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Welcome To The Official Page Of Brazilian Author And Initiate Of Quimbanda, Master Daniel Ramos

  •   The Three Tomes of Draggus: Quimbanda for the Left Hand Path
  •   Author: Daniel Ramos
  •   Editor-in-Chief: Timothy
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  •   Live: May 2024
  •   Advisory Warning: This grimoire is for readers of age 18+ only.
Daniel Ramos

In The Three Tomes of Draggus, you'll receive:

  • A sacrificial guide to gnosis with your Exus and Pombagiras by a native Brazilian Quimbandeiro
  • A deadly serious spellbook filled with fast Money Magick, Love Magick, and Baneful Magick
  • How to properly unify the Magic of Quimbanda and Satanism for Left Hand Pathworkers
  • The hardcore shamanic experiences of an Initiate in the dangerous underworld of Brazil
  • And MUCH much more...

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The Quimbanda Magick Ritual

Let a Master of Quimbanda, Daniel Ramos, and black magician, E.A. Koetting, certify pacts with Exu Capa Preta and Pombagira Maria on June 17

The Three Tomes of Draggus: Handbooks of Quimbanda & Demonolatry

NEW • A native Brazilian initiate of Quimbanda transmits how to enter gnosis with the Exus and Pombagiras of your Crown for ascent as a Quimbandeiro