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Official Author Page Of Bill Duvendack


Lifelong magician and champion of the Left Hand Path, Bill has authored over ten books on Egyptian Magick, Luciferianism, and Qliphothic astrology.

Bill Duvendack

Welcome to my Official Author page. You'll find my catalog of books & talismans below. Sign up now to receive:

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Astrology Readings - Life, Love, Wealth & Past Lives

Find your true path, perfect lover, and road to wealth with this ancient occult science. Learn the X Factor to ascent that most people will go to their graves not knowing.

Wails Of The Wandering Angels & The Enochian Chronicles

Learn secrets most sorcerers will never know about Enochian Black Magick. Unlock real magick of the Enochian “angels” with my master-grimoire for the Left Hand Path

Demonic Tarot Readings - Qliphothic Magick

Experience the world's most empowering demonic tarot reading. Let the Dark Gods & Goddesses from the Tree of Qliphoth guide ascent on the Left Hand Path.

Egyptian Black Magick

Unlock three thousand years of Egyptian black magick in only three hours with a complete introduction to ancient gods and goddesses of sorcery in Egypt.

Qliphothic Astrology: A Complete Guide to Demonic Astrology

Unlock the Left Hand Path's first codex of Qliphothic Astrology. Find your true patron demon and elevate your gnosis further than ever.

Tales From The Desert: The 8 Most Infamous Desert Demons

Unearth the secret ancient origins and magick powers of the eight, most infamous, desert demons in occult history with an advanced demonologist.