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Terms & Conditions

Help Desk

Effective October 26, 2018

We sincerely consider the terms and conditions enumerated below to be both fair and reasonable. We strongly suggest you review them prior to any order. You may submit a request for clarification at our help desk anytime.

For our mutual safety, we universally enforce our terms and conditions with no exception. Moreover, we will furnish all necessary legal records to any bank at their request to protect against fraud. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, then please exit this page and do not place any orders.

Cancellations & Refunds

When you place an order, you have agreed to the clear terms below:
  • Video Course: You may cancel a video program within 7 days of the order date.
  • Consultations & Services: Strictly no refunds. You may reschedule a consultation at any time at least 72 hours ahead of the appointment.
  • Physical Goods: Strictly no refunds. We do not accept refund requests due to the handcrafted, limited edition nature of our physical goods. In the rare instance that a physical good has been irreparably damaged in transit, you may submit clear photographic evidence to our help desk, and upon our review we will replace it with a new copy. If no copies of the physical good remain, we will refund it.
  • eBooks: Strictly no refunds.
  • One refund: You are entitled to one refund per video course. If you order the same digital good a second time, we will not honor a refund request.
  • Outstanding Balance: The refund policy becomes null and void if you have an outstanding balance on a previous order. When you cover the balance, we reinstate the refund policy.
  • Currency: We accept US Dollars only and do not accommodate foreign exchange rates.


You must be 18 or older to enter BALG. Moreover, we possess the right to ban any IP address from access to BALG if we deem it to be a threat.


We collect personally identifiable information:
  • Name and email address: You provide this when you sign up for the newsletter or place an order.
We strictly protect your account details and use them only to fulfill the newsletter and/or goods that you have signed up to receive. We never share these personal details with unverified third parties.


We strictly adhere to local, state, national laws of the United States, and you agree to not use our materials for any illegal acts.


You acknowledge that all content, materials, videos, text, images, designs and patterns are property and trade secrets of BALG protected under copyright, trademark, patent, and general service mark. Use of the content without written permission is strictly prohibited. You also may not create any derivative works of BALG, nor pretend to be a member of BALG, nor E.A. Koetting himself. All copyrights, designs, materials and goods remain fully under the possession of co-founders E.A. Koetting and Timothy Donaghue.


BALG does not guarantee success with magick. Your personal experience depends on work ethic, so results will vary. Consider this adult knowledge, and not legal or medical advice. Use this knowledge at your own risk. If you experience any problems, contact a licensed doctor. Become A Living God is not responsible for consequences of your acts.

Peer Reviews

Our testimonials accurately and truly reflect the experiences and opinions of our users whom submitted them voluntarily. If you submit a review, then you agree that it becomes the exclusive property of BALG and we possess the right to reproduce, edit, or publish it. Some users may have received an early copy of the good or material in order to review it. Any claim, statistic, or quote about a good or material should be verified independently. BALG might receive compensation from the sale of products referenced in peer reviews.