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Personal Consultations - 60 & 30 Minutes

Get one-to-one support from a real magus. I’ll show you how to take your skills to the next level and overcome any occult problem in 60 or 30 minutes.

Tarot & Pendulum Readings

Receive key magick guidance from a life-changing Tarot and Pendulum reading to unlock the hidden secrets of your personal spiritual ascent.

Astrology Readings - Life, Love, Wealth & Past Lives

Find your true path, perfect lover, and road to wealth with this ancient occult science. Learn the X Factor to ascent that most people will go to their graves not knowing.

Norse Rune Readings

Harness the ancient magick power of Odin's Runes with a fully comprehensive Rune Reading. Unlock the secrets of your destiny with a proven roadmap to success.

Demonic Tarot Readings - Qliphothic Magick

Experience the world's most empowering demonic tarot reading. Let the Dark Gods & Goddesses from the Tree of Qliphoth guide ascent on the Left Hand Path.