Own The MOST POWERFUL Magick Circle In The World… Deploy E.A.’s “Secret Weapon” For Evoking Spirits And Getting TOTAL Compliance

  •   The Universal Circle: Evoke any kind of spirit, demon & god
  •   Qliphothic Magic Circle: Evoke the Demonic Kings & Queens
  •   Author: E.A. Koetting
  •   Limited Edition: Handcrafted in a limited batch
  •   Shipping: Receive anywhere in two weeks or less

With The Universal Circle, you will:

  • Evoke any type of spirit to appearance
  • Make spirits excited to cooperate and partner
  • Cherish extremely rare demonic artwork
  • Marshal the most powerful demons in the cosmos
    • The Universal Circle by E.A. Koetting
    • Qliphothic Magic Circle by Asenath Mason
    • Features rare demonic script channeled
    • Exactly precise geometry
    • Permanent ink on durable fabric
    • Use in rites, hang on wall, and more…
    • Get $77 off to save 20%
    • Features rare demonic script channeled by E.A.
    • Exactly precise geometry
    • Permanent ink on durable fabric
    • Use in rites, hang on wall, and more…

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Peer Reviews

  • I evoked my first demon with your circle, E.A, and it kindled my love for spirit channeling. I also place it under my bed while I sleep to aid my lucid dream work.

    Lara Thomas
  • Jake Lamont

    Your Universal Circle supercharged my demonic rites. I never knew exactly what circle to use for my evocations, and now kneel inside your artwork for almost every ritual. It has helped me tremendously!

    Jake Lamont
  • I just wanted to thank you, EA, and your polite staff for the package that I had received on Tuesday. These circles (Universal and Solomon) are indeed superbly created by a Master of the Art. Thank you all very much from an old mage.

    Bob Richman

For the first time ever, you can now exploit the extreme forces of the all-new “Universal Circle” – gifted to E.A. by 3 godlike demons over several months of intense evocation

With The Universal Circle, You’re Going To:

  • Summon absolutely ANY TYPE of spirit to full physical appearance, including angels, demons, gods, elementals, planetary intelligences, dead humans, and more. Unlike other circles, there is no limit on what kind of entity you can summon. Hence, the name Universal Circle.
  • Receive enthusiastic cooperation from your summoned entity. The Universal Circle radiates an extremely compelling and appealing energy, that irresistibly influences spirits to be friendlier, happier and more submissive.
  • Employ a circle that is truly one-of-a-kind, and completely original. It’s more powerful than the Circle of Solomon, and Circle of Demonic Pacts. It prominently features a series of ancient Aramaic commands that inspire the spirit to respect and admire you as an important magician – as opposed to circles that flaunt useless god names and try to violently “threaten” the spirit.
  • Harness the special strengths of my bound spirit, Malzaz Hyroth. This friendly entity presides over the art of summoning and spirit alliances. I’ve bound him to the circles to infuse his helpful energies, and serve you. (You won’t find Malzaz Hyroth in any conventional grimoire, because I discovered him myself.)
  • Get DRAMATICALLY IMPROVED results from your evocations… manifest the spirits faster, receive messages more clearly, and have a safer, more intimate experience

The Universal Circle is indispensable, and I was initially scared to reveal it, beause it triggers insanely powerful evocations for me. Remember, I received the blueprints for this magickal weapon directly from 3 demons – Martal, Fastos and Azazel – so you’re handling a REAL SPIRITUAL technology and genuine demonic work of art.

Sadly, I only have a very limited availability, so ACT NOW, or else you’ll miss out.

The Universal Circle Annihilates The 3 Worst Problems Plaguing Evocators

1. Magick Circles Are Expensive, And Hard To Find

The bottom line is that to start evoking spirits, you NEED a magick circle.

This is not optional, especially for beginners. Very few experts can evoke without a circle.

The annoying truth is that there is NO reliable source for getting a magick circle, unles you know a private friend who handmakes them.

Magicians are forced to construct their own. The problem is, as I’ll explain in more detail, they are a serious pain in the ass to make, and very time-consuming.

The fact is that you have a truly special chance right now to get a masterful circle manufactured by real textile artisans in an actual workshop.

2. Homemade Circles Look And Feel Amatuer

A real evocator will understand the profoundness of an opportunity to get a professionally manufactured magick circle.


Because all the lines, symbols, and geometry are perfectly aligned.

As opposed to a homemade circle where the lines are crooked, distorted, and ugly.
(To be fair, I have seen a few on occassion that look pretty good, but for the most part they are disastrous.)

Furthermore, an authentic artisan-made circle consists of high-grade fabric, and fiber-imprinted ink for a near-permanent durability.

Whereas, homemade circles are made with crazy glue, childrens paint, and cheap fabric.

Now, to be clear, I’m not saying that you need a fancy, opulent circle to succeed. But I AM saying that if you’re a serious evocator, then GET THE BEST quality you can.

It WILL affect the power of your evocations, knowing that you have a MASTERFUL circle.

3. Circles Fall Apart Under Wear And Tear

You are going to destroy the fabric of your circle sooner or later.

The question is, will it be SOONER or LATER.

The Universal Circle consists of particularly durable fabric, specially chosen for the act of performing evocation. Whereas, homemade circles tend to be the crappiest and cheapest fabrics available. As a result, the paint chips off and stitching rips, sometimes as quickly as its first use!

Admit to yourself that a low quality circle is an insult and disgrace to your magickal practice.

I’ve performed thousands of evocations in my life, and used countless circles. I’ve carefully designed The Universal Circle to satisfy ALL my desires and standards for what would make a “perfect” magick circle.

And BEST OF ALL… I’ve discovered a friendly spirit that specializes in evocation and spirit communication and bound him to the circles to empower your evocation.

Order The Universal Circle RIGHT NOW, And Receive:

  Magick Circle Precise geometry, permanent ink, durable fabric
  Special Discount Save 20% off on orders of 2 or more
  Global Delivery In 2 weeks or less

Because I want as many people as possible to benefit from my circle, I’ve priced it at only one easy payment of $197… and to make it even more affordable, you can get 20% off when you order more than one!

Godlike Power,

Signature E.A. Koetting

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