The Love Magick Spellbook step by step.

To our knowledge, no other black magician has opened the doors to the private sanctum of their sexual gnosis in this way.

NSFW Warning: You will watch me, Rose Crowley, perform my autoerotic rites of orgasmic gnosis in real time. You receive an unrestricted invitation to participate directly in sexual gnosis as I undergo the complete cycle of sexual rapture from beginning to end. My autoerotic praxis is captured on screen in high definition so that you can be inspired by my sexual ecstasy. You will connect directly with the demonic forces that I have channeled through this gnosis, enter the desired state, and synchronize your practice with mine.

To my knowledge, no other black magician has opened the doors to the private sanctum of their sexual gnosis in this way. Nevertheless, I have decided to bear this raw, unfiltered energy because I am dedicated to revealing the Sinister Current in its purest form. My hope for this video course is that it will enable you to integrate the dimensions of spirituality, sexuality, and occult power into a Black Singularity of Infernal Gnosis.

Part 1. E.A. Koetting
S.1 - Introduction & Full Cleansing
S.2 - The Sideways-Boomerang Love Spell
S.3 - The Spell to Return a Lover
Part 2. Maggie Moon
S.1 - Lilithian Sexualis
S.2 - Asmoday’s True Love Spell
S.3 - Bath Tub Ritual
S.4 - Poppet Love Magick
S.5 - Bath Salts
S.6 - Wortcunning
Part 3. Rose Crowley
S.1 - The Sensing Exercise
S.2 - Continuity of Consciousness
S.3 - Sexual Pointing Out Instructions

Although I have made every effort to translate the sum of my experience as a sex magician into the text, the video courses add a critical dimension of living reality. The videos have been shot to function as virtual talismanic objects, a literal concrescence of occult forces that can be put to use by anyone open to the experience. By using the videos in connection with a careful reading of the grimoires and a disciplined ongoing application of its practices, you will be able to elevate your Sex Magick to an entirely new level.

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  1. The new grimoire, The Love Magick Spellbook, in black leather hardback edition.

Drink The Cup Of Fornication And Enter The Realm Of Black Apotheosis

We hope you join us in this love life-changing journey. We have exposed the intimate secrets of our personal practices so that you can journey with us into the uncharted realm of Black Initiation. This is not a path for the faint-hearted or the unprepared. It is a way for those ready to face themselves, to integrate the Demon and the Beast within themselves erotically, and become supremely human. If this path calls out to you, we challenge you to read our grimoires and put it into practice. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Initiation summons you.

If you are ready to unlock The Love Magick Spellbook and drink the forbidden cup of fornication, then what are you waiting for? Join us on the Other Side...

Godlike Power,

Meet The Author

E.A. Koetting, R. Crowley, M. Moon

Three co-authors of the ultimate 21st century guide to demonic Love Magick — black magicians E.A. Koetting, Rose Crowley, and Maggie Moon pioneer the newest discoveries in erotic sorcery.