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Personal Consultations - 60 & 30 Minutes

Get one-to-one support from a real magus. I’ll show you how to take your skills to the next level and overcome any occult problem in 60 or 30 minutes.

Tarot & Pendulum Readings

Receive key magick guidance from a life-changing Tarot and Pendulum reading to unlock the hidden secrets of your personal spiritual ascent.

Astrology Readings - Life, Love, Wealth & Past Lives

Find your true path, perfect lover, and road to wealth with this ancient occult science. Learn the X Factor to ascent that most people will go to their graves not knowing.

Norse Rune Readings

Harness the ancient magick power of Odin's Runes with a fully comprehensive Rune Reading. Unlock the secrets of your destiny with a proven roadmap to success.

Demonic Tarot Readings - Qliphothic Magick

Experience the world's most empowering demonic tarot reading. Let the Dark Gods & Goddesses from the Tree of Qliphoth guide ascent on the Left Hand Path.

Personal Consultations - Vampirism, Lycanthropy & Immortality

Learn the fiercely guarded secrets of advanced Vampire Magick to harness spiritual immortality and conquer death with the Lords of the Undead.

The Rite Of Deification

An innovative ritual to awaken your godhood and deify you in the flesh. Like a rocket engine for magick, you'll reach a level of ascent you never dreamed possible.

Personal Consultations With Robert Bruce

Receive priceless spiritual counsel with a living master. Let a lifetime of experience with astral projection, energy work, and psychic self-defense solve your problems.