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Let A Master-Initiate Of Quimbanda, Daniel Ramos, And Master Of Black Magick, E.A. Koetting, Certify Pacts With Exu Capa Preta And Pombagira Maria Mulambo For Your Spiritual Gnosis On June 17

  •   Quimbanda Magick Ritual: Certified pacts with Exu & Pombagira
  •   Astrology: Performance when Mercury enters Cancer, June 17
  •   Ritualists: Masters Daniel Ramos & E.A. Koetting
  •   Ritual Orientation: Receive preliminary ebook grimoire
  •   Video Proof: Watch live recordings of the performances June 21
  •   Full Breakdown: Receive a full breakdown of experiences
Daniel Ramos

My Initiation & Heritage in Quimbanda

I am Master Daniel Ramos, an Initiate of Quimbanda, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My crown guardians are Exu Capa Preta and Pombagira Maria Mulambo. My heritage descends from generations of Quimbandeiros.

In The Quimbanda Magick Ritual, you'll receive:

  • A sacrificial ritual for gnosis with Exu Capa Preta & Pombagira Maria Mulambo by a native Initiate
  • A deadly serious spell to manifest money, lust, love, protection, and growth in your life
  • Mercury enters Cancer to bring spiritual visions to manifestation and open your path to mastery
  • The hardcore shamanic experience of an Initiate in the dangerous underworld of Brazil
  • And MUCH much more...

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Dear Friend,

Without Quimbanda there is no blood, without blood there is no Quimbanda — this is the national consensus of all Quimbandeiros, Masters, and Priests in Brazil. And I would add even more: without the powerful magick elements that will cause prosperity and success, it is impossible to open paths for those who seek help from quimbanda.

And for this I will make a great magickal offering so that all participants will receive the blessings of Exu and Pombagira and all the demons. This exclusive group rite will bring you more money, lust, love, luck, protection, growth and success in your life.

This once-in-a-lifetime group ritual is called Matança, which in Brazil means offering or sacrifice. I will make specific magical offerings in accordance with the Quimbanda Tradition, to bring you the blessings of every deity invoked.

The magical elements and Quimbanda foundations in this offering are:

  • The offering of the red animals — red chickens and red roosters — which will bring the fire of the Exus, Pombagira, and Maiorais do Inferno for the purification once and for all of everything that blocks your growth
  • Invocation of the True Fire of the sacrificial offerings
  • And blood, yes true blood, not self-vampirized blood through the sacrifice of your energy through your blood to demons, but through sacrificial offering by the forces of Quimbanda. N'gunzu is Kimbanda.

All participants will have their names placed at the feet of Exu Capa Preta, Pombagira Maria Mulambo, Beelzebub, and Lucifer, and once the sacrificial offering's menga (blood) falls on their names, these Great Allies will bring their transformative magical blessings into your life and will begin the work through the Falanges (legions) in your life.

Change through fire, change through blood, this is Brazilian Quimbanda!

How The Special Astrological Timing Of June 17th Opens Your Path To Mastery Of Quimbanda

This ritual will be performed on June 17th. Three major astrological alignments occur in conjunction on June 17th, forming a triangle of manifestation in the stars for this ritual!

  1. On June 17th, Mercury, the planet of movement, action, and beginning new journeys, enters Cancer, the house of dreams, visions, and spiritual connection, bringing your spiritual visions into manifestation and opening your path for mastery of Quimbanda.
  2. With Mercury freshly in Cancer, a new conjunction is made with Venus in Cancer — a perfect omen and astrological opening for improved communications, not only with other people but also in your ability to connect and communicate with spirits as well.
  3. Before Mercury leaves Gemini and enters Cancer on June 17th, it will square Neptune in Pisces, creating the final conjunction to complete the Triangle. Neptune and Pisces is a very watery mix, and indeed this ritual will pull you beneath the waters of the ethereal realms and through the Other Side.

Here's Exactly What You'll Do To Maximize Your Experience

Quite literally, there is nothing physical that you will need to do for this working, as this is a magical ritual performed by a Master-Initiate of Quimbanda, Daniel Ramos and Master of Black Magick, E.A. Koetting, with Exu Capa Preta, Pombagira Maria Mulambo, Beelzebub, and Lucifer on your behalf. Like a gift you are given, all you need to do is accept the prosperity, love, and quality of life that comes your way after this ritual.

Here's Exactly How The Group Ritual Works

When you book the Quimbanda Group Ritual, we will receive your full name and magical willingness to allow these spiritual powers of ascent into your life. Within 72 hours of performing the complete ritual, you will receive an email with a private link for your ritual video, and it will appear in the members area online too. Watch this in a meditative state to receive the energy of the working, and take notes in your journal about all the things that I instruct and channel through this ritual video, as these Great Allies speak to me and through me. They will also be whispering into your mind, so also write down any communication that you receive while watching the video.

Enter Gnosis With Your Crown Guardians To Unlock The Rich, Fearless Spiritual Heritage  Of Quimbanda... Tap Into The Unlimited Power Of Your Exus And Pombagiras As A Quimbandeiro

Quimbanda is a Brazilian initiatory tradition, and a form of witchcraft or sorcery for any all real-world purposes. It possesses a rich heritage that gives the Initiate, Adept, and Master of Quimbanda the knowledge to obtain unlimited power from the Exus and Pombagiras. It is through this unrestricted form of witchcraft that I help everyone who seeks help in their Ascent from my Temple of Black Magic.

While I cannot personally give you an official initiation, I give you the Keys to your Kingdom to become a Quimbandeiro. You truly can enter gnosis with your Crown Guardians and tap into the unlimited power of your Exus and Pombagiras as a Quimbandeiro de Casa.

Your Exu and Pombagira are the Guardians who see your soul, your intimate feelings. They know the hidden secrets that you never told anybody, and their most glorious honor, too.

Quimbanda is the most closed Afro-Brazilian cult that exists. Unlike other cults, it’s not you who chooses Quimbanda. Your Exu and Pombagira choose you. Exu wants only the best by your side, those of Honor, Strength, and Loyalty.

May Exu Capa Preta guide you as you read, giving you Wisdom, Knowledge, and Fervor.

Saring Matioto Baal, Asmodeus, Mammon, Draggus, and Lucifer. 22!
I salute all the people of Quimbanda, and all the Exus and Pombagiras!

Godlike Power,

Meet The Author

Daniel Ramos

I am Master Daniel Ramos, an Initiate of Quimbanda and black magician, living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I work with my crown guardians, Exu Capa Preta and Pombagira Maria Mulambo, through possession today. My spiritual heritage descends from two generations of Initiates in Quimbanda from Amazonas, Brazil, in the early 1900s.