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Welcome To The Official Author Page Of Top Occult Author And Colombian Musician Edgar Kerval

  •   Author of over 10 grimoires on Luciferianism and demonology
  •   Artist of channeled demon portraits and sigils
  •   Musician of ritual music albums and experiences
Edgar Kerval

Receive a FREE chapter of Herbarium Diabolicum:

  • Dark witchcraft of sacred plants for spirit contact
  • The Cauldron of Lucifer for inner fire alchemy
  • Homebrew tinctures for organic necromancy
  • Rite of the Peyote, a.k.a. the "Diabolical Root"
  • Forbidden formulae for fetishes with illicit plants
  • Organic incenses & manifestation bases for gnosis with Qliphothic Gods & Goddesses
  • How to safely brew & consume entheogens
  • Sinister history of the ultimate shamanic experiences with entheogens & psychedelics

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QLIPHOTH: The Complete Series - All 5 Left Hand Path Opuses

41 top authors provide five Left Hand Path grimoires that ignite expansion of the Soul through sorcery, sabbatic craft & sexual gnosis.